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  1. Doubt this. How will the initial investors cash out. Where as an outright IPO will potentially bring them a lot of cash. MG financials aren't good.
  2. I think Ripple's core competence is Crypto and Payments. So much innovation is going on in the crypto industry currently. They missed the Defi boat and are trying to get in using Flare. Let's see how that plays out. I feel they should stick to their core competencies and try and not be a VC with the free money thats floating cause of Xrp. I hope they succeed but Cinnamon looks like a long shot as Youtube is firmly entrenched as the default brand in users mind. ( I haven't used Cinnamon) Early BTC holders built exchanges. Ethereum went through the ICO, Defi booms which increased the value
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I have been playing with small amounts. I find it really interesting.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I have been playing with small amounts. I find it really interesting.
  5. Any good resource or book for learning about Hedging strategies? Also any experienced traders having insight etc. I am beginning to learn and understand these and curious to know more about any useful strategies. I mainly use Binance which has spot & futures with a hedge mode.
  6. Thanks. I did a quick search on the source and there is a message key option. Ill check it out. I wonder how much longer will they be supporting the broadcasting of the tx blob?
  7. Didn't know bithomp had a messageSet option. Btw it's getting discontinued. Will check it out
  8. Any easy way to claim them without using an exchange, xumm etc. Mines are on a cold wallet.
  9. Does anyone know the number of xrp held by ripple is it around 48B in escrow + 6B ripple? If Ripple has 54B XRP n total then it's. 83 spark per XRP.
  10. Could you please expand on this. How do you market make on the ledger. (XRPL?)
  11. There are 3rd gen blockchains coming in with better tech. There are almost here. Near protocol, Avalache, Algorand etc They are fast and have smart contracts etc The only thing Xrp has over them is the liquidity and the business relationships that Ripple has along with the market cap of Xrp.
  12. Check out flare networks. They hooked up an ethereum VM with avalanche consensus. You can build smart contracts. For ideas look at some of the ethereum projects. So many dapps and defi projects for ideas. Start with one and deep dive and ideas will start flowing
  13. Looks like we may finally get some free tokens which may be worth something in the near future. The airdrop date hasn't been announced yet. https://flare.xyz/app/uploads/2020/08/Flare_Version_1.0.pdf
  14. BlockFi has a hold on withdrawal. It's processed the next business day. I like this. Gemini is the custodian.
  15. Whatsapp is big in India. Facebook recently invested about $5B in Jio mobile. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/22/tech/facebook-india-reliance-jio/index.html Now Jio is run by the richest guy in india who is close to the government. Which means he can influence policy. Basically it means when Libra comes out, it will be big in india. It will be a direct competitor to Ripple/Xrp cross border flows. Currently, there is no regulatory clarity on crypto. Government has been against it so far.
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