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  1. You can see you put a lot of thoughts in it @jag216, but I think this sentence is the essence. Whereas Ripple has always been so proud to closely work with regulators, and the community was eagerly waiting for a regulatory framework - possibly not without one or more heavy discussions, which you should take into account if you invest in innovations - one of the regulators just said "no, we don't like your idea". No questions, no discussions, just a "no" with every more or less valid argument they could find being good enough. Obviously, Ripple failed to convince the regulators. That'
  2. @infoboi Thanks for putting together this summary, it is very helpful. Indeed, as others have pointed out, it is very important to have accurate information, so good you corrected the statements. We need to closely monitor what happens in the XRP ecosystem. I don't know which influence the trading suspensions for US customers will have on the price, but I could see us slowly going down now, until we have clarity. Any US traders around, that are wih any affected exchange and want to explain us what they are planning to do? Sell your XRP? Withdraw it to your own wallet, kno
  3. Very good discussion with many valuable points here! I don't know what to think of this case, I have not made up my mind yet and I won't probably be able to do so. For me one of the fundamentals has changed overnight: for a long time I saw Ripple as one of the few companies active in crypto developments that was actually working with regulators, to be able to deliver a product that was 100% white, without any black or even grey. This is absolutely necessary if you want to win banks and other financial institutions over. I was waiting for the moment we would get the confirmation that
  4. Don't take it personal @Hydnum. There are a lot of discussions over here about things that are actually just on their website. You read the weirdest things about distribution ratios and incentive pools, XRP excluded from the distribution. There is a lot of wrong information on the forum, not intentionally I am sure, but we lose a lot of energy discussing things that are obvious.
  5. She? Her? Don't you dare to blame it on us! My understanding is that is was a guy. For the rest you are correct.
  6. In the beginning stages of a company project, you inevitably take decisions that later on turn out to be wrong or financially not interesting. Companies issue stocks or options at prices that later on turn out to be ridiculously low, yet those steps were necessary to raise funds when you have a risky business plan. While I think it is important for us to know what is happening and understand why it happens, as it directly influences our investments and our trust in Ripple, we are not in a position to judge. It can be very tempting for some to think you know it all better, but you don't. Y
  7. Now I am wondering, are there still xrpchat members that are keeping their funds at GateHub?
  8. So Marjan is nicely in line with Marcus Treacher, also ex-Swift, who made the shift from "work together with Swift" to "coexist with Swift" last year.
  9. Encrypted personal data is also personal data according to GDPR. Furthermore, wallet addresses can be extracted from secret keys and wallet addresses could be stored together with personal data in KYC files, so it is theoretically possible to link the secret key to the identity of a person. This is a grey area in GDPR, with room for discussion, but there definitely are arguments.
  10. Yes, and sometimes the person responsible to keep the car keys is responsible if the car gets stolen. It just depends on legislation and situation. That's why I asked if the person that came with such a blanket statement was a specialist or not. If not, his answer is quite useless.
  11. Are you a lawyer specialized in EU or UK law? Or just expressing some personal thoughts?
  12. Meanwhile at GateHub... It's not that they don't have the time to read this thread. @gatehub your behaviour is sickening, to the highest level.
  13. That's why I follow the official filings made by Gatehub, to see if there are things going on in the background. They could increase their capital to compensate victims or pull out capital and file for bankruptcy, and anything in between.
  14. They allotted 112,832 shares for a total of 2,048,980 USD: 71,300 shares x 20 USD 41,532 shares x 15 USD You mean the nominal value, which is 1,128 GBP and is only a number for the books
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