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  1. Wonder what happened to ODL volumes to mexico. Werent they something like 5 or 10% of the total remittances in that corridor. Are they still doing that?
  2. I am on the coinlist newsletter. They send it all those registered on thier site. Keep on the coinlist winter sale. They already listed the list couple of weeks back
  3. It looks like we are close to an Altcoin rally. Quick info for those interested in getting into a ICO on coinlist. https://coinlist.co/casper/#sale-options The previous ones listed on Coinlist were Near, Avax, Flow, Rose etc.. Do research before investing. Should be an easy double for option 3 (40 days). Other 2 options are longer. Its already has 100k participants interested so if you dont have coinlist get KYC'ed soon as they will be a delay etc *btw I got kicked in the gut with the SEC move but got lucky with Flow. **http://arringtonxrpcapital.com/companies/ is an investor in this
  4. https://donnellytaxlaw.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-puerto-rico-crypto-tax/
  5. Totally agree on this. The Ripple effects would have been huge by now, had they started the community dev initiative way back then!!
  6. Coinlist came out with Avax, Near, Flow, and Rose in the past 12 months. All quality ICO's with very good returns. I intend to invest some in the next batch. Some of these were community release which means limited allocation and one was a dutch auction. https://blog.coinlist.co/introducing-the-coinlist-seed-winter-2021-batch/ *Please do research before investing.
  7. We need the reddit group to pump this coin. Waiting for Brad to announce a tie with gamestop!!
  8. These are unregulated markets. Most likely the answer is yes. Would we ever know anything about it. Most likely not. Given how much hate XRP has in the crypto world and with the weight of SEC lawsuit, a lot of crypto hedge funds would have shorted it. But currently Its sitting pretty stable pricewise, which is quite surprising to me.
  9. They should be supporting it. Why do you have this doubt. All the other exchanges are doing the same
  10. The Bit Short: Inside Crypto’s Doomsday Machine https://crypto-anonymous-2021.medium.com/the-bit-short-inside-cryptos-doomsday-machine-f8dcf78a64d3 With all the regulations coming out of the US, I am wondering if we are somewhere close to the top in the run. Will the US govt start going after Tether?
  11. The timing of the lawsuit by SEC, seems like it was meant to do just this. Unfortunate for us.
  12. Its an AMM like Uniswap. You need to download Blockto Wallet. I stake using this wallet so its safe and recommended by Flow. - Discord : https://discord.gg/B9c6uFB8 - https://guide.blocto.app/article/bloctoswap-tutorial Also Ubiusoft is working with Flow. They recently announced a new Star wars game. They haven't officially announced its using flow tech in this game.. but I would be surprised if it isn't. The team behind Flow is the same one that created CryptoKitties game that almost grinded Ethereum to a halt in 2017. They ended creating their own blockchain for it.
  13. Look into Flow. www.onflow.org Its not really a micro but trading will start in a month or 2. But you can get some flows using blocktoswap They are nft focused for now. Major products coming from UFC, Dr Suess, games etc Nbatopshot is already out.
  14. My story is similar.. held through 2017 and now hold about 1/3 my holdings.. I should have gotten out at .45 but finally did in 20s But I bought another project with huge potential called Flow and into other projects. Missed a few ones but its part of the game. There is still lot of potential to make money. Ill keep a close eye on the developments with respect to XRP. I think Ripple should have been more transparent but.. There were quite a few red flags over the last couple years but when we buy into a narrative its easy to discount red flags. At the end of the day, its about your timeline and what you plan to do with the potential profit. If gets clarity then ill get back into my original position but meanwhile lets reap some rewards from the current bullrun
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