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  1. It doesn't matter whether the post has valid points or not the intent of OP was to cause fear uncertainty and doubt.
  2. From what I've read I think this revolutionary patent pending software probably looks something like this..... SUMIF(bankA has money,bankB wants money)
  3. Is it coinbase asking you for a tag or the ledger app? I'm assuming it's coinbase so I suggest you try sending yourself 20 xrp and just enter a 10 digit number of your choice as a tag, as @Flintstone said it's normally only required when sending to another exchange with a shared wallet.
  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, please open another thread!
  5. So are you a serious/bigger investor? You seem to have the inside running on how this is all going to pan out, maybe you personally know some serious investors or have spent years studying the psychology of big investors? Or did your Uber driver tell you this?
  6. No that's not what Skippy said at all, This is after the fact not before the transaction has gone through.
  7. Wallets can't be frozen but on most big exchanges you don't own the wallet you simply have an account so the exchange can freeze you out of your funds.
  8. Dear Brad, I want to be rich off your efforts but I don't want to wait until your long term strategy comes to fruition so can you please do the most stupid thing I can think of and burn your war chest and all your other nice things so I can buy a lambo. Yours sincerely A Fukwit
  9. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/in-depth/395731/is-nz-dragging-the-blockchain
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