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  1. Missed this one. Looks like the link isn't working anymore.
  2. I think the massive crypto hacks slowed things down in Japan. They are putting regulations and making sure these don't happen in the future. So this is taking time.
  3. Anyone holding or trading BNB. I am looking to get in. Missed out on the Dec low and following runup
  4. Wasn't there a news release in Dec 2017 about JP Morgan people visiting Ripple offices.
  5. A nice pump after the airdrop would certainly generate more interest and curiosity. Let's see how this plays out!
  6. I am not sure if this is the right way to measure adoption especially for xrp. Ripple and Xpring are building/working with a layer on top of xrp Ie., banks, remittance companies, gaming, web etc I would guess that in a couple of years the number of users indirectly depending on xrp ledger without having an xrp address would be significantly up.
  7. I think Ripple is making slow progress. It's just the nature of change in the financial industry and the fundamental changes that Ripple is trying to bring in. I think the threat posed by 'XRP is a security' has pushed the door open for Xpring. Now I see companies receiving investments making fast progress. Such as forte gaming, coil etc. Stefan Thomas recently spoke about including coils monthly payment as part of the customers ISPs monthly payment. Now that they have the funding we are going to see some partnership moves from them. Forte gaming is building a platform for existing games and the guys building it are deeply connected to the gaming industry. This will bring in real utility to xrp. We are going to see more investments from Ripple in the coming months. It looks like the SEC won't issue any statement on xrp/ripple till the courts give a ruling on the class action lawsuit. Which means banks will wait for clearance from the lawmakers which might take a while. I was recently listening to a podcast interview of Sandra Ro, she was responsible for pushing bitcoin futures at CME. She worked with the regulators closely for a few years to make this happen. She mentioned that law makers have started listening and understand that the US is losing the lead in this industry. So to me, in the next couple of years, I see XSpring making significant inroads with respect to xrp utility. They are playing in gaming, music, web so I expect them to have less roadblocks. Lastly, they are making investments which have significant upside to xrp utility Ii they succeed.
  8. Don't see this as a major problem. Sounds like they need to hire the right kind of engineers who are OK with working on the specific use case they have with banks.
  9. Yes it is. In fact this work is based on the work that they did last year with the Ripple crowd. Its mentioned in one of the blog posts. But I wasn't aware of the scale they are going for and the high level technical details.
  10. This is from the forte Gaming Blog. They have a few other entries worth checking. https://medium.com/forte-labs-inc/forging-the-future-of-games-3aebbaf6eccd "we’ve collaborated closely with Ripple’s Xpring team on architectural designs for trustlessly hosting software services in a decentralized ecosystem using Codius and facilitating cross-chain transactions using Interledger Protocol (ILP) for interoperability and XRP for inter-asset liquidity, all open source projects. We believe these projects offer a strong foundation for a future we’re excited to help game developers build: where game economies offer multi-directional transactions between parties, greater player agency, minimized counterparty risk, multi-network contract interoperability, and trust-minimized computation." "Initially, we’ll help developers with some of the difficult but essential basics. We’re building a wallet that will be easy to use and integrate with both new and existing games on many platforms and facilitate cross-chain transactions using Interledger. We’re building a container-based hosting solution compatible with the Codius specification for running game-specific chains and flexible, secure, performant computation that rich, engaging games need. We’re building a security-audited smart contract framework and tools to inspect nodes, update contracts, reconcile new data, generate data reports, and mint new chains. We’re securing licenses for regulatory compliant operations in all major markets. We’re offering market-making services to address cold start economic challenges in new game economies. We’re building a white-label marketplace framework with embeddable filter-by-game views. We’re composing these solutions based on a deep evaluation of public blockchains, layer 2 solutions, and off chain computation in combination with our own substantial research and development efforts." The inaugural fund, managed by Forte, is primarily targeting game developers operating live game economies with over 50,000 daily active users Main team members : Kevin Chou founded kabam and sold it for $800 mil, Brett Seyler, GM at Unity Love what Ripple is doing with its investments and building partnerships to fuel XRP usage. In the light of this, I would think the 1 billion investment in Coil would have been very well thought out.
  11. I see this a positive development. With this Coil can partner with content providers. Even Books can be charged based on the pages read. I think we'll hear about a lot of partnerships coming in the next year from Coil.
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