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  1. Banks are not using XRP is ( partially) right. Banks will never use XRP is a prediction and can be considered as FUD, as nobody knows the future, may ones predictions be positive or negative. Words like “ will” or “ won’t” are BS in crypto. Try the use of “ possibly” , “ can” or “ maybe” .
  2. In the fall of 2017 Brad stated in an interview that sales of XRP was still necessary to cover opex/capex because of the cash flow deficit out of “ normal” business. Can’t find the link anymore, but I’m 100% sure, we had a whole debate about it on this forum. Not saying this is still the case, who knows?
  3. We simply don’t have the insights of how Ripple’s financial household is running as they don’t make public annual or quarterly financial reports like public companies do. And that’s a shame because it keeps us guessing and quarrelling.
  4. As long as XRP is coupled to BTC it is not a bad idea, honestly. ( maybe wait for a better timing, BTC dipping). Why not diversify instead of all or nothing?
  5. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BLX/Dp31kv7Y-Bitcoin-is-Exhausted-Here-s-Why-You-Should-Follow-Me/ perfect time to buy I guess...
  6. BS. Do the math. XRP is 12,5% higher than last bottom, BTC more than 35%. Not very scientific, I admit, but where’s more risk statistically? Happy to see a more scientific method btw., never too old to learn. ( biased and sideminded?? Cheap).
  7. Must be my feminin side, according to a well known member of this board. So basically you’re saying that BTC still has more downside potential, hence more risk?
  8. No magic here. “ Spreading risks” is the first advice you’ll get from every financial advisor who’s worth his certification. It’s the #1 rule in every investors guide.
  9. @MemberBerry just for the record: - i’m not on Twitter, but I heard you blame your ban on me and @EcneitapLatnem. It wasn’t me and pretty sure nor did my brother reported you. You got there all by yourself I guess. - we aren’t “ underwater bagholders” dyor. My dca is way lower than todays price and already pulled out 3 times my original investment.
  10. I know, lol. I cherish my feminine side. Certainly against “ real men” like you. Now off you go on your “ mission”.
  11. And there’s your problem! Thinking of 2 sides only. Black or white. Echochamber 1 or echochamber 2. While 95% is somewhere in the middle. Like in real life. And that’s the part you’re missing. Don’t focus on the 5%. There’s a 95% world to discover right before your eyes. Take the leap!
  12. Mmm, difficult to choose between 2 echochambers......still haven’t made up my mind......but you guys are really very persuasive.......and obviously very protective and caring for my wellfare and investment......opportunity costs are rising with the minute.....in doubt I’m..... mixed with some fear and uncertainty.......
  13. Maybe. But who cares? I don’t. So even if all members here cry “ fake news”, while maybe it isn’t....who cares? Tomorrow there will be other real news and/ or fake news. Are you on a special mission? On a internet forum with random strangers? Lol, did you just retracted your “like” of my previous post? Why?
  14. It’s a non-topic, 188 people are talking about this tweet. 99% of all crypto investors don’t read “ the news” on twitter or your messages on this board. Of the other 1% there’s 0,5% that already put you on the ignore list and the other 0,5% is still ignorent about your existence. So calm down, read a book and try some social acitivities in real life: this forum won’t be an exhaust valve for your emotions forever you know.
  15. Agreed. But asking questions to whom exactly? Random strangers on an internet forum? What kind of answers do you expect? We don’t know either, do we? Or just for support? Howling at the moon together?
  16. No he isn’t. DYOR, maybe read his name in the chinese way...
  17. Except ........ you’re mistaken about him joining may 2018. He was here way way before that time. How is that possible ??? DYOR, you’ll figure it out. Talking about personal attacks and misconceptions.
  18. Learnt??? Lol. You’ve learned nothing Jon Snow.
  19. Agreed, not only Ripple, but the whole crypto sphere needs to start delivering something that ressembles to real life use cases with the potential of short term mass usage and we’ll see a bullrun again. Otherwise sideways action at best.
  20. No, it’s the opposite: XRP is under hyped by some community members and that’s why it’s stuck at $ 0.30. So.........let’s hype!
  21. I’m afraid you’ll learn nothing from a few frustrated overinvested disbelievers. Wonder why they bother to continu posting their little fears and doubts. For comfort? Anyway: crypto is still very risky and may fail 100% with XRP not being an exception. At this point you believe in the potential or you don’t. In case of the latter, one should better sell and invest elsewhere as opportunity costs accumulate every hour you’re invested. Regarding Ripple’s marketing team I must confess that since the beginning ( for me july 2017) I’m not very impressed by them. There’s a certain lack of professionalism, idk, too many big or small bloopers as far as I’m concerned. The only reasons I can think of for not targetting Retail is the SEC discussion and/or retail not being the target group. But yes: a little more general untargetted exposure of XRP ( just for general brand recognition) would be nice imo.
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