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  1. Galgitron’s blog is a must read. Hilarious and super insightful.
  2. Super Interesting! This is also my concern. The grip around my zerps is tight. Keeping your assets on exchange being a big no-no has been hammered into my head. I’ll keep an open mind.
  3. Sadly that’s what I suspect as well. But love to be wrong. Just remember all the other hype/build ups to Swell followed by disgruntled posts by new adopters not being able to buy their lambos.
  4. Hey everybody, I'm sure many of us XRP holders if presented with the opportunity to purchase Ripple company stock in addition to XRP would jump on the chance. Unfortunately for us, Ripple is not publicly traded. Is there any publicly traded blockchain companies worth looking into in regards to investing? Are any of you out there purchasing stock in these companies? Thanks in advance
  5. I'm in for the long haul. I've already been waiting since 2014, what's another 4-5 years
  6. Awesome thanks!!! Added the books to my queue and bookmarked the links
  7. Hey everybody, Anyone have any book/resource recommendations regarding financial literacy? I’m currently reading through Rich Dad Poor Dad. It’s a great read and I’m definitely getting valuable info, but so far it mostly reads as a motivational book. I have the White Coat Investor next, sitting in my queue. If XRP does what we hopes it does, I’d like to be armed with more knowledge of what I should do with it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Time and true freedom of spending that time doing what interests me at any given time. Edit: pay off med school loans too ?
  9. Never mind. I guess I'm just super impatient now after watching the hot fire that was the Xrapid demo. But I'm done with coinbase, Uphold in the future.
  10. Hey is Coinbase holding funds from being sent? I just sent ETH from Coinbase to Binance about an 45 mins ago and I still have 0 confirmations. The transaction doesn't even show up on etherscan.
  11. Maybe integrating XRP and ledger for medical record security, storage and transfer?
  12. 6 months, 9 months, 2 years, 5 years, I can wait a little longer I bought in, with a modest amount, back in 2014. If I remember correctly, the popular FUD consensus then was that it would never-ever-ever hit $0.05, if it hit $0.01 count your blessings. If it did exceed that heads would explode.
  13. Do I have to update the firmware on the Ledger Nano S device itself? I bought mine directly from the manufacturer back in November. For some reason I have an irrational paranoia that something is going to screw up and I’ll lose my sizable stack. I dropped my zerps on it, put it back in its box, and haven’t touched it except one time at the end of March just to double check everything is still there. Everything is still there. Sigh...I know I’m being unreasonable/irrational right?
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