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  1. https://microsoft.github.io/react-native-windows/ Maybe xumm can port to desktop.
  2. I remember binance support bridge XRP to BSC, and FTX support bridge XRP to Solana.
  3. Opps, repo deleted or hided? So there is no plan to add AMM to XRPL in near futher?
  4. Jed selling over 10 million XRP everyday, what can you expect?
  5. https://github.com/RichardAH/rippled-hooks/commits/hooks-ssvm I hope hooks can add some smart contract function to XRPL. But looks like it will be simple contract, something like AMM LP still need to be implement native to XRPL.
  6. Issue token is easy, but build liquidity is hard. AMM liquidity pool solve the liquidity problem and the DEX on Ethereum issue their own token to compensate user‘s Impermanent Loss.
  7. with smart contract, EVM blockchain can implement cross currency payments using best path cross different AMM LPs.
  8. Is there any dev plan or roadmap for rippled? like hooks, NFT, AMM, New API design etc.
  9. https://xrpl.org/currency-formats.html I think XRPL Labs need change the rippled code.
  10. https://github.com/XRPL-Labs/xrpld-hooks/tree/development/hook-api-examples some examples
  11. after @JoelKatz's discuss, rippled developer start research AMM/CFMM: https://github.com/seelabs/cfmm
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