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  1. He will NOT respond. He is too busy complaining about Quora on Twitter.
  2. Indeed interesting times. Very curious to see how BTC will react and if it will ignore pandemics and its effects on the equity markets. Alts will as always follow BTC lead.
  3. I am pretty confident they will not be fined. Reason of not meeting the demand is due to corona outbreak impacting global supply chain, this would be considered “Act of God” from legal POV and therefore legally they cannot be fined.
  4. I think fantasy. Crypto has always been super risky, I would assume most people would stay far away from it especially now. But oh well, what do I know? Some big whales control the market and can push it up or down whenever they feel like.
  5. Maybe in the very short term, I think there will be some more blood in the market. Fed seems desperate wit this move, this is in my view only bad news.
  6. Federal Reserve cuts rates to zero and launches massive $700 billion quantitative easing program. Hmm..
  7. I do say nice things. Maybe it is better for you to focus on your TA instead of focusing on me though
  8. What are you talking about? I have never been in the red, early investor and want to see green. Not enjoying this, think what you wanna think buddy. You are a little too salty my friend lol
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