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  1. This is a global sentiment... I don't know why everyone focus on XRP...
  2. Just to be sure, am I the only one waiting for an official annouce regarding the delay ? Or are you all 100% sure that it's delayed ? I really don't care about that girl tweeting as if she knows everything... but I'm maybe too upset
  3. I'm still waiting for an official tweet
  4. You're 100% right. I can't imagine such a big company giving this kind of information in a slide... It's still ok for March What a f*****k suspens it was ! Thank you mate
  5. Exchange service: the scheduled beginning date was changed to July from Mar. 2019, in line with the introduction of private-cloud to enhance security in response to changes of the regulatory environment for leverage trading Please, someone speaking native English : Is it July 2018 ? Is it possible ? I'm waiting for Christmas
  6. Sorry but my English isn't native. How should we understand : "the scheduled beginning date was changed to July from Mar. 2019" Could it be July 2018 ?
  7. Is this true ? ... pathetic http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/investors/disclosure/presentation/pdf/190306presentations.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3tdCX0tiYyZkwPwglSBBz8YzmoHL4zPS0LSQS_x_KCGbO1CIdD6MSEKMc "Exchange service: the scheduled beginning date was changed to July from Mar. 2019, in line with the introduction of private-cloud to enhance security in response to changes of the regulatory environment for leverage trading"
  8. Trading isn't live but it looks to be very close
  9. No ! We shall ask them to turn the exchange down !
  10. There has been no official announcement yet but the website seems to be live and ready for XRP. https://twitter.com/search?q=%23xrp sbi&src=typd You also can have a look here : "CryptoEri‏ @sentosumosaba 5 févr. By year end, which is what has was always been said. Japanese Fiscal business year ends March 31st." And here : https://www.sbivc.co.jp/
  11. It's now 17% ! Far more important (to me), XRP didn't follow the drop yesterday ! I bet on a green week for BTC and alts... and I hope to be right... can't wait to see the SBI effects...
  12. Yep, I was. Between march and june 2018, I recovered half my lost thanks to DGB. Then I grab some $ during the 21th september spike but it wasn’t enough to leave the red zone. October 1st, I took the decision to broke my Nano, leave crypto forever. I’m still looking at price once by week...because hey, it was an addiction during 2/3 years. I’m still an XRP tech believer but after reading more than 100 articles about crypto, I still have no clue what are their real value in terms of $. Many members seems to exactly know what will be the futur marketcap... congrats to them, patience is the key ? Yep, but what is at the opposite of the door ? That’s a 50/50 game... I’m lucky because I didn’t lost money I can’t afford to lose. Now, I sleep well, and wish you (sincerely) to be rich. I have absolutely 0 advice to give but it really looks like it was a big bubble. Congratulations to this old member that sold upper than 2$. Back to June 2017, many many many members were looking for strong and quick profit... Since December 2017, I never ever had seen them posting in the forum. And I’m speaking about people with 500K to 5M (and more) bag... I even don’t see one saying officially : « I sill believe in it and invest half of what I earned »...they leaved crypto for a while. Of course, another part of old members are still here. Don’t you remember this 5,02$ prediction after hitting 3,60$ ? 3 days later it dropped like a massive rain...some people accepted and realized it was time to grab maximum ( I wasn’t on that side :((( ) , some others are still here, posting everyday, saying every same things about sats ratio, patience, fundementals, FUDers, partnership, MasterCard, NDA, 200+ banks etc.... it’ll, maybe, happen again. Don’t forget to sell once your goal is here...being greedy (or blind...) conducted some very good players and gamblers to the dark side of happiness... and please, stop with this roller caster image...It’s worse than the « I told you » team...it looks immature. Do you think rich traders used such idiot pattern ? Do you really think it’s so easy ? ... think twice before thinking to be the new wolf. To finish, I don’t want to destroy the emulation here, but being always between believers (ignoring the other side, the shorters) sounds like religion. And I won’t add anything. Having some doubt is primordial in life, the same for the market. Good luck, I won’t post until it flight high but will still look at price in the coming months. Be sure that I’ll be happy for all of you if it goes high. ++
  13. Perfect ! As a successful Trader, buy every XRP now ! People and noobs like me are idiots, you’ll be the king don’t forget that ! This cycle is the truth ! That’s exactly how it works ! Sorry I was blind by my emotions. Thanks, I feel better now ! Can’t wait to be as smart as you ! I’ll buy « trading for noobs » as soon as XRP will be over 0.40 ! Oh Wait, never ?
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