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  1. Why would Ripple be responsible for your loss? It's YOUR investment. If you can't manage your property, then the blame lies with you. If someone steals my Nike's, I don't email Nike blaming them for my own incompetence. Take this as a valuable lesson.
  2. I have a suspicion that there is institutional money involved. More and more trading funds are getting into BTC trading due to lackluster regulation compared to regular share markets.
  3. Also, booting Jed to the curb
  4. I think it was irresponsible providing such large stakes to each other without any kind of agreement. It is now sorted, but it is still one of the biggest mistakes OpenCoin made.
  5. This is why I repeatedly said that price matters when others on here opposed my view.
  6. Not just price commentary. But yes, I understand what you mean. http://www.coindesk.com/mufg-standard-chartered-plan-blockchain-payments-launch-for-2018/
  7. Regulatory compliance, aggressive growth strategy, a new focus XRP and a highly experienced development and business team.
  8. The initial stake for Chris, Jed and Arthur was a huge mistake.
  9. There are articles on both coindesk and cointelegraph.
  10. If true, it explains the reluctance to touch XRP after the last spike.
  11. A set release with predictability is the key here. Having a clause in the terms where Ripple can dump on speculative bubbles is a bad idea. We want to encourage traders/ speculators, not scare them away. The core issue of this topic is increasing the XRP price (otherwise, why does it matter if Ripple's XRP are locked?). This wouldn't hurt Ripple as they would be able to sell less XRP for the same amount, thus spreading it out further. Although ideal, to be honest, we don't need crypto conditions (if it is so difficult), we just need transparency of Ripple's accounts and a pledge by management to stick to a consistent weekly amount of XRP. There are many arguments to why a price increase is a good thing, but you all probably know this by seeing how it worked out for ETH (increased media attention, increased volume, increased liquidity, increased third party development, coinbase etc).
  12. I personally would just look at coinmarketcap, and add any coin in the top 10 with decent volume. DASH, XMR, ETC, ZEC, FCT consistently tend to have high volume.
  13. Where did you hear that? I believe he collaborated some ideas with Arthur and Stefan on Codius (from memory???)
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