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  1. You just have to look at what weChat did in China. FB + Whatsapp + instagram. I wouldn't bet against it unless there is a mass exodus to something else. Even Google couldn't break FB's hold on social media. Dapps are pathetic at this point. FB have already seen the playbook based on what weChat did. Mobile apps are going to take over customer remittances. This is a given and FB is the leading contender to do so. What's interesting is, all the remittance companies which don't have a strong presence in mobile/online are going lose market share. They will be pushed into places where the internet/mobile connections are slow or non existent ie., rural areas. That means companies Western Union etc. are going to do more such deals with Ripple. These companies are not just losing customers on ease of access, but also on speed which will drive them towards Ripple or other similar tech. Exciting times ahead.
  2. FB is going to dominate customer facing remittances. Most of the existing players who dont have well established apps are going to lose market share to FB, weChat etc But this is going to take some time. Say FB takes up 40% market in 5 years. This guys Ripple a chance to get some of the volume from MoneyGram etc to use XRP liquidity and show on a bigger scale that XRP liquidity solution can work. I think at this point we dont have any knowledge about FB using Ripple tech or ILP. So I am not counting on it.
  3. Wonder how much of this market FB takes over in a few years. Ripple has deep knowledge about the payments industry and still invested in Moneygram. Wonder if this is a play for short term liquidity ( say 3 yrs) to get the XRP ledger going.
  4. I think david mentioned that they might do this through xpring.
  5. Its for social media consumption. Thats why they tried to make it like a home video. She has 13.7 million instagram followers.
  6. You could split up your stash into long term hold and Trading stash.. based on your risk appetite etc Mine is 70% (hold)+ 30% (trade) . So hopefully I can cash out the 30% if the price goes crazy (like $4) Long term plan is to sell 10% of the long term stash every year in a good market or so starting in a couple of years. Like others have mentioned its not easy to time the highs and the lows. I think we are a good 2 to 3 years away from xrp utility affecting the price. Till then it would be speculation. Other than the last bull run, the price shot up after the SBI partnership with 60+ banks was announced. (mid 2017) So a massive announcement can take us up again. Otherwise we are at the mercy of the gods of speculations.
  7. https://davidgerard.co.uk/blockchain/2019/05/13/bitcoin-is-going-through-the-roof-its-manipulation-with-tethers-not-organic-demand/ "Per Preston Byrne — “Dramatic run-ups in the price of Bitcoin strangely seem to coincide with large exchanges having banking, withdrawal, and possibly solvency problems.”
  8. Doubt this will happen, unless the regulatory hurdle is cleared.
  9. "Visa has completed the acquisition of UK-based Earthport, providing an entree for the card scheme into the $80 trillion account-to-account payments market." “The acquisition of Earthport unleashes the power of Visa by taking us 'beyond the card,' empowering us to enable our clients to make payments through bank accounts around the world.” https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/33787/visa-seals-earthport-acquisition/retail
  10. They can all sit together and figure out what's wrong with that damn button to switch it on.
  11. Brad G has mentioned that Ripple's plan will take about 3-5 years to execute. The pace at which things are moving I would say 5 yrs. 2 things hold back Ripple currently ie., Regulations in important markets ie, US, China, Europe etc, the 2nd thing is Liquidity I am waiting to see how Central banks would be using Ripple/XRP tech. - Also Banks on Swift can use XRP through R3 for settlement.
  12. The Japanese are ahead in terms of regulations. Most of there banks have lined up with SBI/Ripple. The necessary infrastructure is being built. Only thing missing is our patience.
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