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  1. TA works when liquidity is big and move from one stock to another one. In crypto, it doesn't work as market cap could go from 100B to 200B, then be back to 100B etc... that's a joke.
  2. By now, people saying it'll never happen are right and could have exit crypto since while (maybe living a life without dream and just enjoying normal life). I still wait for others people saying "I told you so... 10$" but chances are very low. You all have to know that and be honest with ourselfs. + investing in a bank crypto is more dangerous than being with a tech crypto as ADA for exemple...
  3. I really don't understand why people still try to use TA on crypto. Do they have time to waste ? The price is only drive by the GLOBAL market cap. Money flows... price rises. When I see all these people using TA, I feel so bad for them and for me as I see I'm with too much kids in this market. Ciao
  4. + (and sorry for my third post), I got a plane for Barcelona in 2 hours, let's talk about it at 2PM. I'm pretty sure we'll already be at 0.3950 XXX Thomas
  5. This is exactly what's going to happen And yes, we may be lucky.
  6. I'll sent you 10zerps if we don't close daily above 0,40
  7. I agree with 0.90 May 29th and I'm never bullish at all. I'm not sure we're in a bull run but things looks good.
  8. I was close to do that 2 weeks ago, my only regret is to have done that 3 days ago... even this community began to FUD on XRP... that's annoying
  9. This is a global sentiment... I don't know why everyone focus on XRP...
  10. Just to be sure, am I the only one waiting for an official annouce regarding the delay ? Or are you all 100% sure that it's delayed ? I really don't care about that girl tweeting as if she knows everything... but I'm maybe too upset
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