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  1. Considering this finding about fine group of gentlemen, i wander about settlement...
  2. they are satiric site dedicated to xrp, very good developers on ledger btw... don't take it seriously.
  3. https://coil.com/p/XRP_Productions/SEC-Announces-it-Now-Accepts-BTC-ETH-XRP-for-Levied-Fines/3Y58OEMtW
  4. I'm too old for this s... I only see smart contract for cryptos that don't have it themselves, and debt trading. Had to simplify it...🤔🤪🤔🤪🤪
  5. yes, we can. I had to. I juuust had to...
  6. what i can't understand is what type of interaction is between payb and moneytap, and quantity of payments that will be transferred via ODL. David?
  7. https://www.sbigroup.co.jp/news/2021/0416_12410.html 6021 stores, tax payment, utility bills... https://paymentnavi.com/paymentnews/105317.html
  8. being a roman catholic, I consider this a heresy...but it's goood!
  9. I'm proud on you that you learned some slavic language!
  10. well, ok, but why do we have an issue now about it? securities are to be traded in different manner than currencies if i understood it correctly. and that leads us to the problem - trade ban on xrp in US. sorry if my english is not good enough, it is not my natively spoken language.
  11. 1:37 xrp is a currency. sorry for repost from another group but this is so nice.
  12. so, 21st is the conference day and SBI starts intra-Japan payrail? I think that ill wait 21st for sale... i think i taw a puttycat
  13. Deepest condolences for your loss. Stay strong.
  14. Yes, and trade volume was huge, so that old Jed is shooting his ammo faster and faster...thats important metrics also.
  15. I dont know what is more sad here: the lawsuit, the plaintiff, the lawyer or the article published about it ??
  16. Excuse me, but is it true that mr. Clayton was legal advisor of Alibaba?
  17. Did a bit of research on my own. You may have a point here. Note Monday, August 20, 2018 11:00 AM : https://www.sec.gov/foia/docs/secchaircalendar/chairman-clayton-calendar-2018-8.pdf
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