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  1. I don't think this is off topic, per se. We are all in the digital asset space watching it evolve. Perhaps wrong sections of the forum, but mods can fix that. To answer your question, I would't so much be worried about a certificate. In fact, if you are a badass coder, nobody will care if you have a piece of paper that proves it. Your code will. There are so many schools you can check out. Depends on the languages you want to learn and what you want to accomplish. You looking to build web apps? Then try a school like Thinkful. Looking at blockchain development? Perhaps you learn Haskell (Cardano), JavaScript (XRPL/Codius), Solidity (Ethereum), or just C++. There are also places like CodeSchool, CodeAcademy, KhanAcademy etc. Even Udemy has phenomenal courses. Just pick what you want to do, and Google around that and you'll find something.
  2. Just a WordPress plugin... and judging by your also poorly setup WordPress website, you don't know what you're doing. Allvor... steering way clear.
  3. Binance.Vision? Can't possibly be related to Binance.
  4. I like the pair TRX/XRP. It makes it super simple for me to pick up more TRX. Not sure what the prob is.
  5. Interesting. Are you able to transfer/withdraw the assets into a different wallet? For example a ledger, or another exchange?
  6. If you think Grant's cocky, check out Dan Pena.
  7. I've read hundreds of books, one of my favorite was Grant Cardone's "10x Rule". $100,000,000,000 is my number before I turn 50. Aim for the ******* stars baby
  8. Personally, I wouldn't be satisfied with only a few million. We all have our different targets. With only a few million, 30% or so of it is going to taxes. So now I'm left with a couple million. Then what? I buy some land, pay off remaining debts, buy a small business, and be left working again so I don't spend the remaining one million. Which will realistically only make me about $50k-$70k/year in interest from a diversified portfolio. Yawn. I've always been a get rich or die trying person, and a few million just ain't "rich" enough for me. I want billions. That may not happen with my XRP holdings, but if I can reach my target, I can use that to catapult my way up to the three comma club. Will I ***** and moan if I only make a few million? Probably not. Will I be satisfied? Not even remotely I just have wild needs and wants. Grandpa Rick is a greedy pickle. Mostly, because I cannot effect change in the world on a large scale with only a few million. If I want to fly to a remote relocation that needs hospitals, and schools, and food and so on, I need to have a lot more capital to be able to truly change that location for the good. So on and so forth. I could rant for hours.
  9. I'm not in this for a few million. I'll live in a god damn pickle jar if I have to until breaking the $xxx barrier.
  10. Tons of questions. Kraken OTC will ONLY wire your funds to the bank account that is associated with your Kraken account username. So make sure that the bank you want the funds to is already connected to your Kraken account. To your other point, I suppose it all depends - if you have a business account that has frequent high value deposits, then it shouldn't be a big issue. I think red flags will certainly be raised by Ma & Pa banks and you will likely be questioned by the bank and other 3 letter acronym agencies. Either way, you have a way to prove the earnings so nothing to fear. It would likely be wise to inform your bank (whether large bank, or Ma & pa) that there is a large sum on the way.
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