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  1. After getting similar feedback from most beta testers, they have decided to make withdrawal to your own wallets possible. So now you can actually withdraw the cryptos you are buying on the Bison platform to you own wallet. But you can not transfer coins from your wallet back into the app to sell them. They wanted to make an app that was easy to use and accessible for the broad public that does not want to deal with wallets and so on. That's why they do not actively promote the withdrawal function. Yet that makes the app unusable for people that know about cryptos, unfortunately. We all know you should never leave your coins on the exchange, whether they are called Coinbase or Euwax.
  2. At this moment, you can only buy crypto with the app, not sell. And whereas I have never sold XRP in my life I still want to have the opportunity to do so whenever I want, so I'll stay with Bitstamp for the moment. BUT: very nice to see established companies like Börse Stuttgart entering the crypto world!
  3. It sure was a joke. And indeed, Ripple does not need people like Gottfried aboard. He also does not want to go work for Brad, but they'll meet again when Gottfried is going back into financial consulting, talking his new customers, who were his old members, into using XRP. He'll be far more useful for the XRP community at Deloitte than at Ripple.
  4. Sorry but how can you be down 96% ? Even if you bought around 3 USD which was about the highest level in Dec 17 you're still not down 96%. I think you should first re-calculate your loss. That'll cheer you up a tiny little.
  5. Nov 11, 2015 most probably Got them from Ripple so we don't know at which price and conditions
  6. Nice article to read, although there are two points disturbing me: 1. The ratio of erroneous transactions has often been abused by dishonest marketing of Ripple. The number expresses the percentage of total transactions that need manual interaction of any kind. Often a customer makes a mistake in the destination bank account number or destination bank details (eg a wrong SWIFT code) which needs manual intervention to be corrected. An XRP transfer to a wrong wallet address would also go wrong and Ripple is also not to blame for that. Thinking that 6% of all SWIFT transactions get lost is just not right and insinuating this is dishonest. Thanks @WrathofKahneman for bringing this to my attention! 2. The SWIFT network has never been hacked. The banks with weak security systems were targeted and tricked into sending money to other accounts through the SWIFT system. Although you blame SWIFT for not adding enough security and pushing everything onto their customers/users, I wanted to point out that the XRPledger checks *even less* and only executes all transactions however absurd they sound. While SWIFT has indeed implemented (and has invested millions of euros into) fraud detection systems (resulting in a much lower profitability the last years), Ripple does absolutely nothing and has confirmed several times that the XRPledger is there to execute whichever transaction that is properly entered into the system. You surely remember the transactions of few XRP with a transaction cost of over 50,000 XRP. Of course SWIFT can always do more, but blaming them for pushing everything on to their customers is incorrect and certainly not the right argument in favor of the XRPledger! And very quickly about GPI, because I am on holidays and do not want to spend too much time on my phone: it is indeed a quicker (minutes to 24h) more reliable, bidirectional, digital layer on top of SWIFT which gives you e.g. confirmation of execution or information about fees. It does not take care of settlement, just like xCurrent.
  7. Indeed. So SWIFT was not hacked. The only organization that hacked SWIFT was the NSA, only to look at some transactions, not to steal funds.
  8. People that don't have as much money available, maybe?
  9. Nothing has been hacked from SWIFT over the years, just like nothing has been hacked from the XRPledger over the years. The banks are hacked, not the messaging system.
  10. For me personally those kinds of predictions are worthless, but I really do like the overview you provided. It reminds us how rediculously extreme those highs and lows are. Something to remember when we are looking at the current situation. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Well... maybe you could re-read your original question then. A little sense of humor also helps you through life sometimes. It really does... For the rest... apart from the fact that it is not exactly at the location I described, I told the truth. It is just printed on a piece of paper hidden somewhere in the house. My nano it somewhere else. The chance something happens to both at the same time is zero for me.
  12. I store it in the upper drawer of my night table, in the book with pictures of my kids. I check it regularly and it is not at the same location as my Nano so if my house burns down, I will print it again. If my Nano burns down, I'll get a new Nano.
  13. Sure And every now and then I am in the shop at the cash desk and I can't remember my 4 digit pin code of my credit card... I prefer my nano!
  14. Sure! But does not solve the settlement issue. Some people think that the majority of banks will not completely change infrastructure for a solution that only partially solves the issues.
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