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  1. People longing and shorting it within a certain range. Traders are just playing with XRP, and have no interest in getting it to to the 1 USD mark or higher. Can’t blame them if you can leverage the hell out of this coin.
  2. Smells like a pump and dump again. Let’s see..
  3. Agreed. Although Ripple did make promises that did not come to fruition and have kind of lost their credibility in the market. They could have handled things better. Great tech, shady management team. It is what it is, I am betting on the Tech and just hope that patience pays off. In the meantime always good to be diversified anyway.
  4. They only post unicorns in that group. I mean if you like unicorns then you should definitely join.
  5. Based on what? I was reading your last comments but did not find anything supporting that claim.
  6. I appreciate your consistency in sharing your thoughts with us on a daily basis. You mentioned before that you believe XRP will reach at least 10 USD. Do you believe this will happen based on speculation only or really utility driven? Or maybe a combination of both?
  7. It did bounce off the btc support level of 1090 sats which is a good sign. I guess a retest is needed before it can convincingly make a move up.
  8. Yea that’s not good. Support levels are not well-built and just weak. That’s not a good sign overall.
  9. Exactly what I was talking about. It took ages to break the selling wall. And when it finally does break it: Btc comes, dumps, and ruins the show. Support becomes resistance. XRP really needs strong volume to break through. Let’s see if there will be a good bounce from here on.
  10. Not ADA, but more like the rest of the crypto coins (majority). So far XRP is still one of the worst performing coins when you look at performance versus 2020 low. I believe in XRP, but would not mind making some good money in a run like we had in 2017/2018 - which was also a pump and dump.
  11. The risk of going up too slow now is that BTC might dump hard in the short term and XRP will completely lose its momentum. XRP had enough time to go through that steady increase since one year now, but unfortunately it did not. I am afraid things might be on the late side and that we won’t be able to see the gains that other coins have experienced. I hope that I am wrong though..
  12. I’m OK with that, by the time we get above 1 dollar at this pace - BTC would have probably already dived and momentum would be lost.
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