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  1. I’ m on Kraken, verification level tiers 3, which means I can withdraw $ 100.000 each month ( via SEPA transfer to my bankaccount) , must be done in 5 times $ 20.000, which is the max per day.
  2. I would like to quote @Hodor on this, in response to more or less the same questions I had on this topic: My conclusion is that being a private company they have more freedom of speech so to say, but considering banks are the target, knowing how much banks are attached to regulations and insider rules, they maybe better should act and communicate as a public company. And pls stop with " they don't owe us anything" and " we were not the target audience" . CEO, CFO and all other C s are not the regular followers of Ripples tweets or livestreams. That being said:. I have a strong feeling that they have learned valuable lessons and are absolutely on the right track , so no need to sell . Q3 report made me very positive .
  3. Sure, the 1,2,3 .....SWELL tweets ( and all the other tweets for that matter) were specifically ment for bankers and institutions. Yeah, right. Although we , as XRP investors, are not the intended use case, we still are stakeholders, and we are undeniable being marketed to. You’re mixing up some criticism on their PR as not believing in Ripple and XRP. Your answers are the cliche on this forum: once you have the least feedback or criticism on whatever aspect of Ripple, the answer is that you don’t understand Ripple and cryptoworld, DYOR, stop whining and bla bla bla.
  4. I’m not sure either. But in Hodors blog he stated that “ they strive to comply with all regulations” . So if not obliged, then its self inflicted. ( bad English I think, but hope you get the idea) .
  5. You are undisputable the best promotor for Ripple and XRP! And maybe more important, you can write it down in a very convincing and professional way. Your blogs made me invest in XRP, after the usual discussions with my wife ofcourse ( finally she was convinced about the future of blockchain, wanted to take a gamble herself, bought one Bitcoin Cash, sold it with a 200€ loss two hours later. And that was that). I definitely feel a change in culture or maybe communication by Ripple after Swell, but they must have started it earlier no doubt. More focus on XRP, Accelerator Program, Gates Foundation, Cuallix. Not only banks as main target and long term strategie. They seem to become more agile and “ on the move, scanning sideroads to” . Just a feeling, but this made me regain trust and faith. Now I don’t want to spread fud, but there is one thing bothering me. Now I work for a big company with 30.000 employes and listed at the stock exchange. Subject to national and EU laws, compliant with all regulations and rules, AML, KYC and so called “ insider” regulations. Almost all staff is considered as “ insider” .( and surely CEO, CFO and all other C’s are). It is plain forbidden to make statements which can effect the price of our stocks. Or announcing that there will be an important announcement ( which effects the price..) . Whether it is on Twitter, a livestream Q&A or in a chatroom. It can lead to resignation and even prosecution. All news has to be published “ for the whole world to see” in an official press release before or after trading hours. Among all cryptocurrencies I agree that Ripple is the most transparant, but I’m not sure they are 100% compliant to US law regarding communication about Ripple’s developments or XRP’ s price. Or US Laws are maybe less severe than ours? I agree with you that it is to praise that Ripple employes take time to participate in chatrooms and answer questions, but when at my company the Chief Digital Innovatation speculates about our stockprice, he’s no longer an employe. I stated this before in other posts, but in my opinion Ripple’s communications department has professionalism to gain, especially in briefing employes what to say and what not to say.
  6. This is so true. It’s even beginning affecting me, as a newbie after just 2 months on XRP chat. But OP is also talking about something else, namely the relationship between Ripple and the ( our) community. Even @TiffanyHayden seems somehow disappointed in Ripple and/or this community. Anyway, before Swell I had high, maybe very onrealistic, expectations about how Ripple cares about this community. After Swell I was disappointed, I still don’t know exactly why ( I’m not talking about XRP here). Guess I was way to naive, this is business, we aren’t their friends. I notice that a lot of “ oldtimers” who were daily on this chat before Swell, are disappeared 100% right after. But.......still I think that there aren’t many coins that have a community like this one, maybe none. It’s just evolving, people come, people go. And the price goes up and down.
  7. @RegalChicken Basicly we agree I think. I was 100% into XRP until I heard the first movers ( the banks) at Swell say ; “ there is no need for XRP, we are already gaining enough with Ripplenet alone and the regulatory risk is just to high atm”. Followed by a “ I second that” from another client. Later Brad stated it would take 3 to 5 years. Maybe I was to much of a newbie, not well informed ( my bad) but this was a total surprise for me and I lost faith, realising that the risk/reward ratio was lower than I thought. Banks may never use XRP, who knows. But I regained confidence by the other use cases like Gates Foundation, Cuallix and Q3 report talking of new XRapid partners in Q4. Not to mention initiatives like XRP II program and Ripple stating explicitly to promote XRP in every way. I sense creativity, more out of the box thinking, change. I think they can escape “ the law of the handicap of a head start” . I’m more of the mid term now, not 100% but 50-75% into XRP ( diversifying) , taking profit gradually ( and maybe accumulating if price drops) , assessing XRP regularly. So not just “ buy buy buy and hold” .
  8. Before getting back on topic ; I will always hold some XRP as an alibi to have the moral right to be on XRP chat! Think I’m becoming more hooked on this forum than on XRP. I will miss it when XRP reaches my target. But that is years away... note; you won!
  9. More than two times the previous high of XRP...( in € cents) ( multiplied by 100 ofcourse)
  10. That’ll be the day!! Being slightly older than the average of this forum, that day isn’ t far away.... But is it with or without serious money, that’s the question ( for XRP)...
  11. I tend to disagree. There is something in the middle of daytrading and blindly accumulate and holding for years. The speed things change in the world, especially in cryptoworld, makes it imperative to assess investments on a very regular basis. Otherwise you’ll be the one whois still buying stocks of Nokia and Kodak. Every single time you buy XRP, regardless the price, you must check if the facts are still in line with your trust it will grow in value the coming months ( I’m not talking in years, that would be ridiculous, we aren’t even capable to predict pricemovement after Swell asked 2 days before the event). There are strategies to take profit gradually, even accumulate more XRP, on the way to the supposed or expected top. To me “ buy, accumulate and hodl” at all cost and without keeping track of the news and developments ( and if needed undertake actions) is just as stupid as trying to time market with daytrading.
  12. And I’m ( trying to be here) for the laughs and humor : may it be intelligent, sarcastic or just flat. Maybe my desperate attempts to be funny, are funny in itself. Hell, I quit , just home from work, tired, and not funny. Maybe next post.
  13. Central banks printing X trillion extra dollars are causing inflation, or even hyperinflation , with dramatic loss of value for their currency. I don’t think Ripple sells enough XRP on the open market to cause a serious decline of the value of it, but I’ m not certain, I just don’t know. I think it’s just the other way around ; XRP’s value is driven by the personal value other people assign to it today or think will do in the future. It is able to reduce costs for banks , but it’s not sure banks will actually use it. Untill that happens XRP has no intrinsic value or importance. There’s nothing wrong for a company to sell a portion of the product, which has no intrinsic value at this point ( but buyers believe it will in the future!) , to generate cash flow in order to pay expenses which they believe will contribute to that same intrinsic value. (ICO’s do, start-up stocks do) but I think there is a limit to that. When intrinsic value doesn’t come at a certain point the product will be worthless , people just lose faith and aren’t prepared to buy anymore. So with XRP at the moment , it’s the same as with BTC and ETH: do you believe in a futur intrinsic value or not? Atm the market believe in it at €0.163.
  14. Beetje laat, maar niet vaak op t Nederlandse deel van t forum. Nu had ik begrepen dat bij Kraken het fiat ook echt op een bankrekening bij Fidor bank AG staat ( en dus ook veiliger staat voor hackers van Kraken dan de coins die ze in IOU’ s noteren). Wel interessant om een keer goed uit te zoeken; wat staat waar en in welke vorm.....
  15. This! Exactly my goals in reversed sequence: holiday, car, house, new business, retirement. I admit, with Swell I had hope to reach the first goal, a nice holiday, but it became Netflix and popcorn.
  16. As always I appreciate the time and effort you put in your blogs. But this one would scare me of if I was new to XRP. Basically you’re saying: “ banks are and will not be interested in XRP, but I remain convinced”. Now that sounds as if you are deliberately ignoring the facts about XRP you stated yourself in the blog. Sort of blind, desperate trust in XRP. Maybe better back up your trust with facts like Gates Foundation, Cuallix, Accelerator program, statements about new partners in the Q3 report etc etc.
  17. Thanks for your elaboration on this topic. You convinced me, building my strategy based on this advice, lol
  18. Source? Reliability? Why wait until Oct 30 if the dump is before Oct 25? Questions, questions.
  19. Not being a native speaker your English is sometimes hard to follow. I meant IOU in the common sense, as making a promise, not as in “ promesse” related to a debt. Anyway, I agree that the communication in Cryptoworld is different from what I’m used to with companies listed on the stock exchange. Not saying that’s perfect, but certainly more regulated. For me Swell is history now , leaving it behind me. It gave me great insights how things can go in crypto. I gave my concluding thougts and opinion as where I stand ( or like to stand) as an XRP investor in relation to the company Ripple. Back on my feet now, still a fan of Ripple, with some criticism on their PR and marketing strategy towards us, as non-target audience, but it’s not a matter of life or death. Moving on now!
  20. Wow, you put some work in this post! Interesting read, as the company I work for is investing huge money and time in predictive models. I just finished implementing one of them in the business with a very high “gini”. Still people just don’t ( won’t..) have trust in the model, they think they can do better, although history and backwards testing shows otherwise. Anyway, this is all way over my head, but I like to read about it and admire the people how know their way in “ model-world” . It’s the future.
  21. I agree when talking about responsibility, although maybe not yet in a formal, legal sense. But I’m not a lawyer. Now when they write things like this quote in the Q3 report it becomes more and more an IOU...
  22. My original quoted statement was that Ripple don’t owe us anything in formal sense. My post continued by stating that not owing anything in formal sense doesn’t mean that someone can’t take responsibility to care of someone elses interest. Especially when both parties have a common interest and one of the parties, namely Ripple, has far more ( in fact massive) influence than the other partie regarding that common interest. With power and influence comes responsibility. I don’t see Ripple just as a user of XRP and Ripple isn’t discharged of all responsibilty in my opinion. Only in the formal sense. All this to hodlers who keep repeating on this forum that “Ripple doesn’t owe us investors anything” .
  23. Yeah, stay away from it, see other threads on this forum.
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