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  1. ok now I'm sure XRP is everything but not a coin to earn money. ++ good luck to all.
  2. It was brutal for xrp and we know that xrp isn't pump friendly.
  3. No. It's a good sign. I like to see people reacting ans buying because it also said nobody use the x75 to short. Anyway, binance hasn't a huge volume today. Let's see if it's the start of something.
  4. Due to binance leverage x75 that opened today... Nothing less nothing more.
  5. You could ask TA experts, they'll explain you the big bang theory
  6. Best TA (if you don't have time to read 252 pages) : keep monitoring BTC. Edit : and it works with all crypto since 2015 but keep that secret
  7. Chewkie and his crazy 10K$ investment lol...
  8. SBI ! SWELL 1..2..3 ! Bill Gates ! R3 ! MoneyGram ! ILP ! 100+ banks ! TA ! Bull run ! Hodor ! Joël Katz ! Brad ! Reversal ! Moon ! Scam ! FUD ! BTC ! $ ! America ! Trump ! China ! Ban ! Exchange ! Utility ! And of course Volume and Adoption ! Long (too ? Very ?) term... Ps : don't invest more than you can afford.
  9. That's exactly why we're all disapointed. At this stage it's still only speculation. + Swift GPI and R3 taking the XRP market...
  10. Btw, I prefered you as when you were Hodor.
  11. Sceptics ? Yes I think that many of early investors are far away from crypto. Do you really think they're monitoring price ? I feel bad for people that didn't cash out in december 17. Just have a look here, I only see less than 10 people from the beggining. If I understand well, the community doesn't have news from Hodor himself...
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