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  1. Don't see this as a major problem. Sounds like they need to hire the right kind of engineers who are OK with working on the specific use case they have with banks.
  2. Yes it is. In fact this work is based on the work that they did last year with the Ripple crowd. Its mentioned in one of the blog posts. But I wasn't aware of the scale they are going for and the high level technical details.
  3. This is from the forte Gaming Blog. They have a few other entries worth checking. https://medium.com/forte-labs-inc/forging-the-future-of-games-3aebbaf6eccd "we’ve collaborated closely with Ripple’s Xpring team on architectural designs for trustlessly hosting software services in a decentralized ecosystem using Codius and facilitating cross-chain transactions using Interledger Protocol (ILP) for interoperability and XRP for inter-asset liquidity, all open source projects. We believe these projects offer a strong foundation for a future we’re excited to help game developers build: where game economies offer multi-directional transactions between parties, greater player agency, minimized counterparty risk, multi-network contract interoperability, and trust-minimized computation." "Initially, we’ll help developers with some of the difficult but essential basics. We’re building a wallet that will be easy to use and integrate with both new and existing games on many platforms and facilitate cross-chain transactions using Interledger. We’re building a container-based hosting solution compatible with the Codius specification for running game-specific chains and flexible, secure, performant computation that rich, engaging games need. We’re building a security-audited smart contract framework and tools to inspect nodes, update contracts, reconcile new data, generate data reports, and mint new chains. We’re securing licenses for regulatory compliant operations in all major markets. We’re offering market-making services to address cold start economic challenges in new game economies. We’re building a white-label marketplace framework with embeddable filter-by-game views. We’re composing these solutions based on a deep evaluation of public blockchains, layer 2 solutions, and off chain computation in combination with our own substantial research and development efforts." The inaugural fund, managed by Forte, is primarily targeting game developers operating live game economies with over 50,000 daily active users Main team members : Kevin Chou founded kabam and sold it for $800 mil, Brett Seyler, GM at Unity Love what Ripple is doing with its investments and building partnerships to fuel XRP usage. In the light of this, I would think the 1 billion investment in Coil would have been very well thought out.
  4. I see this a positive development. With this Coil can partner with content providers. Even Books can be charged based on the pages read. I think we'll hear about a lot of partnerships coming in the next year from Coil.
  5. Xrp is the only coin I am holding for the last 2 yrs but I like her podcast cause it gives a good overview of what's going on in the rest of the crypto world. I just ignore her when she talks about ripple/xrp. Jake seems to neutral about ripple/xrp. Barry silbert was on her show last year and she asked about the next bull run and he had indicated about mid 2019.
  6. Thanks for writing the guide for using the testnet. I have been wanting to play around with it but have been lazy At least this walkthrough should help me get started. Also, @Hodor Jake Chervinsky's thoughts on Ripple's class action lawsuit and how the SEC might potentially handle the security issue. I think the discussion about Ripple starts around 20:00. Jake seems to be on the ball with regards to how SEC works etc Perhaps you can use this a basis for one of your next blog posts. https://unchainedpodcast.com/all-things-crypto-regulation-with-jake-chervinsky/
  7. The moneygram investment is a liquidity play in the customer remittance market. The B2B cross border transactions are worth $124 Trillion https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/opinion/articles/2019-08-08/fintech-eyes-banks-124-trillion-of-transfer-payments I think Ripple will definitely target this space. Exciting times ahead to see what's cooking at Ripple with respect to these mergers and acquisitions.
  8. Wonder why it shows only 2 lines to US and Japan/philipines? Shouldn't there be a lot of different paths to different exchanges around the world?
  9. I think things are coming together. Ripple reducing sales, Moneygram using XRP. There might be more deals coming in similar to Moneygram. At some point Ripple will start a media campaign and release series of news etc. most likely around the time the Crypto starts pumping. Good times ahead, need to be patient.
  10. Anyone use Nexo for locking in Crypto for getting interest. They have 8%. Seems to be backed by BitGo and have insurance etc. Celcius network is another one. Also, wondering about the tokens. CEL and NEXO.
  11. Whats the company Dinesh mentions @ 49:30. Is it Antron? (non xrp related)
  12. What if this trend line is broken? Looks like it is.
  13. Ripple may already be working on it. They recently hired some people to encourage institutional holdings.
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