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  1. No that's not what Skippy said at all, This is after the fact not before the transaction has gone through.
  2. Wallets can't be frozen but on most big exchanges you don't own the wallet you simply have an account so the exchange can freeze you out of your funds.
  3. Your post has 50% of your post.
  4. Dear Brad, I want to be rich off your efforts but I don't want to wait until your long term strategy comes to fruition so can you please do the most stupid thing I can think of and burn your war chest and all your other nice things so I can buy a lambo. Yours sincerely A Fukwit
  5. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/in-depth/395731/is-nz-dragging-the-blockchain
  6. I've only got one thing to say to the trolls in this thread....
  7. So GM make a new engine that gets 600hp and does 1000mpg and they say any car company can use it in their cars for a price but they say no fecken way we're gonna use it because GM owns Chevrolet???
  8. I agree with what you're saying but the point I was trying to make is that competition doesn't mean exclusivity, in fact Ripple owning Moneygram could be the catalyst to more widespread adoption of their products by competitors to Moneygram just so they can keep up.
  9. Big corporations buy competing companies all the time, take the car making industry as an example where a single entity owns several marquees that compete directly.
  10. Ok I'm here, you can stop shorting now. BTW best thread ever OP is a fricken genius.
  11. Trickery

    Zerpening Club

    The zerpening club is a place for letting off steam and having some fun, complaining about it is like joining the freemasons and then telling them you don't like goats.
  12. I have a friend who has a '72 pacer (Australian version of the Dodge) with a Hemi 265 six-pack and it goes like a cut cat, she races it on the weekends, bloody awesome!
  13. 1st May must be the start of troll season.........where's my gun?
  14. I don't see a need for legislation in the long term, as more and more countries become cashless (USA and Japan are way behind on this) the need for banks just to facilitate card payments becomes entrenched so the door is already being shut behind us.
  15. You are either an idiot or.................. I can't think of any alternative.
  16. Well I'm a farmer too but I also go to work a couple of days a week as a skilled labourer who also builds and manages databases so I've no idea where I fit in this survey.
  17. Make sure you have plenty of tinfoil on hand when watching this^^^^^^^^^
  18. Trickery

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Now that's what I call the Australian way.
  19. Trickery

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Just highlight the part of the post you want to quote and a popup will appear "Quote selection"
  20. Trickery

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi Bob I have a question that may or may not have been asked already, Was XRP originally designed to only be the method of paying fees on the RCL while the actual transfer of value was whatever the two parties involved were transacting? If so when and why did Ripple pivot to XRP being a bridge asset?
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