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  1. Thinking about moving my xrp bags there. With no price increase in Xrp, atleast we can get some interest. One thing interesting thing is, Arrlington XRP fund has invested in nexo. The only thing that bothers me is the security aspect. Any idea about BitGo? They seem to have have kind of security certification
  2. Wondering what the current status of Codius is. Is it usable with bugs or limited features. Wondering what further development it needs from a technical feature list?
  3. Thanks for this. I ended up using the paperwallet for generating a new addr. But will test this out and add it to the arsenal. I like bithomp. Everything ties up nicely with the UI and makes it easy to use.
  4. Wondering what wallet to use for creating an air-gap new xrp address. Bithomp has a generate wallet. I downloaded the html page and tried using in Tails offline but it doesnt seem to work. Any other recommendations?
  5. Bithomp tools works! Love the implementation. Toast's dev wants attention from XSpring, so currently sulking based on his twitter post. Confirmed its shutting down.
  6. I think xrptoolkit needs Xumm. I tried Xumm but its not production ready. Dies out on android when I tried it. May be in a few months, but ya it looks good.
  7. I was using, I think it was rippex earlier and then moved to Toast but looks like Toast isn't available for download anymore. I am looking for a wallet which can be used for offline as well as while connected to the network. I tried Harbor but dont see an option to use offline transactions. Any other recommendations. I know there is a list of wallets on this site but I want to hear from people who have succesfsully setup an air gap machine with an offline wallet for doing transactions with QR code. Thanks.
  8. Wondering what MG cash payout + RippleNet means? Can someone please expand on this. Thanks
  9. It's possible that we are jumping to conclusions. The recent presentation of Bitso/Pantera capital was quite bullish on ODL. We just have to wait and see for more ODL data and clarifications from either Ripple/MG or Bitso.
  10. The explains the timing of the 350 banks info release. If the price drops expect some positive news release.
  11. Love the content but not sure of the font. I prefer the cleaner look, right now it looks like everything on the page is in block letters.
  12. Bitso talking about ODL. Starts at 11 mins - 17 mins. Very bullish on ODL and possible foray into forex market.
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