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  1. Seems the author lumps Ripple(sic) in with Bitcoin and Ethereum without knowing the fundamentals of the consensus mechanism.
  2. And that pretty much sums up the point I was making. By making cross border payments almost instantaneous Ripple are creating competition between the banks and thereby reducing the bank's profits while increasing their own.
  3. Not when compared to what they had before Swift, once Swift came in to being they were able to make profits very efficiently.
  4. Trickery

    Red Day

    The long term chart is looking spookily like the last half of last year , if history repeats we might see a surge in February.
  5. Swift have never had exclusive control over cross border payments they've just always been the easiest to use You could argue that the profit was derived from the customers of the banks not the banks themselves, the banks have profited by the efficiency of the Swift service and it is this profit that Ripple are targeting.
  6. Swift can't really be classed as a monopoly, it's a cooperative among banks, so Ripple are aiming to create the first solution that is based on a profit motive and a business model based on banks as customers, so yes they need to be careful in their long term goal and ongoing innovation but by then we'll all be rich!
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    It's Business Time

    Waiting for XRP to launch is a long and sometimes frustrating wait so here is a live stream of today's attempt at a launch by Rocketlab in Mahia New Zealand after the last one was scrapped half a year ago. Time 3.50 UTC http://www.rocketlabusa.com/live-stream?fbclid=IwAR1nzLxYPQFsodI0YDmSLAU-UCeyCK862rXKT6wzSnpbxEpM3Qh2D99TB6U
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    The staggering environmental cost of blockchain

    Another perspective is the energy required to produce $1 worth of Bitcoin is equal to the energy required to produce $3.50 worth of gold, and gold mining is one of the most destructive operations per joule in the world
  9. Feeling a bit understunned at the mo.
  10. Firstly the product they're selling is software for payments, secondly there is one good reason to hold XRP and that is because it is the asset that their software uses and last but not least XLM is a scam.
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    Coil, XRP tipbot for example.
  12. Trickery

    What are the best wallets?

    I'm not impressed with this image for obvious reasons...
  13. I've compiled a short list for your next few topics; Why I do believe XRP is a security Why I do believe banks won't use XRP Why I do believe XRP is centralised Why I do believe XRP is a scam Why I do believe in Santa Claus Please don't use any rational arguments or you'll spoil it.
  14. Trickery

    Remember, Remember...the Fifth of November

    And then what? Do we come full circle to where the owners of the AI are the new lords of fiefdoms?