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  1. Brad G has mentioned that Ripple's plan will take about 3-5 years to execute. The pace at which things are moving I would say 5 yrs. 2 things hold back Ripple currently ie., Regulations in important markets ie, US, China, Europe etc, the 2nd thing is Liquidity I am waiting to see how Central banks would be using Ripple/XRP tech. - Also Banks on Swift can use XRP through R3 for settlement.
  2. The Japanese are ahead in terms of regulations. Most of there banks have lined up with SBI/Ripple. The necessary infrastructure is being built. Only thing missing is our patience.
  3. They get only your trade numbers from the exchange. Doesn't mean these are your final numbers that you hold today. Also they don't list your wallet addresses. So for a would be hacker these numbers won't mean much.
  4. I have used cointracking.info. I did lots of trading and used this site to download trades from bitstamp, binance, coinbase etc and filed with the ATO. It automatically talked up the trades and matches the buys and sells. Most of it at least. There customer service is also responsive.
  5. Wasn't he instrumental in arm twisting R3 into cooperating with Ripple. Would love to hear the behind the scenes story on how Ripple and SBI got together @BobWay
  6. @Chazzcoin one thing thats missing in the XRP ecosystem is an equivalent of localbitcoin.com Its really useful for people around the world where the financial systems are shaky and provides liquidity.
  7. Amazing stuff being built around the XRP eco-system. Thanks Hodor for the pointing this out. Quality stuff!!! When the time comes, imagine the kind of marketing push (celebs) the entertainment industry can provide for more adoption etc..
  8. strikerjax

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @bobway. Not sure how things were back in 2013 but this is the state of affairs in 2019.
  9. While any adoption is positive, why would an average user want to use Xrp to buy anything online, when the existing methods are fast/easy.
  10. Good idea. From the original thread (Bob's introduction) , I have most of Bob's responses in a text file. I can post it in a single post together for easier reading if its useful.
  11. Got it working. The passphrase is something I entered in the first few screens on the toast wallet. So they have a PIN as well as a passphrase. Thanks guys
  12. This is what I get when I leave it blank.
  13. Just to clear, I have never had a toast wallet. All I have is a ripple address and a private key. Now how do I set up toast with this information.
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