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  1. Actually I’m bothered by everyone who’s richer than I am. But when XRP moons they’ll all become my best friends.
  2. Ripple-Stiltskin

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    “ everything of value is defenseless” Lucebert
  3. Being Dutch, Gottfried maybe fell victim of the “ Dutch disease” : Wikipedia: the Dutch disease is the apparent causal relationship between the increase in the economic development of a specific digital asset ( e.g XRP) and a decline in other sectors (traditional services like Swift) I guess he has to stay in bed several weeks with high fever.
  4. Ripple-Stiltskin

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    It’s funny, the whole issue of this thread is going straight over my head and still I ‘m very curious about the outcome. A bit like the Bohr-Einstein debates. ( about quantum mechanics).
  5. I really hope that the market isn’t waiting for me to lose all hope, that will take a very long time and I don’t think I’ll make it...
  6. Ripple-Stiltskin

    When rich ?

    It’s happening as we speak!!!
  7. I was responding to the topic of OP: next bull run and possible metrics. Decoupling ( caused by adoption etc) is another question. Open a thread about it if you want, I’ll respond.
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    Launch (ICO on Binance Launchpad) on January 28, airdrop mid February( as of the openingsstatement/letter of niTron) I believe. edit 2: all specs: https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2019/01/all-you-need-to-know-about-binances-sale-of-tron-based-bittorrent-token-btt/
  9. I will ( and did) trickle sell
  10. Ripple-Stiltskin

    2019 is winter

    And that’s where you went wrong almost immediately.
  11. Either you believe in a next bullrun, or you don’t. Take the consequences of your believe and act accordingly. But stop wining about it. Good read ( no, not just the headline, read!) https://hackernoon.com/marketcycle-4e5407d0c68 https://hackernoon.com/search?q=Market cycle https://medium.com/@cryptology.jones/marketcycle-4e5407d0c68
  12. https://www.abnamro.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/2018/tikkie-pay-launched-pay-without-a-request.html like this?
  13. Same here, although you beat me with 12 yrs ( but we’re together for 35 yrs, first 10 yrs without obligations, lol). As for what a man can want more.....
  14. Your spouse actually speaks to you? Wow.
  15. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Insolar (INS)

    So INS is a “ direct to consumer >- DtC” ecosystem or platform on which food producers can advertise and the sold goods will be delivered by Post NL. Like Google Shopping?! So “ partners” are in fact advertising clients? And “ partner” Post NL is the preferred distributer? And where / how does this Business Model bring profits for the INS token? Edit: introduced in feb 2018 at € 10 and now at €0.25 ??? Holy.....small dip of 97.5%.
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    Doesn’t matter in my country ( no taxes on gains, only on capital), but the US is another story I guess.
  17. Ripple-Stiltskin

    All TRON / TRX talk

    I’ll ride the Banksters Scamcoin and Crazy Sun Scheme then. Giving each 50-50% chance to succeed or not, I’ll be 100% rich.
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    All about TRX here @XRPto50dollars btw: buy now, you’ll never see......
  19. Ripple-Stiltskin

    All TRON / TRX talk

    It replaces the 1 yr old , 20 page topic?
  20. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Opening bank account with Euro Exim Bank

    Who are “ u guys” ??? Who’s hyping exactly? Names, tags, quotes please.
  21. Maybe you know it already, but informative blog about the price from Galgitron http://galgitron.net/Post/How-xRapid-Worksand-Doesnt
  22. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Ripple XRP Groupthink

    “ I’m disappointed by the size of Ripple’s first bank using XRP. I expected and hoped for a bigger bank. But hey, it’s a start and my guess is bigger banks will follow”. “ jeeeeezz, moonboys are hyping again on this nono bank as first customer. It only has 300k worth of assets, less than the value of my house. Yeah, 2018 was great, 2019 will be glorious for sure, lol” Now which of these two would one consider FUD? Wording , tone of voice and intentions are important.
  23. @Freaky have to leave you alone, mate, you both made my day, just dyor as of why I say this. Even fudfighters need some sleep. But hey : not all is lost: you had a big victory today, catching me on a mistake about the size of Exim, I’ll give you that. Must give you pleasure for months to come, as it gives you pleasure to see XRP fail apparantly. I understand that you fudsters hunt in packs nowadays, so better wait till your friends arrive. You’re very vulnarable alone. See you later.
  24. @Truthbot please come to the aid of @Freaky , he can’t manage it by his own.
  25. Yeah yeah, we know, it’s a small bank, XRP is going to fail, you work at a bank that won’t use XRP because you work there at the tech department, you have no content, only Fud, but you do own XRP etc etc. Windmills, dear Don Quichote. Calling your little friend for help? Can’t do it alone? Lol.