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  1. I believe, majority of XRP price appreciation comes from expectation of the community (such as will Amex/Visa use xrp ) rather than long term implications of partnership like the news from the company such as @TplusZero highlights here - Ripple iterates into 2 billion consumers when the foundation of the world’s richest man publicly commmits to implementing Ripple’s interconnectivity solution. The two biggest protocols (Hyperledger and Interledger) team up, and enable Ripple to maybe spend even more time on the next building block of their strategy (XRP). Ripple signing its 100th customer? Nah. SEB confirming it moved >$180MM of payments via RippleNet? Boring. Ripple kicking off a $300MM (ANY CRYPTO who can do this?) incentive scheme for banks to join and grow payments volume on RippleNet? Lame. The first FI to publicly commit to use XRP? Not good enough. Problem now would be that people who swing traded XRP would have suffered a loss and would start bad mouthing about it and start a FUD campaign ( How come this is not advertised, like a social media campaign, there should be a FUD campaign).
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