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  1. This is big news, considering that Ebix is the foreign remittance provider to Paytm through its subsidiary: https://www.ebix.com/press-release/paytm-partners-with-ebixcash-forex-division-to-offer-money-exchange-services "JOHNS CREEK, GA – July 11, 2018 – Ebix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EBIX), a leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance, financial, healthcare and e-learning industries, today announced that Paytm has partnered with Ebix’s Forex subsidiary CentrumDirect, to offer money exchange services, to its vast user base in India, spanning more than 200 million Paytm users. The service is currently live on Paytm’s website and will soon be launched on Paytm Android and iOS apps." About Paytm numbers: https://expandedramblings.com/index.php/paytm-statistics-facts/
  2. I think it's not easy to stay grounded in the blockchain space. Also with the signalling that Ripple does. For a startup they have built up an amazing network of connections. How much of this actually works out is another story. Here's to a million dollar XRP. Merry Christmas!!
  3. @Eric123 There is always a possibility for this happening. But I see this as a low probability event. I think Ripple is helping central banks with creating their own coins. Ripple has been building liquidity and getting XRP on different exchanges. We need to agree that Ripple is the number one reason for XRP being at #3 in terms of market cap. Ripple's main product ie., ODL is based on the liquidity of XRP. Now based on their Xpring investments such as Forte, Coil It's clear that they want to increase this liquidity. They are ramping up different corridors and customers for using ODL. They have invested $50 mil in MoneyGram which works with ODL (which uses XRP). At this point they are deeply invested in making sure XRP succeeds. Given the position Ripple is in, ie., no regulatory clarity, huge windfall of capital from XRP sales, SEC, NDA's and the hostility from the crypto crowd they are not in a position to discuss their position openly. This gives a lot of space for FUD to get in. One thing I noticed is that when the price seems like it's going down they come out with news to arrest the downward pressure. It's a matter of waiting and watching this space to see what they do. I believe there are holding price pumping news headlines till the bull market comes back in.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if ripple or partners release some news to keep the price steady. Seen this happen in the past
  5. Missed this one. Looks like the link isn't working anymore.
  6. I think the massive crypto hacks slowed things down in Japan. They are putting regulations and making sure these don't happen in the future. So this is taking time.
  7. Anyone holding or trading BNB. I am looking to get in. Missed out on the Dec low and following runup
  8. Wasn't there a news release in Dec 2017 about JP Morgan people visiting Ripple offices.
  9. A nice pump after the airdrop would certainly generate more interest and curiosity. Let's see how this plays out!
  10. I am not sure if this is the right way to measure adoption especially for xrp. Ripple and Xpring are building/working with a layer on top of xrp Ie., banks, remittance companies, gaming, web etc I would guess that in a couple of years the number of users indirectly depending on xrp ledger without having an xrp address would be significantly up.
  11. I think Ripple is making slow progress. It's just the nature of change in the financial industry and the fundamental changes that Ripple is trying to bring in. I think the threat posed by 'XRP is a security' has pushed the door open for Xpring. Now I see companies receiving investments making fast progress. Such as forte gaming, coil etc. Stefan Thomas recently spoke about including coils monthly payment as part of the customers ISPs monthly payment. Now that they have the funding we are going to see some partnership moves from them. Forte gaming is building a platform for existing games and the guys building it are deeply connected to the gaming industry. This will bring in real utility to xrp. We are going to see more investments from Ripple in the coming months. It looks like the SEC won't issue any statement on xrp/ripple till the courts give a ruling on the class action lawsuit. Which means banks will wait for clearance from the lawmakers which might take a while. I was recently listening to a podcast interview of Sandra Ro, she was responsible for pushing bitcoin futures at CME. She worked with the regulators closely for a few years to make this happen. She mentioned that law makers have started listening and understand that the US is losing the lead in this industry. So to me, in the next couple of years, I see XSpring making significant inroads with respect to xrp utility. They are playing in gaming, music, web so I expect them to have less roadblocks. Lastly, they are making investments which have significant upside to xrp utility Ii they succeed.
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