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  1. my understanding is the corda settler now integrated with both XRP and swift gpi.
  2. https://github.com/corda/ open source version
  3. the ripple client desktop use old ripple-lib which was deprecated. @r0bertz's effort is porting the code to use new ripple-lib "rippleApi". the old ripple-lib didn't support new features of the XRPL, like escrow, muitisign, checks etc.
  4. wow, that‘s huge work, porting old ripple-lib to RippleAPI , then upgrade the deps to remove the "deprecated" warns.
  5. Well, yes, a lot people in the community didn't trust USDT.
  6. USDT and other stable coin
  7. yxxyun

    Xrp xmas presents

  8. Utoken is a mobile wallet APP support XRP,XLM,BTC,ETH, website: https://www.utoken.cash src: https://github.com/ultiledger/utoken
  9. yxxyun

    Execute multiple transactions atomically

    https://developers.ripple.com/transaction-common-fields.html#accounttxnid https://github.com/ripple/rippled/issues/2534
  10. yxxyun

    Quiankun gateway dying?

    if remove the trade transaction, every closed ledger maybe empty, maybe only have one or two payments. I don't think this is good
  11. yxxyun

    Quiankun gateway dying?

    I'd like there will be a USDT gateway.
  12. yxxyun

    Quiankun gateway dying?

    Dying, can't withdraw CNY out. Can't contact the operator, rumor said they're caught by police.