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  1. That’s the spirit! So there’s a possibility it will be a groundbreaking succes! ( until now all your posts suggested otherwise, sometimes explicitly, in tone of voice always). Carry on and educate yourself a bit more about the developments of future banking that already are set in and are already affecting customers. A brave new world will open itself right before your eyes. Goodnight.
  2. So you do believe other banks are and/or will use XRP ? Tell me.
  3. Yawn. First disclose the exact numbers of the POC and the name of your bank. Mister “ fancy buzzwords made up by academics”. Sir “ I work for a big bank, we did a POC with xCurrent but no real savings came out, so other banks won’t use it either”
  4. If you think these are only buzzwords then you’re living under a rock. ( academics??? Wtf??) So it’s people like you that make big banks a sitting duck, lol. Try to expand your horizon a little bit: talk with consultants of the big 4, follow new banking and fintech groups on Linked In, attend conferences, just look around you to see what’s happening. You’re already left behind. Like I said: my bank will surprise you with xRapid soon. But even if not: that doesn’t mean other banks won’t. Among banks there will be winners and losers. Guess what bank you’re working for...
  5. There you are. For some banks it’s a substantial part of their profits, for others it’s marginal. But the “ general banks” ( servicing all customer segments with the whole product package) and the banking landscape as we know it is changing rapidly as we speak. So I assume your bank will leave xBorder payments soon to a third party liaison, like many other services. If not they will be a sitting duck. To throw some hyped words in: ever heard of “ Open Banking”, “API banking” , BaaS ( banking as a service) , “ FinTech transformation”, “ First principle design”, “ Distributed banking”, “ disintermediate banking” , “ relegated banking”, “ Digital Challenger Banks”. And so on. Do attend a ( international) conference now and then......( Money 2020).
  6. I know a few big, really big, banks and I can assure you, they do care a lot. Seems to me that the big bank you’re working for is a sitting duck.
  7. It seems that this man has many followers, even on this forum.
  8. What’s your point? That implementing new software is a long, expensive and difficult proces, especially for large banks? Yes it is. And yet they’ve implemented numerous new systems last decades. And still are. In “ innovation labs” or in separate subsidiaries. They spent millions and millions to digitalise, building a future proof bank, keep up with upcoming fintechs and other competition. But I asked a question you didn’t answer...( kinda easy to answer with another question, isn’t it?)
  9. Right. Please give us a breakdown of the internal costs for a cross border payment of your bank. Don’t forget the cost allocation of management-, IT-, and other supportive departments or overhead. Truth is that no bank exactly can calculate the costs of any product or service to that level, rough estimations are the best we have. Hell, we are already happy if we can calculate costs at the level of business lines or units, much discussions and different metrics there. And even if its 40c, or maybe less, are you stating that xRapid or xCurrent don’t offer enough savings? For your bank or for all 33,000 worldwide? “ I know someone who smokes 30 cigarettes a day and has reached the age of 92 last week. Hence smoking is good for your health”.
  10. Ok, I leave it then. As will the majority of the members on this forum. As far as I’m concerned @Hodor has earned a special place on this forum and for all I care he can post as he pleases and earn as much money as he wants ( not stating that he does, but just saying how I, and many with me, feel). And no, not everybody can do the same, sh*t - and FUD posters can take a hike. So yes, even if it would be a case of positive discrimination, and I’m fine with it.
  11. Being critical must work both ways imo. You don’t rebalance an echochamber by creating another one. Others posting BS doesn’t justify posting opposite BS. You’re doing exactly the same you’re accusing others off.
  12. This is a clear case of “ contrarian view profiling” imo.  1. Post an absolute nonsense FUD article without additional comments 2. Wait for the anti FUD reactions 3. Call them out for disliking “ contrarian views”  4. Play the victim of so called “ hypers” 5. Denial 6. More FUD posts Crypto is unpredictable but this poster isn’t, lol.
  13. I bolded some parts in your post history. You apparently joined the herd, asking for apologies. Like you said: one can’t keep babying people, go hard or go home. Another quote: Now that the price is back to rock bottomish and i've seen the potential, i'm all in.( you even promote taking a loan to go all in XRP!!! Wtf?)
  14. Are you a member of the famous cult against criticism on critical Ripple posts by any chance? The notorious “ contrarian and rational view” cult? The “ save innocent investors from emotional decisions by posting nonsense articles without any comments” cult?
  15. Can’t wait for it. Can you give the preliminary results of your research and analysis to clarify/approve/disprove the facts of the obtained information that otherwise would not be available?
  16. Oh lol, it took you just 13 hours to come to phase 5 : the denial phase. Curious about phase 6.
  17. Which they did because you posted the article without any additional comments or opinion. But that has been said 67 times already. Instead of giving your opinion, you’re stuck in phase 4: - playing the innocent victim. But believe me: you know exactly what you’re doing, nothing innocent about you.
  18. Come to think of it: This is a clear case of “ contrarian view profiling” imo. 1. Post an absolute nonsense FUD article without additional comments 2. Wait for the anti FUD reactions 3. Call them out for disliking “ contrarian views” 4. Play the victim of so called “ hypers” Nice.
  19. Maybe you should have, just to make clear where you stand regarding this absolute nonsense article. What is your proposal? Ban the people who are calling you out for posting FUD? Only “ hallelujah, thanks for this magnificent link” reactions allowed?
  20. I take it that you’re fine with the article you posted then? Kind of “ spreading the word” ?
  21. Try Google with other keywords than “ scam” , “ lie” and “ disaster” for a change.
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