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  1. I believe market sentiment has completely changed. People don’t care about news anymore. If they buy then they buy. See last swell event compared to the other ones before, zero buy-in.
  2. Depends on what you compare it to and what your benchmark is. One could also take May 17th 2017 as a reference point to counter argue: XRP: $0.42 ETH: $90.20 The aforementioned would suggest otherwise. Anyway, everyone likes to pick and choose... Fact is that all coins are way lower versus all time high, some more than others. However, I do agree that it is all perspective.
  3. XRP always decides to get late to the party. 24 hours gains are gone and now dropping with the market. Maybe next time will be different lol
  4. I’m kind of surprised how weak XRP increases compared to other coins but when it dumps, it dumps as hard. Not sure if it has something to do with that court case. On the other hand, trend is quite similar to 2017 so from that perspective I’m not really that surprised.
  5. Nothing new. It has been like this for awhile.
  6. XRP is struggling to break resistances. Interesting to see how BCH and BSV are moving.
  7. With all due respect, but why be so bothered about what MQB does. He is not even replying back to you, only liking your posts with “haha”. If anything you are only feeding the troll..
  8. I am buying but not XRP, it has been lagging way too much versus other coins so I will not touch it for now.
  9. XRP is really sh!t at recovering from these kind of falls - I mean relative to other top 10 coins it is always dropping quite fast and no strong bounce. Today is just another day that reflects that reality. That's crypto for ya lol
  10. Do whatever you want man, just saying there’s Trolls everywhere.. if that’s what makes you happy though then do what you gotta do.
  11. You got too much time on your hands bro if that’s what you feel you need to do.
  12. Well, at least ripple got now the right price on their website instead of .45 USD lol
  13. Every support gets broken without any significant bounce. Very curious how things will be in 2020, it will either go to hell or recover.
  14. If anything it is highly unprofessional that they haven’t adjusted the price on their website yet reflecting the real price, unless it is for another specific reason that we are unaware about. In that case, they should at least clarify why it says .45.
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