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  1. how about partnering with the decentralized identity foundation (DIF)?
  2. mega

    XRP coins destroyed

    There needs to be a better way to write all these zeroes. like this? 10^11 x 10^6 = 10^17 or maybe E11 x E6 = E17
  3. mega

    What If Trump Ever Made a Comment On Ripple

    I will be disgruntled if ripple became mainstream during trumps presidency and he publicly credits himself.
  4. mega

    The Countdown Begins

    They might be referring to https://newyork.fintechweek.com . I don't see anybody from ripple on there (maybe I'm wrong?). Tuesday August 22nd, Schedule 3rd Annual Blockchain conference Wednesday August 23rd, Schedule Fintech Disrupters Conference Thursday August 24th, Schedule Finpitch Fintech Pitch Day :))))))))))))))))))
  5. Hello all! I've been reading a lot of the posts in the forum and I'm really liking the community so I've decided to join. I'm somewhat new to the crypto-space, but ripple has really caught my attention! I hope to be able to learn a ton in the coming months! Thanks!