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  1. yxxyun


    This means On-ledger liquidity is limited(less use of the DEX on XRPL), because Ripple want to move the trade off-ledger( to exchanges).
  2. yxxyun

    Private network configuration

    why in cluster mode? I think in cluster mode these validators will be as one validator.
  3. yxxyun

    Check Create feature

    Check hadn't been enabled on the main net yet. https://developers.ripple.com/known-amendments.html#checks
  4. yxxyun

    ''Accounts'' section problem

    I think it is because of this https://github.com/ripple/rippled-historical-database/releases/tag/v2.3.5
  5. Just like a path payment. USD=> USD/EUR(xCurrent customer with multi-hop)=>EUR/MXN((xCurrent customer with multi-hop)=>MXN/XRP(xRapid customer)=>XRP/PHP(xRapid customer)=>PHP
  6. https://medium.com/stellarxhq/how-stellarx-will-take-over-the-world-119e280e09fc
  7. yxxyun

    What is This? Is it Legit?

    No, this is some kind MLM.
  8. Any new process about Xpring?
  9. yxxyun

    Multisig cold wallet

    https://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/ src: https://github.com/ripplerm/ripple-wallet in the tools tab you can create a multisign tx blob file offline, then submit the tx blob online.
  10. yxxyun

    Wallet Poll

    Well, my build wallet from ripple-client is mainly used by Chinese XRP users. Transactions with memo "rt1.1.32-bugfix-2-ge152297-dirty" are from this wallet. This wallet support federation protocol which is used by gateways in China, eg you can send CNY to yh@ripplefox.com to withdraw money from gateway easily. Sadly federation protocol is deprecated by ripple.
  11. I like quite a lot features of XRPL, but, maybe because I'm from China, I naturally against the centralization, the powerful leadership from single party .
  12. let people choose/vote make chaos, this just nodes self make unl,self reach consensus.
  13. My mode is distributed autonomous organization.
  14. rippled consensus is a leaderless mechanism, I prefer to make the process of generate UNL leaderless too.