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  1. Trickery

    CoinDesk (#FUDDESK) Spreading FUD

    As Homer Simpson would say "They're living in a world of make-believe, with fairies and flowers and leprechauns and frogs with funny little hats"
  2. C'mon @MaxEntropy you can do better than that, you know as well as anyone that the market prices have no basis in fundamentals, it's just a coin of the moment scenario like XRP was in Dec.
  3. Trickery

    Verge just screwed their supporters SO HARD

    Just looking at the charts I see a rising shaft pattern on top of a double cup... we could see vigorous movement soon.
  4. Trickery

    XRP droplets

    100 Drops = 10cc = Dreadlock holiday.
  5. Trickery

    Stellar baby

    NEM is flying and it is catching up XRP
  6. Trickery


    And here is the response; I'm very sorry to hear your frustration - I'm not very sure myself what AA membership is as the verification service we use is a New Zealand based company - but don't stress we have manual verification also :-) To verify your account you will need to raise a ticket and verify yourself by providing: - A photo of yourself holding your Australian issued ID and a piece of paper that clearly reads: your signature, current date and the word myCryptoWallet - Any other government issued verifying documents, License, Passport, Visa, Medicare card, Electoral Roll (Scanned copies) Staff will then manually verify your account. You will be notified by email of account verification being complete.
  7. @lucky That jacket is priceless and will end up making you a rich man, unlike the BTC pizza which is now worth s**t
  8. Trickery


    Yeah the buggers think I don't drink enough.
  9. Trickery


    Mycryptowallet (Australian exchange) are now accepting Kiwis for registration however when I tried to verify my account I had to provide my AA membership number? I'm not a member of AA and never will be. I sent a support ticket to them so we'll see what happens.
  10. I thought xrapid was only released in mid 2017? and recently DS said xrapid was not for banks.
  11. Trickery

    NZ tax rules

    Income tax? gaming tax? who knows but one thing to be aware of is that IRD will need proof of intent when investing, ie if you bought a crypto so you could buy online gaming rewards and the crypto gained in $value when you sold them after no longer wanting to play the game, that would surely be a capital gain and therefore tax free.
  12. Trickery

    New club for Kiwis

    That was the main reason I created the club but it will be great to hear any news on things like exchanges as well, I see mycryptowallet are going to let Kiwis in soon.
  13. Trickery

    NZ tax rules

  14. Trickery

    NZ tax rules

    I'd be very careful with this info because others have said it is a security in NZ law.