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  1. I still got the US ( anywhere, but preferably the West Coast) on my wishlist. So let’s make the deal that when XRP hits $ 10 we mutually invite eachother, first Greece, then the US.
  2. Done! Just returned from a beautifull Greek Island and ready to post anything! Garbage, empty garbage, content, valuable content, or even just read your 20 page posts about the role of central banks ( no, not THE Central Bank, lol) in the world.
  3. For the record: anyone saying XRP would go down again while it was on the run after december 12, 2017 in hindsight can be considered not only as contrarian but as realistic ( again: in hindsight), but there weren’t many of them ( quotes please!) So who are the contrarians now, at this moment? People who predict more of the same ( 1.5 yrs of tanking/ flat prices) or the ones that say it will be better soon (TM)? We’ll know within 1 or 2 yrs max imo. TLDR : the terms “realistic”, “common sense” and “ voice of reason” give the false impression that predictions made under these flags are more trustworthy. BS.
  4. Still: reading your actual post from 12/28/17 you give newbies the impression that XRB ( now Nano) would grow even further and you stated that XRP “ won’t give us big dips like before”. If anyone followed this “ implicit advice” then he would be rekt within 2 months. I think you just proved my point. Not that I blame you, but like I said: overoptimistic, realistic, pessimistic, it’s all BS, crypto is unpredictable and any spot on prediction must be considered as “ luck”. A backtested algo with a succesrate of , let’s say, > 65% would be nice. Anyone?
  5. Common sense, critical thinking, voice of reason, hypers and perma bulls, fanboys and selfproclamed prophets, TA, crystal balls and algo’s. It’s all plain BS. Yes, both sides! Crypto has been and is still doing it’s own irrational thing. In hindsight the hypers of mid 2017 were right, price went up 1200% in 3 weeks in december. ( not to mention spring 2017!!). In hindsight the “ fudsters” or “ voices of reason” were right from 2018 till now. Don’t think for a moment that you’ve more insight than others now that you’re right ( until now), I call BS on both. FA and TA maybe have ( some) value in traditional stockmarket, not in crypto so far.
  6. It’s time for a good old fashioned countdown....
  7. But it did, price reacted immediately! You’re an influencer for sure.
  8. Fully agree, they can accuse you of anything, but not of having actual arguments.
  9. You didn’t grasp what I said: crypto is unpredictable, meaning a major dump would probably have the opposite effect and bring us to the moon. You really must learn to think contrarian and abandon the herd mentality. 😆
  10. True, but predictions of notorious fudsters that XRP will go to zero haven’t come true either. Crypto is unpredictable and there lies the beauty afaic. It can rise to $ 5 on pure hype or go to $ 0.006 on an announcement of a major partnership. For me the way to endure this all, besides of not investing more than I can afford to lose, is taking the whole shabam with a grain of salt, playing the game, have some fun during the ride and taking some profits now and then when a coin is P&D-ed. Even last 2 years there was money to be made ( with several coins, including XRP). Just hodling would be wiser in the longterm maybe, but is not for me, I’m way to impatient and in it for the adrenaline. Since I abandonned the idea of getting filthy rich ( since april 2018) I’m much more relaxed, although I’m 80% XRP atm, betting on a horse I like and “ believe” in. TLDR: circle jerking is fun!
  11. Or better: join him and fill your lungs with fresh air elsewhere. We need fresh air too you know! 😇😆
  12. Good point, sharp as ever, you found a flaw in his argumentation, well done! Man, can’t imagine what this forum would be without your added value over and over again. Amazing.
  13. The weather isn’t too bad, it may get a little chilly though at night.
  14. One of the best interviews I read in a long time. Gives an insight on Ripple’s strategy and what’s going on behind the curtains. I would prefer quarterly financial reports like public companies do, but this is second best. What does this mean for XRP’s price? Nobody knows, but it certainly doesn’t hurt , seeing most other coins with no plans and no use. I’m betting on a few spikes coming years, maybe not 100% based on the intrinsic utility value, but sheer FOMO on the perspective of utility will do the trick imo.
  15. I don’t want to ruin my own party, but it seems to me everyone here is talking about different kinds of liquidity and mixing this up with volatility, utility and other things ending with -ty. Talking about market liquidity ( to be able to sell or buy instantly without a substantial impact on price) there’s a correlation with average daily trade volume ( high) and somewhat weaker with fundamentals and market capitalisation. High liquidity by definition means low volatility. There’s also a correlation with price, atlhough the other way around: investors tend to favor high liquidity with a willingness to pay a higher price ( because the asset is easier to liquidate, thus more in demand). A low price doesn’t necessarily mean low liquidity ( and what do we call low? Research shows it could be for stocks under $ 0.25) , high prices don’t mean high liquidity per se ( what about BTC?). Anyhow: in any discussion it would be a good thing to first have consensus about the definitions of what we’re talking about.
  16. Oh, lol, can’t wait for the annual report of your bank with the profits they made on the back of poor employees like you and a customer or two. Edit: wait, here’s 2018: Release. 5 November 2018. Westpac announces 2018 Full Year Results. • Statutory net profit $8,095 million, up 1%.
  17. So what you’re saying is that there’s a chance Brad’s prediction might not come true and that we cannot be sure what will change between now and end of year? Ok, thanks. 😇😆
  18. So? Is it 2020 yet? Does your and my bank represent all 25,000 banks worldwide?
  19. Same old story: too risky, lack of clear regulations etc.
  20. The bank I work for had a (BTC) wallet ready to launch, until the Dutch SEC put a halt to it.
  21. ( there were) plenty of stops giving you the chance to get out without injuries.
  22. Yep, that’s me , I’m in it for the adrenaline, enjoying the rides ( up and down). Besides: I didn’t say I’ve put all my money in crypto, did I?
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