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  1. If anything it is highly unprofessional that they haven’t adjusted the price on their website yet reflecting the real price, unless it is for another specific reason that we are unaware about. In that case, they should at least clarify why it says .45.
  2. Xrp is really lagging behind other coins, curious to see what will happen in the coming week(s).
  3. XRP is getting rekt. Relatively weak growth past week(s), and now is decreasing in value the most in top 30 coins (besides BSV).
  4. I agree with you. I guess people are frustrated. Instead of being emotional one should just take their money out of XRP if they are not happy. I currently do not hold a position in XRP because I see that nothing is happening pricing wise and I refuse to just be watching other coins gaining in the meantime. That is a personal choice, being emotional won’t bring any benefit.
  5. I kicked myself out cuz you were only posting pictures of unicorns. No added value, NEXT.
  6. The chicken has moved on to a new chapter in his life - shilling CSC.
  7. Usually the opposite happens of what most of the people are calling (in this case most are calling down). Lol
  8. Did the same thing, I really feel like XRP is being manipulated to stay under $0.30 and decided to sell a big portion of my XRP for other alts. It has worked out nicely for me so far. I guess I will buy back later, but for now I refuse to be all-in on XRP while seeing other coins gaining big time.
  9. Even a 30% BTC price increase cannot drag XRP over 30 cents..
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