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  1. Great points, appreciate all the pov's. I've seen a youtube video of a responce from Coinmarketcap requesting that if people want the market cap to include the full 100B one of the XRP team members need to reach out, which cannot happen as XRP is not owned by any one group it is open source, so a conveniant way for them to bias against XRP. Does anyone know how much XRP ripple has left in escrow? As there has been 8,219,961XRP that have been destroyed it would be interesting to see if this has been taken into account in the total circulating supply. If not we can we can assume Coinmarketcap are not accurately measuring the market cap.
  2. Have anyone realised that our exchanges in Korea are not all included in the global supply of XRP? On Yahoo market cap is 40 Billion but CoinMarketCap have XRP only at 15 Billion.
  3. They don't even follow there own calculations anymore!!
  4. From my understanding they announced that they would lockup there XRP to clam worries for institutional investors. Ripple is being very transparent with the community which is a great thing. Regarding the timing of the announcement and the time scale is that they have to build a cryptographic mechanism for the escrow itself. This will ensure to all that ripple even if they wanted to get at the XRP there would be no way to do so. All in all terrific for holders of XRP and stakeholders using the ripple network.
  5. This is not the actual case, in reality the total supply I believe is still available to market makers. So when the lockup happens officially at the end of 2017 the price of XRP will most certainly go north
  6. "Today we are permanently removing that uncertainty by committing to place 55 billion XRP into a cryptographically-secured escrow account by the end of 2017. By securing the lion’s share of our XRP, investors can now mathematically verify the maximum supply of XRP that can enter the market." Excerpt from one of there announcements. I believe Ripple is still insentivising exchanges and market makers by providing XRP to them from the current 55B they hold. By the end of 2017 the available volume to these exchanges will be far more scarce thus increasing XRP price for trading purposes.
  7. The reason of my price estimation is that the market CAP valuation will be changed due to the escrow lock down, this will invariably force the price of XRP up. Even if the supply constraints are self initiated investors will see the circulating supply to be small and therefore attribute more value to the asset dispelling any worry of over saturation in supply. So a price of $5 per unit is very achievable at current valuations.
  8. At the end of the year Ripple Labs have stated that they will lock up the majority of the XRP supply in escrow only releasing 1 billion to meet demand per month. By doing this Ripple will make XRP more valuable to short term individual investors. Currently 80% of total cryptocurrency are valued against BTC, XRP is the only digital asset that is bridging the gap between crypto and fiat. While more institutional investors and liquidity providors enter the market they shall see the real use case for XRP as an asset and use it accordingly. As it stands today you can accept payment in any digital asset you like if you are a merchant but unfortunately salaries, rent, tax all need to be converted/payed in fiat. Governments aren't going away, Banks aren't going away, it is reductive to speculate on a digital asset that is only a means in of itself like bitcoin or many of the majority of 'Alt coins'. For this reason Ripple Labs have clearly developed the best solution in this crypto space to meet the needs of real world financial institutions. My prediction is that once the escrow deposit happens more institutional investment will purchase XRP and the digital asset with then not be following the BTC mkt trend, it will break away and be the most stable, most valuable and long term digital asset in the world. We have seen a current high of $0.42 low $0.12 in the current trend. I believe XRP will surpass $0.95 soon and $5 by the end or beginging of Q1 2018. If you haven't already watch Dilip Rao:
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