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  1. These XRP continue moving out https://xrpscan.com/account/r3C9BXmTtiDLhxH76cWP6vbyDEkbtxANzo send 50 million XRP to https://xrpscan.com/account/rhiRLuhwSP2XE2mDct2iFxRTmBfAkDCidJ send 10 million XRP to https://xrpscan.com/account/rNVoFzoUR86cxYVwwGBTFfKEv1FMYMyNct then split to small account. Maybe they start selling
  2. coinfield didn't use this new feature, and this new feature is not start development, we may not see this new feature in one year. after this new feature added, there will be 2 method to issue currency, you can still issue asset with the typical gateway method, the issued asset is backed by real asset off ledger or nothing, and the new feature allow you issue an asset backed by XRP on ledger.
  3. operator account can set one or more publish accounts, allowing publisher accounts provide price feed.
  4. I remember they said use multi sign with codius.
  5. I support they tokenize stablecoin and stocks on XRPL, it help XRPL anyway.
  6. Is this the first classic ICO/IEO on XRPL? But there were 87 IEO project in this year, 62% of them the price is lower than the launch price. 3 project loss 99%, 41 project loss over 50%
  7. no, it's not XRP backed, just can trade against XRP on XRPL DEX. For anyone didn't know how this worked can read https://xrpl.org/issued-currencies.html
  8. offercreate and path payment both can do it, call path_find maybe you can find a more cheap path and convert currency in only one tx.
  9. How the system read info from 3rd-party price feed? and what's the frequency to read the price? Or the price feed is some bot to send tx to the XRPL to provid the price?
  10. The operator create the stablecoin, the issuer is create a position to issue the stablecoin, so a collateralized stablecoin will have multi issuer, is the trustline to operator or to the issuer?
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