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  1. If/when Ripple IPO's, I would buy I don't believe your zerps will be affected as utility will be driving the price when that time comes anyway. I'd probably sell some of my zerps and invest in their company as well. Win win if you as me.
  2. Best. Thread. Ever.
  3. Call me an optimist, but this week we have the Weiss ratings coming out (I'm sure that will get news coverage) along with the Q4 report. Hopefully both of those contain information that can shift the tide upwards for XRP - and who knows, maybe das Ripple will announce something along the way.
  4. Let's be honest. Not you, not me, not anyone in this thread, on this forum, or in the world really knows where this thing XRP price is going to actually go. For that reason, I'm on the moon lambo side.
  5. Intermission..

    HAHAHAH OMG, why was I not tagged?! Best thread ever..
  6. Yea I hear you, and feel you. Luckily we are the only currency that truly derives it's value from utility. So we can go sideways at $1.50 for a while for all I care, because I know as soon as these companies start utilizing xRapid (and they WILL start), then we are in for a parabolic shift in value.
  7. The night is still young my friend. Earn those badges!
  8. I'm up almost 700%, what winter?
  9. No kidding. Lord knows I'll get more warning points... d a s m o d s don't like p ricks potty mouth..
  10. Hahaha! P RICK! That's my new nickname, fasho.
  11. It's wild going from $0.01 changes over the course of days, even a week to now going $0.10+/- changes in the matter of hours or even minutes.
  12. Haha, I think we all played that one out! Man oh man, hindsight is a mother ******!
  13. Need some Ledger Nano S help

    To reset it, just enter the wrong passcode 3 times. Voila, reset. Just make sure to park your coins elsewhere before you reset lol