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  1. Good joke! - try harder - Ripple is doing fine, even with a small bank to start. What else?
  2. Oh, how I long for real quality FUD, like from MaxEntropy and others. The good old days. Even Captain Marbles and Blubber were better than this. Now I have to practise FUD fighting on lower types like Freaky and LulBoth, or what’s his name. Like this my book “ FUDFIGHTING for dummies” never gets the quality I want. C’mon, there must be some quality fudsters left on the board?
  3. Please stay sharp. I know it’s going over your head, but give us some real push back , otherwise we lose interest and we’ll have to find other real quality fudsters. Happy? That’s all you have? C’mon, do better.
  4. I know enough: you’re rich, bought your mother a house, you’re confused 90% of the time, post fud threads and posts ridiculising your own investment all the time and when you trap someone on a mistake you keep laughing about it for days, happy thay you discovered at least something noteworthy. Or your a 16 yr old boy living in your parents basement. So yes, pathetic, either one of them.
  5. Not bothered. Hence all your fud threads and confusion. Being rich and going after your own investment on a internet board with total strangers. Proof that wealth is boredom for some.
  6. And in your world you buy millions XRP , just to start threads to ridicule it. Or is it just hundreds? 😂
  7. Yeah, I made a mistake and I can laugh about it too. Let’s have more fun! I love seeing XRP investors downplaying their own investment, and I really appreciate you can laugh about your own mistake investing in XRP.
  8. I’m glad you use the 😂 every post, otherwise we wouldn’t really know it’s funny.
  9. @Freaky @Truthbot @AlibabaGrp I leave you here boys: the three musketeers “ bank insider” , “ confused one” and “ millionaire”. Have fun without me.
  10. Hahaha, I know your intention is to trick me, but I know as a fact that they will this year. I’ll tag you when the moment is there. You’re in for some big surprises in 2019, you as “ banking insider”. Lol.
  11. It’s a fact dear Watson, you keep searching for fellow doomers and gloomers and fudsters. That’s the circle you belong in and feel comfortable with. I don’t blame you, everybody needs virtual friends, even if they’re the lowest on the board.
  12. Agreed! Ripple will be the biggest failure in history. Imagine having millions of XRP, man oh man, biggest losers on the board. Oh wait......
  13. So downplaying your investment is now called “ keeping it real”. Still fighting windmills Don Quichote? Against “ all those people holding 500 XRP stacks” , whoever and where ever they are? ( where are they anyway? Names? tags? Quotes? Windmills!). You have no content and will never have if you continue like this. One page of The Zerpening contains way more content than this thread alone. But you actually don’t know, do you, being banned.
  14. Circle jerk FUD. Lol. You’ve found your bromance, enjoy! Downplaying your investment is such a logical thing to do.
  15. O lol. Mr “ I work 20 yrs for a bank, but they don’t use XRP” is back. How brave! On your own you’re too scared, but with two fellow fudsters you’ve found the courage. Still no content to offer?
  16. You’re both fudsters and salty, no matter how much XRP you own ( or maybe it’s just because you own millions , but you’re clearly frustrated by Ripple’s achievements). I don’t care if people don’t care. But you keep giving me your “ confused” reactions, so clearly I got you thinking.
  17. Not FUD at all. Very positive and encouraging you are.
  18. Yep, disclosing ones holdings on a public board is funny. Certainly when its used as an argument. It’s pathetic.
  19. I don’t care how much he holds, just don’t like people who disclose their holdings as argument.
  20. Yes, sometimes that happens. And two minutes later correcting. So? You don’t answer the real questions. You’re a fudster by downplaying Ripple’s achievement and with the wrong argument too, it’s not the assets that count on a balancesheet of a trade company.
  21. I work in finance and I’ll take any discussion on a matter with real content. I thought the denomination was in millions, but ok, it wasn’t. My bad. Still you’re fudding. See my previous post.
  22. This! @AlibabaGrp @Truthbot Downplaying Ripple’s achivievement onboarding the first bank because the bank has little assets is FUD. You know there’s a difference in the composition of a balancesheet of trade banks / trade entreprises and capital intensive businesses ? In trade there are much less assets needed. It’s the turnover that count’s , along with margins and profits. I once had a client that was working alone with only his Iphone as asset and still made more turnover and profit than some companies with 50 employes.
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