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  1. Trickery


    The fact he joined on Dec 29th speaks volumes.
  2. Trickery

    My exposé on swift

    Yeah that's about as good as you can get without actual data, Awesome
  3. Trickery

    Charts - How To's

    During WWII the US Airforce wanted to optimise the placement of armour on their airplanes to keep weight to a minimum while still offering enough protection, so they employed the services of Abraham Wald a statistician. they already knew that most planes that returned to base had bullet holes distributed along the engine, fuselage and wings but the distribution was uneven, most holes were in the fuselage fewer were in the wings and hardly any were in the engine so they surmised that the fuselage was where the armour was needed but they were wrong. Wald pointed out that the missing bullet holes were where the armour needed to go because planes that had been hit in those places didn't return to base. So what I'm getting at is; when doing TA and looking at charts it's always a good idea to look for the missing bullet holes.
  4. Trickery

    My exposé on swift

    That's what I thought and therefore the calculation is probably way off, when you consider that human error is the cause then a high value transaction would be far less likely to fail so the transactions that do fail are probably of very low value.
  5. Trickery

    My exposé on swift

    What I'm not so sure about with your calculations is the 6% error figure, is it 6% of value or 6% of transactions? The difference between the two is immense.
  6. Trickery

    Velocity of XRP in foreign exchange

    There have been previous discussions on this very subject and the conclusion I have come to is that no one really knows the answer.
  7. An interesting read with some of the opinions such as centralisation able to be addressed with digital assets https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jul/19/cashless-society-con-big-finance-banks-closing-atms
  8. Me too...ahahahahaha....XRD.........haaahaahaahaahaa, go and spend your satoshis somewhere else.
  9. Trickery

    Hi everyone

    Welcome...but are you sure you haven't stumbled into the wrong forum? No one else here is happy at all.
  10. Is that your heart rate monitor?
  11. Any XRP sold to Ripple's partners OTC have strict limitations on when and how much can be sold on the open market.
  12. Trickery

    Geopolitics of XRP

    So the Fudsters are almost correct when they say XRP is the Banker coin they just spell it and pronounce it wrong, it's Bancor.
  13. The coinbase effect was debunked back in Dec Jan, it was just speculation being put out there because no one could explain the bull run.
  14. Trickery

    Ripple in Australia???

    That is how it used to be before Jan 2018?