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  1. exactly, they are nothing more than an exchange. the world is a lot bigger than the US. we don't need coinbase, they add nothing but more pump and dump, i'd rather see natural growth.
  2. and if anyone for a second think B Armstrong is an innocent and good biz person, think again!
  3. not sure why this would be a surprise to many or some that exchange is to make money, listing any coin to be on any exchange would involve incentive. nothing new.
  4. XRP Ledger accounts can easily established TRUST between the two and send IOU in different formats to create that very misleading speculations.
  5. If there's one person out there that can see the forest through the trees, that'd be you.!!
  6. More to come, a rumour became true so just imagine how many more are out there.
  7. What you doing on xrp chat then? Troll. Lmao
  8. Technological advance can happen so fast, we attempt to wrap logic and common sense to it to create an estimate value based on numbers, I find it pointless yet fun for now while we await. I hate to go back in time but we can't see the future. I don't think anyone saw or predicted BTC at today's value. Fundemental will drive values, speculation will also too. A lot of fortune 500 companies are value higher than they are currently worth. We can all speculate here, IMO as long as ripple xrp can solve a real life problem today and for the future, it will go up, not a question of if but when. Enjoy the ride.
  9. This IMO is extremely positive because ripple may have great solutions, marketing and promotional strategies but implementation without proper support from co such as CGI etc will make the adoptions extremely difficult not to mention extremely costly. This again is critical to its long term strategies.
  10. Hindsight, pump or not BTC gone through enough rollercoaster rides itself. Long here.
  11. No competition is bad, as someone said it's nothing personal, it's only business. [emoji23]
  12. Hodor, if you ever come across this post, I know you will read, smile and nothing more. We live in a interesting world, and just to let you know how appreciate I am for all your contributions. [emoji106]
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