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  1. That is really amazing, good for you mate! I fear Tether and would not touch it, although I might be wrong. I have not been reading up on it for weeks now. Edit: I realized, I could be more specific with what I mean here. I have never followed up on how that subpoena played out, or if there is even a result to be viewed so far. I decided then I would never touch Tether. The panama papers played a role in that to in revealing that Tether and Bitfinex were basically run by the same people. In secret.
  2. Nein, erziele ich nicht, es gibt aber Angebote zB. auf Cryptobörsen seine XRP zu verleihen gegen Zinsen. Ich war ein paar Mal versucht meine XRP zu verleihen, daher habe ich erfragt was das bedeuten würde. In dem Fall wäre der steuerfreie Verkauf erst nach 10 Jahren möglich.
  3. Das ist nett von Dir, danke. Aber da ich eh einen Steuerberater brauche, kann der auch was tun für mein Geld Die 10 jahre ergeben sich wohl aus EStG § 23 (Absatz 1, Nummer 2, Satz 4) https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/estg/__23.html
  4. Ganz vergessen hier zu berichten, es ist Alles wie meine bisherige Recherche und Nachfragen ergaben: Cryptogewinne sind zZ nach einem Jahr steuerfrei, wenn man sie verleiht sind die Zinsgewinne steuerpflichtig (Kapitalertragssteuer) und der Verkauf erst nach 10 Jahren steuerfrei. Man wählt eine Methode der Bestandsbewertung (LIFO,FIFO...) und ist darauf festgelegt. Cryptogewinne , die innerhalb eines Jahres entstehen, werden auf das zu versteuernde Einkommen gerechnet und mit dem EKStsatz besteuert. Das kann dazu führen, dass man Steuerklassen auf- oder auch absteigt (bei genug Verlusten). Wenn ich was Interessantes vergessen habe, fragt einfach.
  5. Yes. That's why I wrote Also: I agree with the rest of your post.
  6. This. IF, and only if the US impose sanctions via SWIFT, a belgian company, what's to stop them from doing it via ripple, which is an american company?
  7. Der erste Beitrag hier war in englisch, da habe ich mich angepasst. Ich habe den Termin nochmal geschoben. Nächste Woche Do bin ich dort, werde berichten.
  8. Just came across this thread, never looked in here before To your first question: yes, afaik and my tax guy told me. Example: I buy ETH for EUR and then XRP with that ETH one week later. After holding the XRP for over a year, I exit my position by buying BTC for my XRP then exchange the BTC to EUR all in one day. Selling the BTC and the ETH ist taxable. But since I only pay taxes for gains (or get tax cuts for losses) this is no big deal, because I didn't hold the ETH (one week) and BTC (few hours) for long. The sale of my XRP in this example isn't taxed, because I held them for over a year. Usually the exchanges give you the option to export your trade history. In there should be the precise rates and fees you paid for all your transactions, that's what you will need for your taxes. I will be done with my 2017 tax declaration in a few days, have a meeting with my tax people this week. If anything interesting comes up or anyone is interested in details, I will post here. PS. I had BTC when it forked and got BCH and BTG. I sold it all in January 2018, so I will have to pay taxes on the full sale price, because I did get it for 0 EUR. That was kinda disappointing to me...
  9. I did my crypto tax declaration for 2017 a couple of months ago through my tax advisor (Steuerberater) in Germany. I chose between LIFO and FIFO method. I can only choose once for all my crypto I documented every trade I made during 2017 and determined the amount of loss/win in euro The crypto sales within a year of buying get taxed with my overall income tax. My tax rate could even be offset by this, if the gains/losses are big enough After a year crypto currently doesnt get taxed at all, my guy isn't sure how long this will be the case though. Welcome to Germany!
  10. German entrepreneur here. Health sector. I have been thinking about a use case in my area of business for a while now. Could not come up with any so far. Just joined above club.
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