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  1. it's not a pegged stable coin
  2. Need to know how MG to use xRapid, still need to use exchanges like bitso&coins.ph? that's very limited.
  3. Why FB need XRP as bridge? Ripple said want XRP to be used as bridge didn't mean anyone else want/need to use XRP.
  4. gate.io delisted XRP for US user https://www.gate.io/article/16909
  5. reality and speculation´╗┐ ice and fire
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/scb_thailand/status/1136909051130814464
  7. ripple is planning write a tutorial: Disable Master Key https://github.com/ripple/ripple-dev-portal/issues/569
  8. I like this idea , if it's true it will be a big push for XRP usage.
  9. r3AthBf5eW4b9ujLoXNHFeeEJsK3PtJDea lost over 7 million XRP in this case is a GENESIS account, he maybe is Chris Larson or Jed or some one who was very close to ripple company
  10. gatehub is not just a exchange/gateway, it's a wallet, it took over most rippletrade user when rippletrade was shutdown by ripple. even now you visit https://rippletrade.com/ you will see it recommend migrating to gatehub.
  11. https://developers.ripple.com/submit.html Only in Sign-and-Submit Mode , you can omit the fee and let server automatically provide the fee value. https://developers.ripple.com/sign.html this link provides better description
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