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  1. I second that. I believe, that for the average joe the austrian school of economics way regarding money would be the most beneficial. They believe (in very simple terms), that a free-market origin of money would ultimately lead to a better monetary system. Everyone could issue money and choose which to use. This is - in part - happening with crypto already and is very dangerous to certain business models and power structures. If I put on my tinfoil hat, I see the possibility for random conflicts and economic crisis in the next years, that somehow "require" the consolidation of all money (including crypto) in some way or lead up to that kind of scenario. I am a little anxious about that. But since there is really nothing I can do, apart from diversifiyng in a smart way, I will just let it unfold and hope I recognize the signs early enough to act.
  2. OT: this thread tickles my funny bone.... OP is like: yo my dudes, can we have some dreaming going on here? lets take a break from the usual "the price will never hit X".. XRPChat community swoops in: your dreams are dumb, your thoughts are toxic and also: the price will never hit X On topic: I assume, if we hit the kind of price OP mentioned, we could probably just transfer our crypto stacks to insured (!) safe institutions, which would let us spend it via a credit card or sth like that. that would be my preferred way to use it. no tranferring etc. i would then use this way of paying to diversify a little: property, precious metal, some stock ...
  3. Damn mate! I always find myself drawn to your avatar, whenever it pops up on a thread... Also: thanks for this thread!
  4. It seems to me, that there is alot of frustration going around about the price of XRP latetly. In this video Dr. Jordan B. Peterson talks about gambling from a psychological standpoint. I found it interesting enough to share it here. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks Hodor, I am always amazed about the different stories you find on XRP. Also: I kinda wish the forum could get back to the state it was in in 2017. Lately its all about "iS rIpPlE A pOnZi ScEmE?!?" and "BrAd lIeD tO mE, wHy Am i NoT RiCh YeT?" If I was wearing my tinfoil hat, I would say it feels like a coordinated attack on this forum, to water down the tightly packed richness of information it once had. Thanks for continuously adding salt to that soup!
  6. I have been looking at XRP volume these past couple of days, whenever the price started to rise and was wondering about the rise in volume in those situations. Thanks for the Info in this thread! Now I have a clue where some of the volume, that kept the price from going up came from. I read through the whole thread (minus the members ignored by me) thinking: If XRP are to be used in ANY "official" capacity (for lack of a better word for it - I am not a native english speaker), like settlement between banks in the euro/usd zone or in asia or between those currencies or between some big companies or <insert very big deal here> (I hope you get my point), the fact that there is one person like CL holding such a big stack COULD be an obstacle. Maybe thats why he is dumping as much as he possibly can whenever the price goes up. Ok, now go ahead and tear me to shreds.
  7. OT: I am following this thread since it started. Just wanted to say thanks to all the great contributors here, I actually learned alot about TA from this thread alone. I open it up every morning when I have my coffee and actually read through all of it. Special thanks to @Eric123 for starting it, you rock for sharing all that juicy knowledge! And ofc all the other great TA posters here! If this thread ever dies or gets derailed by trolls I will be very sad. It had to be said, carry on now please!
  8. I like diy projects. So i got one of these and some steel sheets and made a fire proof cold wallet. I recommend it, its fun.
  9. That is really amazing, good for you mate! I fear Tether and would not touch it, although I might be wrong. I have not been reading up on it for weeks now. Edit: I realized, I could be more specific with what I mean here. I have never followed up on how that subpoena played out, or if there is even a result to be viewed so far. I decided then I would never touch Tether. The panama papers played a role in that to in revealing that Tether and Bitfinex were basically run by the same people. In secret.
  10. Nein, erziele ich nicht, es gibt aber Angebote zB. auf Cryptobörsen seine XRP zu verleihen gegen Zinsen. Ich war ein paar Mal versucht meine XRP zu verleihen, daher habe ich erfragt was das bedeuten würde. In dem Fall wäre der steuerfreie Verkauf erst nach 10 Jahren möglich.
  11. Das ist nett von Dir, danke. Aber da ich eh einen Steuerberater brauche, kann der auch was tun für mein Geld Die 10 jahre ergeben sich wohl aus EStG § 23 (Absatz 1, Nummer 2, Satz 4) https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/estg/__23.html
  12. Ganz vergessen hier zu berichten, es ist Alles wie meine bisherige Recherche und Nachfragen ergaben: Cryptogewinne sind zZ nach einem Jahr steuerfrei, wenn man sie verleiht sind die Zinsgewinne steuerpflichtig (Kapitalertragssteuer) und der Verkauf erst nach 10 Jahren steuerfrei. Man wählt eine Methode der Bestandsbewertung (LIFO,FIFO...) und ist darauf festgelegt. Cryptogewinne , die innerhalb eines Jahres entstehen, werden auf das zu versteuernde Einkommen gerechnet und mit dem EKStsatz besteuert. Das kann dazu führen, dass man Steuerklassen auf- oder auch absteigt (bei genug Verlusten). Wenn ich was Interessantes vergessen habe, fragt einfach.
  13. Yes. That's why I wrote Also: I agree with the rest of your post.
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