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  1. https://stellar.org/developers-blog/protocol-18-upgrade-complete AMM have activated on stellar
  2. https://github.com/stellar/freighter Stellar chrome extension, it only support getPublicKey and signTransaction, very simple. I was planing to port this to support XRP, but haven't had time to do it.
  3. https://github.com/gregtatcam/rippled/blob/AMM/src/ripple/app/tx/impl/CreateAMM.cpp#L221 CreateAMM::createOffer( Sandbox& sb, std::shared_ptr<SLE> const& sleCreator, AccountID const& account, STAmount const& in, STAmount const& out, std::uint32_t incSequence) { // We need to place the smallest possible offer. // This gives us the best quality but not useful // offer size. For now just take 0.01% of the out and calc // in. In and out are the total pool size of each // currency. The offer size is: // takerGets = out / 10000 // amm const product = in * out // takerPays = produce / (out - takerGets) - in Yes, it will create offer in the orderbook.
  4. I think this is the correct answer. And rippled developers are combining AMM with XRPL DEX Order books. https://github.com/gregtatcam/rippled/commits/AMM currently only support to add AMM LP between XRP and IOU. https://github.com/gregtatcam/rippled/blob/AMM/src/ripple/protocol/impl/TxFormats.cpp#L82 add(jss::AMMCreate, ttAMM_CREATE, { {sfAMMXRPAmount, soeREQUIRED}, {sfAMMIOUAmount, soeREQUIRED}, }, commonFields);
  5. RL is WIP AMM https://github.com/gregtatcam/rippled/tree/AMM https://github.com/gregtatcam/rippled/commits/AMM
  6. https://github.com/gregtatcam/rippled/commits/AMM looks like they are developing AMM for XRPL. https://github.com/gregtatcam/rippled/blob/AMM/src/ripple/protocol/impl/TxFormats.cpp#L85 but only support provide liquidity pool between XRP and IOU. For IOU/IOU, need to use dex and auto-bridging.
  7. Best incentive is no incentive, but they incentive MGI to use ODL?
  8. I am more care about when, when hooks can be stable and used on XRPL. https://github.com/XRPL-Labs/xrpld-hooks
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