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  1. Coil team is aware of this thread and is keeping an eye on it.
  2. Ridicolous reactions coming from the community. He is just a keynote speaker, it does NOT matter as much as you think. Grow some balls.
  3. Maybe, just maybe some of them are on a vacation.
  4. @Elitefoo you are one of the very, very few people I believe in, in this space. Your TA during the $0.20 days seriously impressed me. Hope to see more from you! I strongly agree with $10 eoy.
  5. you're thinking about SBI VC, no?
  6. Grandmaster @Elitefoo what do you make out of the current pattern we're in?
  7. This is what we call FUD. Don't believe anything you hear unless a CREDIBLE SOURCE is provided. SBI haven't said anything in regards to this. Again, always ask for a credible source.
  8. How is WU a rumour? You mean the date right?
  9. magX

    XRP iced by CNBC Last night .

    Trolled by jasil. Just ignore.
  10. Ripple have failed as a company if they can't drive the price of XRP higher long-term. It's fundamentally important in order to meet transaction and liquidity requirements on a larger scale. Considering xRapid is still in beta, and multiple big players are still piloting the product, it's crystal clear to me that this is only a matter of time. And we're going to see huge jumps in 2018 based on full-scale implementation happening plus many other factors going our way. (WU, Fleetcor, Moneygram just to mention a few) Let's see what happens after G20 concludes; it will define 2018 and the road ahead. (Remember that Ripple has close ties to regulators, and works within the exisiting financial system itself)
  11. On what basis? nice if the high/low predictions can argument for why it's going to reach those levels. Interested to hear!
  12. March is statistically a bearish month ranging back to 2014. Just relax.
  13. this thread clearly requires master of brain certificate.
  14. I respect your opinion and hope it becomes reality. Personally I see this as a likely scenario but in my head it's not for 2018, but rather a 2020 scenario and onwards. Cheers