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  1. Whale bots pulling the entire market along with btc. xrp isn't the only one trending upwards.
  2. Does anyone have an idea on the time frame for any one organization to integrate Ripplenet and gain access to on-demand liquidity?
  3. I vaguely remember this being ultimate intention of Ripple. Creating a product of many facets under the one umbrella product of RippleNet.
  4. Billions? you think almost 1/3 of the world are aspiring gamers?! come on....
  5. You did better than me during the fomo run. i cashed out most of mine at $1.50-2.00 at just over 8x. Cheers to you, good luck on this one.
  6. worm, what was your exit target price 2 years ago during the fomo run? if you don't mind me asking.
  7. You're still making it sound like there is more to this. It's a simple gesture of solidarity. It's pride month, they're in SF, and they're obviously a progressive tech company. This post is like discussion any American having the American flag on your front yard on the 4th of July. Bandwagon, being original, promotion isn't/shouldn't be the point to begin with.
  8. It's not a promotion, it's a simple statement suggesting solidarity with the LGBT community. A community with a huge foothold in SF where Ripple's headquarters are. It's not rocket science, it's simply good ol fashioned tolerance and acceptance. It baffles the mind that so many people are get so worked up over this.
  9. The reserve can be lowered. It was once 50, now it's 20, but it can continue to be voted lower if it is deemed necessary.
  10. Am I not the only one that finds this pointless? The financial services that are in need of xrapid will find xrapid without the assistance of an ad campaign. The masses that might gain some exposure will have no use for xrapid on a personal basis.
  11. thank you for not finding out for yourself before posting.
  12. In the actual interview, he cleared stated "Retail" not "Ripple" “We don’t see much in the retail bank digital currency, but definitely still a lot of hope that we can remove a lot of inefficiency […] when it comes to cross-border payments.”
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