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  1. Care to answer to my second post? It’s you who’s only reactive instead of pro-active. Open some threads of your own with a challenging statement or some deeper research. Then we’ll talk. Only responding and asking “ tough” questions is the easy way out.
  2. Something something about living under a rock. Did you really miss the research @LilBender and @RegalChicken ( both platinum members!!!) did about the price supression ( sales from CL and Ripple’s programmatic sales)? All the discussions we’ve had about it past weeks, here, in the Zerpening and on twitter? The open letter about it to Ripple? Their answer in the latest Q-report? Talking about pointy questions and deeper research. You haven’t even scratched the surface yet.
  3. Well, make a new thread then, where you point out exactly what the negative sides of XRP are. Please don’t write a book, nor a guide as of how to act on a forum, just simply the keypoints. So far I haven’t heard anything from you that gives us a new perspective, the points you’ve raised are already endlessly discussed on this forum last 2 years. Stop crying about “ the balance” of this forum or attacking the “ gold stars” , it makes me wonder about your own maturity. I engaged you several times on content and challenged you on your statements, but then you show the same behaviour you’re accusing others of. You apparently don’t like to be challenged. TLDR: stop crying and open some new threads with good ( “ contrarian”) content.
  4. It can’t do much harm either, imo, worst case congressmen read it, take a leak and go on with what they were doing.
  5. Artificially being bearish and giving contradicting views, just for the sake of it, is something different than “ challenging and triggering healthy discussion”. I’m sure you know that. So far most of the “ balanced or contrarian views” are just circle FUD in a negative echochamber. There’s nothing informative about it for new investors. Challenging with the right tone of voice would be better, but is very rare and not given to everyone it seems. BS. And may I add: plain
  6. Very nice and all, but I quoted that Coolio guy, so don’t know why you feel adressed? Thanks for the answers anyway, but again, my remark was at the post of Cooliosomewhat.
  7. 6 o’clock sharp 2 hungry young men in this testosteron household want to be fed.
  8. Well, exponential or not, BTC running from $ 3500 to $ 14.000 was a nice ride in 6 months. Made some good profit with Chainlink too. I believe this game is far from over , XRP will get it’s turn too and as long as it beats the pathetic ROI on my savingsaccount I’m satisfied.
  9. Ah man, I’ve just had dinner, that’s the flipside of different timezones I guess.
  10. You missed the core question of the OP of this thread: if you’re not positive about XRP, why are you here posting sh*t? Question is still valid and applies to you too.
  11. Internet isn’t done yet, faxmachines are. So we can’t make up the final score just yet.
  12. My point is: - you state that the lack of a valuation model for crypto is a big problem - therefore there are no “ value-investors” but only “speculators” in crypto I state that it isn’t as black and white as you say ( no hard truth here), investors in all assets classes are somewhere in between these two. There may not be a valuation model for crypto, but even for traditional stocks there isn’t a 100% accepted one, nor is there a 100% accurate one. Which model says Tesla stocks have to have a value of $ 228? How do you decide if for the max ROI in the near future Tesla is a better choice than XRP? And when I state that XRP has more upwards potential than Tesla ? Because the latter has already realised most of it’s potential and is losing momentum? But yes, high risk, true. Valuation for crypto is indeed more difficult than for businesses with a track record, but not impossible, nor does it say anything about potential.
  13. Predictions are very difficult, especially where it concerns the future.
  14. Oh lol! I would say that I’ll buy a Tesla with my XRP profits! Anyway: she’s not the only one asking “ tough” questions apparently, but she seems to be back in hibernation. I know I will, it’s way past midnight here so,
  15. Hard choice: buying Tesla stocks at $ 228 or XRP at $ 0.32. What’s your choice for the max ROI in say 3 yrs? @DebbieDowner And why?
  16. No! You’re salty because I got more rep points PER POST than you. Period ! Lol, just kidding and trolling a bit, don’t worry, playing the game. But on a serious note: I did notice that 20% of your given reactions is either sad or confused. Is life really so difficult for you?
  17. You didn’t grasp anything what I said. There are no hard truths, certainly not the ones you’re stating. Every investment contains a level of speculation. It’s about uncertainties and probabilities. Is XRP more speculative than Tesla at this moment? A “ proven” business model against a useless digital asset... Anyway:
  18. Salty! Lol. Don’t blame the liked, blame the likers! You may not be posting for the likes, but that doesn’t make your posts more valuable than mine. Beat me on content, or on quips, lol, engage!
  19. And this goes for all fintechs. ( hence the McKinsey link I posted). But for old school business it’s the same! There never is a widely accepted definitive valuation model. As a banker I was intermediate for dozens of mergers/acquisitions/ takeovers/ management buy-outs or ins, and there where ALWAYS discussions about the valuation (- model). So XRP is no different and @DebbieDowneris just kicking in an open door, I’m suspecting an agenda here.
  20. They try to estimate the potential of XRP ( in terms of adoption/ marketshare or just the future price driven by pure FOMO and speculation), they look at their available funds, maybe they look at the diversification in their portfolio, ask permission to the wife and fomo in at the top of a mini pump to $ 0.44. 20.000 members 20.000 answers . Some do the maths I just spoke about in my previous post, others throw some dice. Same with Gold, Art, Tesla stocks etc.
  21. I did. Nothing new or with a special insight or perspective. I gave you several answers already. What’s your question or statement again after all that’s being said now?
  22. First read my previous post! Then : every business case can be quantified, they only have variations in uncertainty / probability. It has been done for XRP numerous times on this board, use the search option. It’s not easy and takes a whole night calculating with possible market shares of cross-border payments, possible cost reductions for banks, a fast growing market of micropayments, high friction corridors, supply, demand, geo-political developments, adoption of blockchain tech, etc etc. Several members have come up with a number ( back in 2017/ early 2018), from € 0.006 to € 589 ( lol). What’s the value of gold? Tesla stocks? A hug? But as a guideline : value doesn’t equal price at all times.
  23. He’s right @DebbieDowner You’re mixing different economic definitions and you’re focussing on the ( current) price or how the price of 1 XRP can be “ calculated”. How do you calculate the stock price of Tesla ( have you seen the losses they’re still making, diminishing Capex, higher Opex and thinner margins , as in the latest financial report?) . Stock price should be negative!
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