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  1. yxxyun

    Xrp xmas presents

  2. Utoken is a mobile wallet APP support XRP,XLM,BTC,ETH, website: https://www.utoken.cash src: https://github.com/ultiledger/utoken
  3. yxxyun

    Execute multiple transactions atomically

    https://developers.ripple.com/transaction-common-fields.html#accounttxnid https://github.com/ripple/rippled/issues/2534
  4. yxxyun

    Quiankun gateway dying?

    if remove the trade transaction, every closed ledger maybe empty, maybe only have one or two payments. I don't think this is good
  5. yxxyun

    Quiankun gateway dying?

    I'd like there will be a USDT gateway.
  6. yxxyun

    Quiankun gateway dying?

    Dying, can't withdraw CNY out. Can't contact the operator, rumor said they're caught by police.
  7. from https://xrpscan.com/
  8. use data api https://developers.ripple.com/data-api.html#get-transactions
  9. yxxyun

    the network is down ?

    I guess the rippleā€˜s validator down cause the validators in UNL can't reach consensus, so the ledger is pause.
  10. yxxyun

    the network is down ?

    back online now.
  11. I didn't see new ledger closed in last 40min.
  12. yxxyun

    Trustlines vs Etherdelta

    No, it's from 2013
  13. yxxyun

    [ANN] XRP Toolkit v0.3.0 Beta Release

    the simple flow to trade on DEX on XRP ledger 1. select a gateway you trust, for example we select gatehub gateway. 2. create a USD or EUR trustline to gatehub's issue address: rhub8VRN55s94qWKDv6jmDy1pUykJzF3wq. 3. deposit USD/EUR from your bank to gatehub's bank. gatehub will send the amount of gatehub issued USD to your XRP address. 4. then you can use any xrp wallet which support trade on DEX to get order book and trade USD.Gatehub to XRP or any other issued currency on XRP ledger.