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  1. with the quantitative tightening going on they are expecting multiple countries to go bust.
  2. How does the use of Fabric account for quick settlement? Interesting that Dilip R is suggesting that xrp can be used to make nostro/vostro more efficient. Will Banks use 3rd party money transfer companies to transfer funds using xRapid, Ie., if the Bank doesn't have clear regulation in the country it's operating? If Swift were to allow for this option, then Banks don't have to go to a 3rd party to get this done. Interesting possibilities. The setup was Ripple vs Swift. But looks like other options are being explored. It's interesting to note that Ripple did not conduct Swell at the same time/place as Sibos
  3. strikerjax

    Abandon the "XRP" trademark?

    Agreed. It's about time this was put in place.
  4. strikerjax

    Bank of America on RippleNet

    Isn’t this old news?
  5. strikerjax

    Blockchain podcast recommendations

    Laura shin is my Fav. She's got some interesting people on the show.
  6. strikerjax

    Velocity of XRP in foreign exchange

    This argument is treating xrp like a Stablecoin. Price would be more dynamic based on supply/demand in a given exchange/region. We are initially going to have pockets of demand around the areas that ripple is targeting. Arbitrage will make the prices more uniform across exchanges. There was an attempt to arrive at a target price by someone at an Ivy League Uni which was posted recently here.
  7. strikerjax

    Money Tap now live!

    Wondering if the xCurrent liquidity matters? or even if there is such a thing as xCurrent liquidity? Isn't the liquidity of XRP which matters. Ofcourse a subset of xCurrent liquidity flows to xRapid.
  8. strikerjax

    Is it safe to use 'Rippex' Ripple Desktop Wallet

    I still use rippex. The updates to it have been stopped.
  9. strikerjax

    What could be the next FUD ?

    That the 3 new Xrapid partners will start collapsing that they partnered with the devil!! 💀
  10. As far as I know ethereum got hit crypto kitties volume. Imagine a bunch of banks raking up the volume. Like the other posters mentioned, We don't even know If settlement is accounted for.