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  1. Hahah, well I know that Marvin Gaye, but I am sure he wasn't into crypto at all.. I mean the crypto marvin gaye... :-)
  2. Hello guys, I hope everyone is well and safe. Quick question here: I see on Twitter constant references to "Marvin Gaye". Any idea on who are they referring to? Thank you, stay safe!
  3. I buy some XRPs there from time to time. Maybe not the cheapest option but definitely very easy and quick when you have some spare cash.
  4. Just edited the first post. Tried to embed the tweets directly here. Now added as screenshots. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  5. Just curious on what is he referring to: Anyone care to elaborate? Thank you and regards!
  6. I suggest you stay away from bitexbook and anything that has even the smallest connection to Bitflip. You can easily find a lot of people that will tell you the same.
  7. I am a long term hodler, in the game since early 2016, so it is not that I care much about this kind of ups and downs... Looks odd, that's all
  8. Almost 24 million XRPs changed hands in 10 mins... so we are talking about almost $10 million USD. Looks odd to me.
  9. https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/01/14/united-nations-confirms-piloting-ripples-cross-border-payment-technology/ Opinions?
  10. I keep adding little by little, but not really based on any TA or fundamentals. Just on the fact that I think/believe that each XRP will be worth more than the price I am buying them at, whether I buy at 0.26 or 0.50. Probably not the most efficient system, but worked for me since day one. Hope that helps.
  11. IMHO Uphold is not the best example for the use of Ripple/XRP. Quite slow and expensive! But the costs you had are not imposed by XRP, this is just them making a lot of money out of a simple and cheap transaction!. But I see your point. In any case, I guess competition will bring the prices down as more and more exchanges are becoming online.
  12. No particular reason. Bought them long ago, they skyrocketed shortly after, and I have them ever since. Seems to be dead by now, but I am still in the green with them so.. why not? Whats your view on XVG? Any other suggestions?
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