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  1. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1273931/000127393119000111/exhibit991112519.htm Sigh, i thought that it is somehow connected with things like this one described in SEC filing...I'm over-entusiastic I suppose...
  2. So, you think that large increase in number of transactions is consequence of nonsense transactions, and not of increased use of XRP ?
  3. https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/transactions-btc-eth-ltc-xrp-doge.html this is interesting...IMHO
  4. Biased towards Ethereum...? Naaaay. Just being objective and informative.
  5. Mr. Bloomberg is on the thin ice this time. He is calling a legit trademarked company (Ripple) a scam in the major newspaper. Maybe he wanted to write about XRP? If I was Brad Garlinghouse, i would take legal action.
  6. I was following the continous rise of tps last few months...
  7. There is old chinese saying: if somebody is selling, somebody must be buying...
  8. Hello, Any opinions about xrp price change when 50% public float is reached? Thanks
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