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  1. Saw this coming from miles away honestly. I think it will be a complete ALT-Coin warzone when BTC dumps hard to 3000-4000 range. Nope, I am keeping distance for now.
  2. I remember two years ago when everybody would call the Weiss ranking a joke and not credible as it was not favorable for XRP. And now that XRP is ranked #1 we finally want to spread their crypto ratings? Lol
  3. Alts were slowly dumping while BTC was stable for a while. Not a good follow up from alts. Have been skeptical on that BTC push on low volume. Bulls must be more agressive with high volume, so I am not convinced yet and will keep watching how this will play out before making a move.
  4. It flips very quickly and falls back down like a rock in no-time. If there is one thing I have learned, then it is locking in profits and being patient in getting back in at good entry levels. That whole “missing the boat” thing is overrated in my opinion.
  5. Both attempts to pump and dump are being rejected.
  6. Watched someone turn 10k into 100k in the past year. 9 out of 10 times it will work to buy in cheaper, so when you eventually do 'miss the boat' and jump back in again it should still be worth it.
  7. Not sure my friend. Perhaps bearableguy followers have a clue lol
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