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  1. I have 25% on my stash in short term range. Which means i'll sell these after another bull one and invest back if/when it tanks 80% again. The other 75%, I am planning to sell 5% on a yearly basis if the $ is needed All these plans are out the window, if XRP reaches some crazy amount!!
  2. strikerjax

    Will Ripple XRP reach $1000

    I think $1000 is conservative. $10k is more like it. Once Elon launches his space rockets into Mars and beyond, million$ will be a cheap buy!!!
  3. As much as we want it, I really doubt that Bitcoin is going to go away easily. Most of the new plays coming out from wall street and other big FI's have Bitcoin as the main crypto. I dont think FI's care much about superior tech as long they can profit from selling it. Even the SEC have indicated it from regulatory point of view.
  4. strikerjax


    I am thinking of buying some TRX. What are your thoughts on the project? I am looking to hold at least till the next bull market peak which might be a couple of years.I was kinda in the loop early last year where they were trying to partner with other companies and so on. Where are they with the partnerships? etc Did any of these increase the utility of the token. I guess, whats the niche they are going for. Are they looking to take on Etherium with faster transaction speeds etc
  5. strikerjax

    Swift is partnering with R3

    Swift Ceo spoke about this in the talk with Brad. He mentioned 3 things Volatility, Regulation and Deep liquidity. From what I can tell XRP is miles away from deep liquidity. Maybe more pieces of the puzzle will be shown going down the road. It seems like regulation can potentially happen in the next couple of years in most parts of the world. Deep liquidity may be the reason why Brad quoted the 3 to 5 yr plan last year.
  6. Japan and Saudi are close US allies and they are moving towards ripple. I would be surprised if this doesn't have the US approval.
  7. strikerjax

    1.2 Billion XRP Sent By Ripple This Morning

    Hopefully its xrp being sent to Washington so SEC can come out and to open the flood gates!
  8. Currently crypto exchanges are very profitable. I expect 100s more to prop up around the world. If one fails there's always another.
  9. I see 2 ways to an exponential curve - Regulation kicks in and lets banks/FI's get in. Going by what Ryan Z mentioned recently, there seems to be a hint of growing frustration with the pace of regulation in the US. I think this would take an year's time at least. Some of the big banks in the cross-border business such as Citibank who see Ripple as a threat may be actively deploying resources to lobby against Xrp. - It would take at least an year or 2 for another Speculative bull market. Some of the VC's who are in this space have suggested around a years time or less. They have a lot more information than people like us so I could give weight to their opinion. But again this will be short lived as blockchains utility won't match the extended prices. It seems like regulation opening up and the next speculative bull market will converge. Xrp might be one of the few cryptos holding some of that value after the next bull run cause of the utility value.
  10. The xrp community should take this up and alert Greenpeace etc. I wonder if these organisations already know this and since there isn't one company or organisation to hit at they aren't doing much?
  11. strikerjax


    Are they using xCurrent or xRapid?
  12. Peter Brandt made a call on Jan 23, 2018 for BTC to go to < 4k. Since BTC is coupled with all the other coins including Xrp. This call could have been useful had I seen it. Most TA guys on twitter are way off mark.
  13. Thanks for posting these links.
  14. Isn't UAE exchange one of the top 3?