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  1. I increasingly enjoy reading Roslyn Layton's pieces. She seems very well informed on the matter!
  2. I am interested in your app. Are you still developing? Is the mailing list still your preferred tool of comunication or are there forums or a website I could check out?
  3. If anyone read through the homepage: What are "legacy XRP"? Are these another coin of the BSC universe, I don't know about? Or just plain old XRP on the XRPL?
  4. Anyone else getting itchy to remove funds from binance? I am almost there, prolly gonna get everything out this weekend.
  5. Although I am not a coder, I'd start here: https://xrpl.org/
  6. Isn't this the same situation like the BTC forks tax-wise? I can speak to the german situation, since I have already payed taxes on my BCH and BCG airdrops. You get the coins for 0, so thats their initial value for tax purposes. If you sell within a year, you have to pay income tax on the gains (which is the the selling total in the case of flare), this can move you up in tax brackets. If you hold over a year, you can sell without being taxed.
  7. I am really glad this old post got some love, thanks!
  8. Zeit hier mal wieder zu posten. Ich habe seit Mitte letzten Jahres begonnen mit shrimpy (www.shrimpy.io - automatisches Portfoliomanagement für Anfänger wie mich) zu traden und hatte 2020 rund 2,5k Trades. Sowas von Hand in eine Exceltabelle einzupflegen ist ein freudloses Geschäft... Ich bin vor ein paar Tagen dann auf www.coin.ink gestossen, ein Berliner Unternehmen, das genau diese Berechnungen für die Anlage SO der Steuereklärung automatisiert macht. Man pflegt einfach die API Keys seiner Börsen ein, muss evtl. noch ein paar Dinge von Hand nachtragen/korrigieren und drückt auf einen Knopf, fertig. Das Ganze kostet rund 120 EUR pro Jahr. Anmelden und einpflegen der Daten geht auch kostenlos, bezahlen muss man erst, wenn man den Steuerbericht erstellen will.
  9. VET and ADA. Also some LTC and CSC. Also I stumbled upon the Binance smart chain (BSC) a couple of weeks ago and am VERY happy with the last weeks. Whenever BTC retracted a little the BSC coins went nuts. Check out Venus (XVS) and PancakeSwap (CAKE) as an example.
  10. Great stuff from ADA indeed! VeChain is doing well to. If I remember correctly, it was the doc, who made me notice VET in this very thread some time ago. I hope he is well, I still miss reading him here from time to time.
  11. I am betting along these lines of thought as well. Thanks to everyone who has weighed in so far! It was interesting to read.
  12. Do any of you expect anything substantial from the first pretrial meeting on February 22nd?
  13. Thank you very much! This seems really easy, I was just missing the relevant information to put into the mentioned fields. This will be the way I am going to set up for the drop. I will also recommend it to my family and friends.
  14. As an end-user I like it! Especially the eth adress generator. So first of all: thank you for this! I wanna sign an air-gapped Transaction, so I dont have to expose my private keys on an online computer. Seems pretty straight forward until I have to specify the three additional fields: Fee - the amount of XRP to pay in fees (Do I set it to 1 xrp to be sure? To 0.00002 like in the xrpl api example? Do I research what transactions usually cost and go slightly above or under?) Sequence - the sequence number to assign to the transaction (This one is clear to me: I'll use the last transaction no.+1) Max Ledger Version - the highest ledger number which this transaction can be included in (Do I put in "null", "validated" or a number for use on the "official" XRPL?) I looked around a little on google and checked the xrpl api documentation, but could not find answers to my questions.
  15. The EU has drafted a proposal for crypto regulation, it seems to be pretty comprehensive. For bullet points / an overview check out the coindesk article. For more details see the press release or the draft. I personally would be very much interested in more detailed statements of people with more legal expertise. Any links are appreciated. Coindesk Article Proposal Draft on politico (leak: 09/17) Proposal Draft from 09/24 on EU servers Press Release from the european commission Some more Info: conclusion of the consultation process on the digital finance strat of the EU
  16. This sounds to good to be true, so I am a little wary of the “up to 5%“. I gotta do some research on nexo as soon as I am at home today! Another thing for me to consider is taxes. In my country selling crypto I owned for more than 12 months is tax free. If I get interest on my crypto however, I have to hold it for 10 years, before I can sell it without paying taxes on gains. Anyway, thanks for bringing nexo to my attention!
  17. Thank you for this! 5/5 read on a lazy morning.
  18. I found this: https://www.courts.ca.gov/documents/4dca-Self-Help-Manual-Sample-Form-V.pdf I have no idea though, what this means for a case.
  19. I have a few horror scenarios rambling around in my brain: replacement and invalidation of all cash and the introduction of the e-euro euro and dollar defaulting and uniting to become the e-eurodollar the IMF having to step in as a lender of last resort to central banks (ofc the SDRs will be digital as well) Pick one or a combo and shudder with me. In all seriousnes though, I believe, we are witnessing the last days of our monetary system. I dont know how yet, but at some point not to far in the future people will be glad to accept a new one. edit: *SURPRISE*
  20. I second that. I believe, that for the average joe the austrian school of economics way regarding money would be the most beneficial. They believe (in very simple terms), that a free-market origin of money would ultimately lead to a better monetary system. Everyone could issue money and choose which to use. This is - in part - happening with crypto already and is very dangerous to certain business models and power structures. If I put on my tinfoil hat, I see the possibility for random conflicts and economic crisis in the next years, that somehow "require" the consolidation of all money (including crypto) in some way or lead up to that kind of scenario. I am a little anxious about that. But since there is really nothing I can do, apart from diversifiyng in a smart way, I will just let it unfold and hope I recognize the signs early enough to act.
  21. OT: this thread tickles my funny bone.... OP is like: yo my dudes, can we have some dreaming going on here? lets take a break from the usual "the price will never hit X".. XRPChat community swoops in: your dreams are dumb, your thoughts are toxic and also: the price will never hit X On topic: I assume, if we hit the kind of price OP mentioned, we could probably just transfer our crypto stacks to insured (!) safe institutions, which would let us spend it via a credit card or sth like that. that would be my preferred way to use it. no tranferring etc. i would then use this way of paying to diversify a little: property, precious metal, some stock ...
  22. Damn mate! I always find myself drawn to your avatar, whenever it pops up on a thread... Also: thanks for this thread!
  23. It seems to me, that there is alot of frustration going around about the price of XRP latetly. In this video Dr. Jordan B. Peterson talks about gambling from a psychological standpoint. I found it interesting enough to share it here. Enjoy!
  24. Thanks Hodor, I am always amazed about the different stories you find on XRP. Also: I kinda wish the forum could get back to the state it was in in 2017. Lately its all about "iS rIpPlE A pOnZi ScEmE?!?" and "BrAd lIeD tO mE, wHy Am i NoT RiCh YeT?" If I was wearing my tinfoil hat, I would say it feels like a coordinated attack on this forum, to water down the tightly packed richness of information it once had. Thanks for continuously adding salt to that soup!
  25. I have been looking at XRP volume these past couple of days, whenever the price started to rise and was wondering about the rise in volume in those situations. Thanks for the Info in this thread! Now I have a clue where some of the volume, that kept the price from going up came from. I read through the whole thread (minus the members ignored by me) thinking: If XRP are to be used in ANY "official" capacity (for lack of a better word for it - I am not a native english speaker), like settlement between banks in the euro/usd zone or in asia or between those currencies or between some big companies or <insert very big deal here> (I hope you get my point), the fact that there is one person like CL holding such a big stack COULD be an obstacle. Maybe thats why he is dumping as much as he possibly can whenever the price goes up. Ok, now go ahead and tear me to shreds.
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