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  1. https://xrpl.org/currency-formats.html I think XRPL Labs need change the rippled code.
  2. https://github.com/XRPL-Labs/xrpld-hooks/tree/development/hook-api-examples some examples
  3. after @JoelKatz's discuss, rippled developer start research AMM/CFMM: https://github.com/seelabs/cfmm
  4. It allow users put funds to a liquidity pool managed by AMM, users provide liquidity and also earn profits from AMM.
  5. some information : https://mvpworkshop.co/blog/order-book-vs-amm-which-one-will-win/ https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/what-is-an-automated-market-maker-amm XRPL DEX support order book, but the liquidity is not good, if add AMM, can bootstrap liquidity with minimal effort.
  6. look at EOS's price over last year, that's XRP's future.
  7. I always wonder why ripple didn't talk with USDC or PAX to issue stablecoin on XRPL, but I think the stablecoin threat XRP is one reason, they choose the ODL way, use XRP as bridge, stay away from stablecoin. But XRP-collateralized Stablecoin is a ideal solution.
  8. if this was live earlier, ripple maybe can use their huge XRP holding to boost XRP-collateralized Stablecoin usage on XRPL, and also add usecase to XRP, but sadly the development is halted.
  9. Centre Consortium Announces Stellar as an Official Chain for USDC https://www.stellar.org/press-releases/centre-consortium-announces-stellar-as-an-official-chain-for-usdc?locale=en so jed/stellar win?
  10. then why US gov NOT against BTC? BTC market cap is 60x bigger than XRP.
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