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  1. Trickery

    A Meeting in the Ladies Room

    So is the Malta party cancelled?
  2. Trickery

    Domestic funds transfers

    I wonder if our tendency to lead the way is because of NZ's rather unique place in the world as an island nation with a western economy, we tend to be used as a testing ground for new technology, it's been going on for years with banking, cell phones etc, or the rest of the world just see us as expendable.
  3. Trickery

    Domestic funds transfers

    That's strange considering most of NZ's banks are owned by Ozzy banks, Westpac, ANZ etc
  4. Trickery

    Domestic funds transfers

    I don't know what country you're in but here in NZ interbank domestic transfers using online banking are instant and have been for years.
  5. I just want to see Schrodinger's cat set free.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised to see a fair amount of mainstream media attention when it goes live, whether this creates FOMO is anyone's guess.
  7. Trickery

    Goldman Sachs and Ripple

    Well if you tell two friends and they tell two friends................
  8. Trickery

    xRapid goes live on November 14?

    So there you have it, xRapid can only use XRP at this stage
  9. Trickery

    xRapid goes live on November 14?

    I don't know this and I'm pretty sure most people here don't know this either. If you could provide some proof of your claim that would be great.
  10. No wonder I felt lonely living in a caravan in the Amsterdamse Bos.
  11. Where is the middle of infinity?
  12. And what is next weeks Prime Minister going to say?
  13. Trickery

    Will Ripple Replace Swift? An Expert’s Take

    I've always found ripplecoinnews to be amateurish and barely readable and this article is no exception. Full of statements that contradict each other.
  14. Trickery

    $589... Really...

    You haven't missed anything....MaxEntropy on the other hand was special. Very likely, in fact almost inevitable.