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  1. I don't think we can drive the price down, our sell volume are nothing compared to ripple‘s sell.
  2. No, some of the 700 mill xrp were sold and some were invest via xpring.
  3. XRP is not Ripple‘s focus too, oh no, they focus to sell XRP and build software for banks without XRP.
  4. Hell no. xpring maybe, xRapid maybe, the programmatic sell is not.
  5. https://github.com/codius/codiusd/commits/master No commits since the end of 2018
  6. they always draw big picture, draw bright future, and then nothing happened. watch xRapid carefully
  7. and bitcoin recovered recently, eth recovered recently, XRP is not, and still supply >demand.
  8. if that easy ,I can say the price has dropped 90%, so supply is much more > demand .
  9. about xpring funded coil, their smart contract platform codius has stop development at the end of 2018 https://github.com/codius/codiusd/commits/master, what happened to it? dropped again ?
  10. year after year, where is the adoption?
  11. I'm XRP fans, not fans of the ripple company . So I wonder can we separate the ripple company related discussion and XRP ledger related discussion ? There are too much discuss about ripple company, partner with blablabla banks, so much potential etc , but that's not XRP ledger related. The XRP ledger related discuss should be real use case on XRP ledger, like XRPtipbot, xRapid , or some other company issue stable coin on XRP ledger, or expand the trade pairs on DEX of XRP ledger, even on ledger gambling. We always say decentralization, but not only the XRP nodes/validators need decentralization. According to the discussions/topics now, ripple company is the true center of XRP.
  12. Looks like the "stable" coin isn't stable now.
  13. Even these giant partner with ripple, they will use xCurrent not XRP……
  14. have any new ideas yet ? or you guys still agree the xrp sales is the best way ?
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