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  1. Fun fact, many investors doesn't use $ to determine when they are millionaires.
  2. So, your saying twitter is not a place you see: "WHEN MOON" "HUUUUGE" "ARE YOU USING XRP?" ?
  3. Ah, sorry thought it meant something else - English not my native language
  4. Well would it matter? I mean, if it stays "stable" or below your targets within a year, you gain interest, on the other note, if XRP skyrockets to 589, then 5% interest is still a shitton of money.
  5. Let me get this straight, I just have to sign a petition for something I don't have control of, and hope for donations? Without even something close to a plan, to do with the petition?
  6. I was actually talking about some unforseen circumstances, where you were forced to sell.
  7. Wouldn't call Ripple a small company, other then that, I totally agree.
  8. I don't do "what if we had a quantum machine" and If I was, this investment would be little to no concern.
  9. Please unprogram an escrow, if this challenge is to hard, please manipulate an entry in the ledger... Thank you for explaination, as said I was expecting to be wrong
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