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  1. strikerjax

    Is Bitcoin Going To Zero?

    I think it will slowly fade like Ibm. It still has 50+ dominance, liquidity etc I have seen talk of paper bitcoins which Wall Street is supposed to be selling. One of the firm's (maybe MasterCard) recently filed a patent for this. It seems big companies store money in off-shore accounts and some of this might go to bitcoin. I see it being the main crypto at least for the next 5 yrs.
  2. strikerjax

    As predicted

    interesting thing is, XRP related news seems to come out when Bitcoin/ Market is about to head down!!
  3. The bitcoin mafia ( coinbase, Bitmex, Gemini etc ) have used their initial lead to build the exchanges which are the main fiat gateway. This is where the majority of the btc liquidity comes from.
  4. Looks like we are headed to hit .15 first.
  5. and I thought we needed Brad G to take a suitcase full of cash!!
  6. How is he able to do this? Do he own lots of bitcoin?
  7. strikerjax

    XRP & New Bull Run

    Barry Silbert mentioned this in the laura shin podcast (Q&A) . He thinks that there would be another bull run sometime in 2019 due to institutional FOMO but the Crypto usage wouldnt have caught up with it.
  8. Planning to sell 10% every year. Unless we get to some crazy number! I got in last year and sat through the bull run.
  9. strikerjax

    Large sum money transfers

    Stefan Thomas talks about payment sizes and how they are split into smaller chunks (packet = 40 micro dollar) and each packet is charged (?) and these can routed through available exchanges and the best price and liquidity etc. Listen at 16:00 mins
  10. strikerjax

    Now the riddler is gone, will sanity prevail?

    I think the riddles will continue as there is interest. Someone new will come and make outrageous predictions and disappear before predictions are tested.
  11. Is this common knowledge? Any source?
  12. Would be interesting to find out how much passes through xCurrent on the whole?
  13. Title should have ‘Ripple gains massive traction with Central Banks working with 40-50 of them”