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  1. I do not mean to contradict your other replies, but the value of your zerps rises in accordance with the market price, even though they are in your wallet.
  2. I moved to Binance last night when someone on this forum said that Binance registrations were open, after years of plugging away on Poloniex. It seems a lot better. Gatehub is woeful to trade on though.
  3. Replying to Lawsuit's post last page, yeah I noticed XLM closely follows XRP price, it is quite uncanny I watched it for a week. Bit like a little kid copying a strong minded teenager. Which I think says a lot about who is the leader and makes me wonder if Stellar really has any substance to it yet
  4. Samer your question as to when we expect it to rise.... has been thrashed around a lot lately and there's a bit of emotion about the current dips. So you might not get a specific answer that satisfies you.
  5. I dunno, I can only see that big pump signal as a lightning quick way to become a bag holder for some obscure coin, although NAV (yesterdays pump) is not obscure. Massive pump of DGD though someone benefitted I wonder how many
  6. It's the quietest time of the 24-hour period now. Only NZ is awake and we only have about 4 members on this forum. I'll make some noise.... *shuffling papers around*
  7. Sneaks is hoping that XRP will be added to the Coinbase exchange on Tuesday since BCH was added on a tuesday. It's a long stretch, to achieve something that might boost demand and exposure and price of XRP. But I think Coinbase said they aren't planning to add any more cryptos for the time being.
  8. Hey matey! It's the quietest time of the day on here now, until about 10pm our time. Are you new to things ripple/crypto? I've been in it 4 years now
  9. Thanks very much knoxy and cuber... I will close off some of the trustlines.
  10. Yeah beautiful day in Chch too. Gatehub is such a pain, I found I have 50 xrp there which I can not seem to transfer any amount of.
  11. Yes, I feel confident you will make a much larger gain with ripple. My confidence has soared lately, I even started posting here again
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