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  1. The weather isn’t too bad, it may get a little chilly though at night.
  2. One of the best interviews I read in a long time. Gives an insight on Ripple’s strategy and what’s going on behind the curtains. I would prefer quarterly financial reports like public companies do, but this is second best. What does this mean for XRP’s price? Nobody knows, but it certainly doesn’t hurt , seeing most other coins with no plans and no use. I’m betting on a few spikes coming years, maybe not 100% based on the intrinsic utility value, but sheer FOMO on the perspective of utility will do the trick imo.
  3. I don’t want to ruin my own party, but it seems to me everyone here is talking about different kinds of liquidity and mixing this up with volatility, utility and other things ending with -ty. Talking about market liquidity ( to be able to sell or buy instantly without a substantial impact on price) there’s a correlation with average daily trade volume ( high) and somewhat weaker with fundamentals and market capitalisation. High liquidity by definition means low volatility. There’s also a correlation with price, atlhough the other way around: investors tend to favor high liquidity with a willingness to pay a higher price ( because the asset is easier to liquidate, thus more in demand). A low price doesn’t necessarily mean low liquidity ( and what do we call low? Research shows it could be for stocks under $ 0.25) , high prices don’t mean high liquidity per se ( what about BTC?). Anyhow: in any discussion it would be a good thing to first have consensus about the definitions of what we’re talking about.
  4. Oh, lol, can’t wait for the annual report of your bank with the profits they made on the back of poor employees like you and a customer or two. Edit: wait, here’s 2018: Release. 5 November 2018. Westpac announces 2018 Full Year Results. • Statutory net profit $8,095 million, up 1%.
  5. So what you’re saying is that there’s a chance Brad’s prediction might not come true and that we cannot be sure what will change between now and end of year? Ok, thanks. 😇😆
  6. So? Is it 2020 yet? Does your and my bank represent all 25,000 banks worldwide?
  7. Same old story: too risky, lack of clear regulations etc.
  8. The bank I work for had a (BTC) wallet ready to launch, until the Dutch SEC put a halt to it.
  9. ( there were) plenty of stops giving you the chance to get out without injuries.
  10. Yep, that’s me , I’m in it for the adrenaline, enjoying the rides ( up and down). Besides: I didn’t say I’ve put all my money in crypto, did I?
  11. Lol, yes. Although “ stallen” ( to stall) means “ to store” in Dutch. That’s my escape anyway..
  12. Think Fx and not “ standard” cross border corridors. Wish I could say more, lol.
  13. Yes ! That is to say: I often make toasts with a glass of Martini like he does.
  14. Strangely enough it isn’t, maybe because we’re having all kinds of subsidairies lately, for different kind of purposes : lending, cross border payment, logistic trackings etc. Banks are pivoting to fintech that way and searching for new business models and profit. Two of these “ start-ups” are using XRP ( and one ETH), but we’re low profile about it. I appreciate you’re being open about what bank you work for, but I won’t. Many Dutch here on the board will/ can recognize me and I want to keep my true identity private.
  15. Please note that nude selfies are not allowed on this board. We’re already using XRP and it’s growing by the day. Wish I could say more, lol, but one day it will all become clear to you. Hodl your bags and keep on bashing I’d say.
  16. Yes!! Artificial pump confirmed by Westpac official!!! I’m all in now.
  17. So having bought in early you must be in profit, even with this low price, you don’t see any potential at all, but still hodling. Ok. So basically you’re waiting for lower prices ( and even pro-actively contributing to this by bashing XRP all over the board) , to finally sell? I see, the good ol’ “ buy high, sell low”. Nice.
  18. Exactly! That’s what confuses me. You’ve been relentlessly bashing XRP saying it doesn’t bring banks any cost savings because your bank did a POC in the 18-th century and it wasn’t worth it. Banks will never use XRP is your holy personal motto and now this. Something is brewing here.
  19. Yeah, I’m confused too. He used to be one of the most eloquent Contrarians, now it comes out he has his bags full of XRP and on top of that he’s member of the Ripplenet Technical Steering Committee of Westpac. Strange, something is brewing, that’s for sure.
  20. So you succeeded in convincing them not to use XRP. Okey.
  21. In fact one has to have 4 exit strategies : sell strategy, convert to fiat strategy, cash out to your bank strategy and last but not least: what to do with all that money strategy: > set fixed targets at which you want to sell ( e.g. 10 % at $ 5, 15% at $ 15 etc) and STICK TO IT! > how do you convert to fiat ( if you’re on a exchange without XRP/ desired fiat pair) Best is to spread your holdings ( or destinations for your wallet) into at least 2 or 3 trusted exchanges ( with fiat pairs preferably). Make sure you have cleared KYC up to a tiers at which you can withdraw enough fiat to your bankaccount ( dyor now!! And not in the heat of the moment). > keep records of your trades/ holdings etc so you can show your bank as where the money comes from and that it isn’t from criminal activities or a money laundring scheme. > before starting sending huge sums of money to your bank account, go to the “private banking” or “ wealthy clients” department, explain what’s going to happen, where the money comes from and ask advice as how to stall it safely. > so preferably: mutliple exchanges and multiple banks ( from a risk management perspective it’s better to spread). In 2017 there were dozens of threads on this topic, use the search option, you’ll find better posts than my answer to be honest.
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