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  1. You’re going from “ fundamentally impossible” to “ incredibly unlikely”. I’m fine with the latter. Everyone is entitled to believe what he wants.
  2. You’re describing a certain market condition ( order book disbalance) where there are far more sellers (15%) than the # of buyers that are willing ( and not: “ capable”) to buy. Yes, in that case the price will tank. But this is not a mathematical principle at all. There were and will be times the opposite happens, and price will rise accordingly. Fast or slow. With or without a retrace. There’s no fundemental principle that prevents XRP to reach $ 100, given time and buyers interest. Look at ETH in 2017. Statements like “ it cost trillions to maintain a certain price level” are plain BS. Without sellers and buyers it costs nothing!
  3. No, market cap = 1 trillion dollars, not the net worth. It’s a fictional figure. ( last price multiplied by # of stocks). In default the liquidation of Apple will be much less than 1 trillion.
  4. ???? Trillions???? This is plain BS. Do your homework, enough to read about it in this thread.
  5. Your principles are becoming a moving target. Now you’re talking about investors interest.( the money argument is BS and debunked if you read all answers and links again). So yes: investors’ interest is conditional ofcourse. Let’s kick in more open doors.
  6. XRP went 35000% in 18 months despite your statement. In hindsight not sustainable, but current price level is still ~ 50 times higher than 30 months ago. So yes, given time and buyers interest, there’s no fundemental reason why XRP can’t reach let’s say $ 100. And certainly not market cap or lack of money arguments.
  7. Do you even read links and answers to your post? I give up. You’re clinging to your opinion in spite of everything, without contemplating or reading opposite facts and market principles. When at Binance there’s only 1 seller who asks $ 50 per XRP who finds 1 buyer that is willing to pay this price, it costs only $ 50 to move the price to that level. Yes, this is theoretical, but that’s how it works in principle. Read @automatic‘s post and my link again. There’s really no fundemental nor practical principle that puts a cap on XRP’s price besides buyers interest. Price level of Apple stocks isn’t capped by a lack of money from investors. Period.
  8. https://www.google.nl/amp/s/seekingalpha.com/amp/article/244906-price-and-volume-correlation nice reading @Archbob
  9. Again, this is nonsense. You’re stating here that there will be a cap on the price because “ people won’t be able to buy that much”. We’re talking about market liquidity here: market liquidity is a market's feature whereby an individual or firm can quickly purchase or sell an asset without causing a drastic change in the asset's price. Liquidity is about how big the trade-off is between the speed of the sale and the price it can be sold for. In a liquid market, the trade-off is mild: selling quickly will not reduce the price much. In a relatively illiquid market, selling it quickly will require cutting its price by some amount. Liquidity is highly correlated with the daily average trade volume ( over a longer period). Whole crypto is an illiquid market as to now. And you’re right that parabolic rises of the price are more difficult, or even impossible, to sustain than organic rises. But although the correlation between liquidity and price level is not so high as with daily average trade volume, one can state in general that liquidity will be higher with higher prices. ( why do you think that is??) That’s the inverse of your statement!! It all depends of how much interest there is for a certain stock/ coin and the spreads ( highly liquid = tiny spreads). There’s no fundemental cap on XRP’s price that can be calculated with indicators like market cap. BTC is an excellent example, going from cents to $ 5000 in 10 yrs.
  10. But not all people who bought at 30 cents will sell at $ 50. There are many that sold at $ 1 already and some will wait because they expect it to rise to $ 75 soon. What @automatic posted really holds, maybe read it again carefully. Marketcap is BS. It’s no indicator for possible or impossible price levels. The market cap myth has been debunked so many times on this forum that I think this myth has reached it’s maximum forum cap already.
  11. To all who believe XRP is a sinking ship: put your money where your mouth is and get short with XRPUSD futures on Kraken. https://www.kraken.com/features/futures Other than that: please don’t share all your little fears and doubts on this forum. Get over it, be a man ( or woman) and don’t bother us adults who deal with the uncertainties inherent to life as we know it with heads high and spirits unbroken. Lol.
  12. Especially for you, from the same quoted Standards: XRPchat will not accept: zero or low value, pointless or uninteresting posts
  13. Apparently they’re both hard to steer and control. Very sad, no jokes about that , RIP.
  14. No, by plane, suitcases are hard to steer and control.
  15. Genesis Vision: real working use case with their asset management platform, one of the first! No garantee it will be a “ bullrun succes” though.
  16. The few times I engaged Tiff Hayden on this board she didn’t hesitate to manipulate some facts to prove her point. I like that, cause I do the same in the heat of a debate ( not straight lying, but just doing some magic with facts and figures). But once exposed, I can laugh about it and admit my “ overenthousiasm” ( or temporary surplus of testosteron). She, on the other hand, kept persisting she was right, although it was painfully obvious for everyone to see she cheated. And that’s where people “ fall through the ice” ( yeah, it’s a Dutch expression) as far as I’m concerned. People who take themselves always dead serious (no self irony) and fanatics ( left, right or otherwise) aren’t fun and are potentially dangerous. I’m not active on Twitter ( maybe out of fear I’ll be drawn into the same behaviour? I’m sensitive for that kind of stimuli, that’s for sure), but only the name “ XRP Army” gives me the creeps if it’s meant seriously ( an army?? Wtf. Talking about an investment here.......” Dad...dad, I want to join the Apple army.” Does sound kind of weird) .
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