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  1. I have a feeling xrp isn't going to be rated highly. Based on the amount of misinformed articles that s*** on ripple. Let's hope it's not the case.
  2. At 20k xrp I feel have enough. I almost feel like I've cracked it with ripple. I know I shouldn't but man this year is going to be out the gate!!
  3. Beautiful! this can only be ripple and XRP yes? The ability to change through 28 different currencies can only be with XRP usage surely?? 1 of the 3 out of 5 payment companies??
  4. Just saw this...why? Wow that's the biggest drop I've ever seen. Wtf happened?
  5. Hmm wouldn't make sense if it was taxable crypto to crypto as it isn't recognized as proper currency. Your not technically making profit until you cash out. Hmm
  6. Why didn't you just use shapeshift or an exchange to trade straight to xrp? Then it's crypto to crypto not back to fiat so you wont be taxed unless you cash back to fiat. Correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Yes your right. But the xrp that is burned is very very minimal and shouldn't be an issue down the line. Although, I don't know how much that is exactly. Perhaps someone else on this forum knows?
  8. Nah mate nothing wrong with your posts. People tend to forget this is what forums are also used for. To answer your question from my understanding. It's got a lot to do with the amount of how much there is in circulation. So if xrp has 38billion and bitcoin has only 17million. Xrp has to have a lot more money invested to become a higher price. In terms of market cap xrp is 1/3rd of that of bitcoins but the price of xrp is nowhere near bitcoins. This is due to the supply. Now reason why xrp is unlikely to hit 20,000 is for that reason. I think if xrp was 20k it would be worth more than all the fiat currency we have in the world today and would probably be the world's global currency which I can't imagine being likely but who knows. I hope I explained it well enough. Any questions just ask I'm sure there are still some others on this forum without their heads in their asses that could pitch in here.
  9. How do you know it's overbought? What do you mean? I remember an article said the same thing at .80-.90c and xrp went over double after.
  10. Ahh who needs coinbase? Stuff them I say we doing alright without them.
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