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  1. Just make sure you dont put your private key there. Otherwise you should be ok!!
  2. Right now it's wild west. The tech is fairly new and that's why the code is not bulletproof. As it matures it will be more solid. There are already good alternatives to write solid smart contracts. As new dev talent comes into the space products will be much better.
  3. I think there be a mini pump heading up to Dec 12. Ripple might release other news to pump it some more!
  4. Recently harvest.finance got hacked/got played by a skilled Defi farmer. In depth analysis in this article. https://rekt.ghost.io/harvest-finance-rekt/ Solidity is the current industry standard for writing smart contracts but has its drawbacks.
  5. I tried to discuss that on the discord channel and the guy wasn't too keen on going public. Got defensive by saying that there are teams which went public with their identities and still scammed.
  6. For people who are not familiar with Defi, follow this video and others from the same channel to get an idea. They talk about Defi on Ethereum. Flr.Finance is bringing something similar to the XRP world using Flare.
  7. Well using Spark tokens you can generate income by becoming an agent to help generate FXRP Also YFLR is used in DeFi. Hopefullly in a couple of years these tokens will be worth some good value. Meanwhile they can potentially generate regular passive income on the side.
  8. Its Spark from Flare YFLR from Flr.Finance YFIN and YMIN are harvested : "Upon completion of the DAO Offering, Farming and Mining will begin, allowing holders of YFLR, FLR, FXRP, and FUSD to begin harvesting YFIN and YMIN from the platform"
  9. https://flr.finance/documents/ShortPaper.pdf. (Page 19) TWITTER https://twitter.com/FlrFinance DISCORD https://discord.com/invite/4fMMkf2 TELEGRAM https://t.me/FlrFinance MEDIUM https://www.medium.com/@FlareFinance GITHUB https://github.com/flrfinance
  10. I would expect this conversion to be slightly more than converting via xrp. Would be keen see David's take on this. I expect CBDCs to be at least a few years away given how governments move, whereas xrp is a working solution with liquidity being built now.
  11. Interesting. But doesn't Ripple target not so liquid currency pairs.
  12. Alright. Thought it was transcribed by some software.
  13. Started investing in Staking coins. So I can have passive income. Waiting for a mini Xrp pump to atleast .40 then I can get more staking coins and live off them. Play video games and some sports and head to the beach etc.. Not working full time job and having lots of time, needs a bit of learning so I can chill full time!!
  14. https://test.bithomp.com/explorer/8C02B30DD1BDDD1C8AF9C6F53C17360A00331F5F1B7914ECB1ADF2A0BEEC92F6 Looks like it went through this time.
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