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  1. XRP got rejected, I hope it’s not losing its momentum now..
  2. Perhaps worth byuing BTC instead for the short/mid term.. or to be diversified (BTC, XRP, ...).
  3. Very true. Although I believe the crazy moves happen when they are least expected. But let’s see..
  4. No, it is not. Just checked again and volume has doubled, contracts traded so far: 2 BTC
  5. Contracts traded so far today: 1 BTC Last traded price: $8,432.50 Bakkt 😂
  6. Xrp got itself rekt on a weak run-up earlier this year when btc went x4. Only God knows where xrp will be when BTC gets dropped to 6k...
  7. I would say speculation. If XRP was the only increasing then I would say yes, but there's also other coins they have been gaining a lot in the past 24 hours (Stellar + 35%).
  8. Meantime stellar + 35%. Wondering what's going on there..
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