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  1. Hmm interesting. I just responded to @pftq response before this, and I thought their answer to what regular keys are sounded similar to credit and debit cards. But your explanation now makes it sort of sound a little like how Bitcoin uses new public keys for each transaction, the basic idea at least. Hmmmm, let's see if I took away the correct information about Regular Keys based on the info provided by you @RafOlP and @pftq. 1) When making transactions, to ensure my Secret Key is safe and hidden, this is where the Regular Key comes in play and becomes a stand in for my Secret
  2. For your answer for #3: I think I'll stay away from this for. I'm still learning how to use the wallet. But form what I took away from it, it's like two different cards connected to a bank account. Kind of like credit and debit cards (although technically they aren't connected to one account, but you get it). The credit card is like a the Secret Key, more privacy needed. While debit cards are easier for basic transactions. Did I use the right analogy? Or did I just not get it at all For your answer for #5: But exactly is the wallet file? Is the long sequence used for anything? And I a
  3. Hey everybody, so I am coming from Bitcoin and have been wanting some clarifications on things if you can help me please. 
 If it matters, I am using Rippex, the desktop wallet.
 My questions are probably questions that have been answered before, but I just wanted to be sure because I've read so many different terms being thrown around for each cryptocurrency, my head feels like it spinning. 1) Secret Key = Private Key = Private Address ??
 With Bitcoin I always just knew private (key) = private (address). 
And since "Secret" indicates...well, secret, it goes into the p
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