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  1. To put it simply, you are very wrong. I can see why lots of silly people lose lots of money in this space. You should put your money in the bank if you believe that tripe.
  2. Cult followers? That's a long bow to draw from the conversations I've seen. They made an interesting count down on twitter to a significant event. Too bad some on here think that was anything other than that. Traders always think things stink when they over buy the news and then go on to blast everyone in site instead of looking in the mirror. And I doubt you'll be holding your XRP in 10 years. Statements like "I can hold for 10 years" are just worthless. You're better to be a 'cult follower' than spout that sort of dogma.
  3. Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP are safe long term bets. There will be few that can out trade their rise over the next few years.
  4. The hardest thing to do in this space is not to coin chase. Coin chasing necessitates that you often sell existing good holdings. 95% of everyone in this space will sell their existing coins before 6 months passes. Legolas will unlikely to hold on for 6 days, let alone 6 weeks. 6 months is like a life time to him. Throwing his coins out of his cot at any little disappointment almost guarantees he'll never be in the right coin at the right time.
  5. There are few coins in this space that you could point to and feel confident they'll be here in 2-3 yrs time. I'm betting ripple will be one of them. There's a lot of anti feeling over ripple, but it has a real use case and the company is being used and is growing. It's a no-brainer bet, money for jam. Like I say, check back in 6 months and see who will actually be laughing at who.
  6. Ha, the laugh will be on you. So yeah, make sure you take note. 6 months from today
  7. So you bought in at 28c I take it? Take a good look at that news junior, it's much bigger than it looks. Add to that, any half decent announcement at the conference could blow the lid off the price of ripple. This is not a coin to trade or to get over excited when you see a pump and dump. Real news will move this coin real big, if you're not in it you'll loose the first 100-200% rise. If you chase this rise you're going to get burnt (as you've found out) Buy and hold this coin for 6 month gains. Anything less than that will see you burnt.
  8. This news is bigger than it looks. On top of that, any half decent announcement at this conference will see the lid blown off the price of ripple.
  9. Provably locking up any coins will always result in an upward bias. The details of how the lockup will work will determine the level of pop. The real pop will come with any news of a large Chinese bank initiating the use of ripple. I suspect the Chinese banks maybe looking into their own solution, one where they ultimately have control of the back end. I think once they really understand how ripple works it'll be obvious that they should just use it as 'back-doors' etc won't be needed. The facts are that ripple is on the ground there and are actively trying to engage with the big players. This is way ahead of anyone else. It would be safe to say that if the Chinese decide to go with any solution that has not been invented by them, ripple would be one of the obvious choices. It's simple a matter of being patient. Ripple have an excellent team and a solution that is up and running and being used already. They have no need to prove the tech works. That's a huge advantage for them.
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