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  1. Finally, Joel Katz selling some of his coins was a sign... market dreamers
  2. One of these bullish TA will work one day ! 😅
  3. There is not really the place to say that but I think I'm going to my little affair also 😁
  4. didn't time (at least 2019) has been perfect for BTC owner ? But I'm never good with timing. If I try to buy LTC before the halving it'll go down, IF I try ADA before Shelley the same etc... I better hodl. + Paying spread each time is very expensive
  5. BTC is going well...I don't like the idea to switch for some days but I don't want to be too purist and blind
  6. It's not you, it's crypto. During sideways, TA does work. But it doesn't work to predict real move
  7. You're kidding right ? We just hit the floor at 3K/sats... The green candle is absolutely normal but won't conducts to anything else. See you tmw.
  8. Could you post a link to check the flow please
  9. Sorry for the title, I just update it + copy the link of the official tweet https://mobile.twitter.com/sbivc_official/status/1156459643486404613 https://t.co/Q5H2J2Ul8n?amp=1
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