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  1. Are you a member of the famous cult against criticism on critical Ripple posts by any chance? The notorious “ contrarian and rational view” cult? The “ save innocent investors from emotional decisions by posting nonsense articles without any comments” cult?
  2. Can’t wait for it. Can you give the preliminary results of your research and analysis to clarify/approve/disprove the facts of the obtained information that otherwise would not be available?
  3. Oh lol, it took you just 13 hours to come to phase 5 : the denial phase. Curious about phase 6.
  4. Which they did because you posted the article without any additional comments or opinion. But that has been said 67 times already. Instead of giving your opinion, you’re stuck in phase 4: - playing the innocent victim. But believe me: you know exactly what you’re doing, nothing innocent about you.
  5. Come to think of it: This is a clear case of “ contrarian view profiling” imo. 1. Post an absolute nonsense FUD article without additional comments 2. Wait for the anti FUD reactions 3. Call them out for disliking “ contrarian views” 4. Play the victim of so called “ hypers” Nice.
  6. Maybe you should have, just to make clear where you stand regarding this absolute nonsense article. What is your proposal? Ban the people who are calling you out for posting FUD? Only “ hallelujah, thanks for this magnificent link” reactions allowed?
  7. I take it that you’re fine with the article you posted then? Kind of “ spreading the word” ?
  8. Try Google with other keywords than “ scam” , “ lie” and “ disaster” for a change.
  9. Excellent news! R3 is finally doing what they where supposed to do years ago ( and what was subject of the lawsuit). Trialing is one step away from using!
  10. Playing “ devils advocate” seems like to have become mainstream on the board. Any “ contrarian” views? Lol.
  11. Yeah, people who like to divide things in 2 opposite sides: black/white, right/wrong, man/woman, 0 or 1, positive/negative, funny/boring. It’s the easiest way to look at the world without thinking too much.
  12. You just described 15% of the posts, but how to categorize the other 85%?
  13. Shoot, you beat me to it! Those were exactly the answers I had in mind. Now I have to rethink the whole matter again.
  14. Then you can choose another pic out of the 1,457,000 available pics from futurama. I’ll associate you with stupidity if you don’t succeed in performing such a simple task.
  15. https://www.franx.com/en-nl Franx, 100% ABN AMRO subsidary, uses xCurrent for Fx.
  16. That’s because Trrrroooooonnnn’s on fire! Sorry, couldn’t resist it, carry on.
  17. Don’t know, surely there will be a BTT/TRX pair. I don’t expect too much from BTT’s value rising, but who knows.
  18. Oh please, not another black or white thinker again! You like to polarise don’t you? Left: the intelligent group which is questioning XRP’s future, on the right, the moondummies. You do that in real life too? So tell me: can you give me names ( tags preferably) of the dummie side? Do you dare to engage them in person? And what are those “ higher IQ traits” anyway? So you can derive ones IQ from ones opinion? ( with a few posts on a internetforum with virtual caracters as sample ?) This statement surely reflects on your own IQ.
  19. Actually I’m bothered by everyone who’s richer than I am. But when XRP moons they’ll all become my best friends.
  20. “ everything of value is defenseless” Lucebert
  21. Being Dutch, Gottfried maybe fell victim of the “ Dutch disease” : Wikipedia: the Dutch disease is the apparent causal relationship between the increase in the economic development of a specific digital asset ( e.g XRP) and a decline in other sectors (traditional services like Swift) I guess he has to stay in bed several weeks with high fever.
  22. It’s funny, the whole issue of this thread is going straight over my head and still I ‘m very curious about the outcome. A bit like the Bohr-Einstein debates. ( about quantum mechanics).
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