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  1. ledger and transaction history are two databases. all the rippled node keep the current ledger state. only full history node keep full tx history.
  2. https://coingape.com/ripples-odl-service-in-australia-records-low-liquidity/
  3. this need two transaction AccountSet asfDepositAuth flag DepositPreauth transaction to preauthorize (or unauthorize) account you can receive from.
  4. https://dailyhodl.com/2020/07/12/crypto-giant-grayscale-boosts-bitcoin-and-ethereum-exposure-at-expense-of-xrp-bch-and-ltc-in-large-cap-fund/
  5. when you upload your smart contract to SEPX TSS, SEPX return a signing key to add to your account, means yours account is controlled by the smart contact , and it use multi sign to realize decentralization , I think this is simple than codius.
  6. stellar announced their smart contract service SEPX, https://mobile.twitter.com/StellarOrg/status/1281635916659019778 I think it's very similar to the ripple's smart contract codius. what's the pros and cons of the smart contract layer outside blockchain/DLT vs build in smart contract like EVM.
  7. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/70850/centre-appears-to-have-blacklisted-an-address-holding-usdc-for-the-first-time USDT and other stablecoin can freeze too.
  8. xrptipbot accept accountdelete
  9. some wallet support account delete https://github.com/ripplefox/ripplewallet/releases https://github.com/ultiledger/utoken/releases https://www.xrptoolkit.com/ https://xumm.community/
  10. https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomassilkjaer/2020/07/06/is-this-3-billion-crypto-ponzi-still-alive a great article by @Silkjaer
  11. XRP/BTC 8000 satoshi at June 2018, 4000 satoshi at June 2019, 2000 satoshi at June 2020, XRP need find bottom first.
  12. XRP data : https://ledger.exposed/rich-stats some data about other coins https://zycrypto.com/number-of-people-owning-1-btc-nears-one-million-amid-market-downturn/
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