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  1. https://github.com/RichardAH/rippled-hooks hooks preview
  2. https://dev.to/wietse/hooked-1-smart-contracts-on-the-xrp-ledger-5eb6 https://dev.to/wietse/hooked-2-hooks-security-smart-contracts-on-the-xrp-ledger-83e more info
  3. Is ODL volume per day processed on XRPL higher than USDT volume processed on ethereum?
  4. XRP is on binance-chain too, but nothing happened.
  5. XRPL have built-in DEX, why XRP community got excited to port uniswap to flare network´╝č
  6. https://amp.ft.com/content/7d9c934f-3840-4285-96a7-4bdf7fee9286
  7. from their docs https://github.com/codius/codius-site-source/pull/33/files seems like they deprecate https://github.com/codius/codiusd and https://github.com/codius/codius add https://github.com/codius/codius-operator
  8. Seems like when you send XRP, on flare network the smart contract will lock some Spark as collateral or secure then issue the FXRP?
  9. but XRPL didn't support smart contract, so it's same as coinbase or uphold.
  10. If use this way, send XRP to agents, how this can be called trustless?
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