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  1. Thanks, let’s spread the word!! ( also I’m curious how and where Ripple / Brad did these announcements and statements. Press release? Interview? Ripple news letter? > this news needs to be wide spread!)
  2. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Ripple: Enabling Others to Connect

    At Reddit there are rumours of Swift partnering with ChainLink ( also speaks at Sibos) instead of Ripple. Don't know anything about ChainLink, but they talk about it as a competitor of Ripple
  3. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Bid and Ask Charts

    I have the same problem, not sure how to read these graphs. There is some logic ofcourse ; the higher the price, the less buyers (green) , the more sellers ( red). They meet in the middle and the whole is dynamic and moving. Here I see a sell wall at 0,30. And that’s it, I can’t draw any other conclusion out of this graph.... so if someone can ELI5..
  4. Thank you Cryptolearner! And I fully agree with you, Burger King is better than MACD
  5. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Ripple price increase

    I’m hoping for one last FOMO chance to buy some more at around €0,20 before SWELL. Just turned my wife in to a true XRP believer and she wants to invest , so that’s definitly money I can’t afford to lose.
  6. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Cointal, The Ripple P2P Marketplace is Launching Pre-Signups

    What’s SEO ranking? And what can I do to prevent or avoid the scam game, do you know how they play it? I’m afraid a lot of us gave our email and phonenumber.
  7. Ripple-Stiltskin

    A Thought on the Lockup

    You're right a post With many line-breaks And capitals Reads easier and sounds like Poetry
  8. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Cointal, The Ripple P2P Marketplace is Launching Pre-Signups

    Well, I did , with a PM to Cointal. No answer. Even posted it on this forum asking if Cointal is a fraud . Posted on 15 sept and one of the mod’s here was also asking questions, but all these posts are deleted in some way.... very strange.
  9. I’m ok with it if you replace the years on the X-line by months.
  10. If only the past would keep repeating itself! That would make predictions a lot easier, sigh.. Anyway: do you care to share your own thoughts on your topic? With the odds please
  11. Ripple-Stiltskin

    News: Pre-Swell, during Swell

    ....but I like your logic and arguments as of why we can expect some breaking news. I’m of the same belief , not expecting a taco and fanta orange . No garantees ofcourse.
  12. Ripple-Stiltskin

    News: Pre-Swell, during Swell

    No offense intended but I’m counting at least 6 SWELL “ before, during, after, price predictions, exit strategies, trading ideas” etc etc topics in this forum. It’s becoming an overkill.
  13. The fact that you were suprised that there was no follow up on the news spike underlines my statement: there’s no way to predict price movements with more than 50% result, imho. So there’s a chance that market will be disappointed by the CEO’ s announcement and XRP tanks. I’m gambling on the opposite obviously, but then again, I’m holding for 2 years minimum.
  14. ??? It’s pure speculation, based on nothing, as anyone’s guess will be. In Crypto you can throw TA or other so called. “ argumented price predictions ” out of the window. That’s just what I like about it, so a tech noob like me can make money anyway.
  15. Just did, although I think it’s worthless for short term trade, just entertaining..
  16. My guess is that if there is a big announcement, it will have nothing to do with SBI nor the lockup, that’s old news.>odds 25% I think they will announce a partnership of some kind with big, very big potential, one that flabbergasts everyone. > odds 75% .I don’t rule out something with Swift... >odds 5% sidenote: there are 3 summits in Toronto, besides Swell and Sibos there’s a Google Cloud summit on the 17-th of october. (>odds 5%)
  17. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Long Term XRP investing

    Good idea, and starting with some substantial rise of XRP ofcourse, otherwise we’ll be selling the bears skin before shooting him , as we say over here. Not referring in any way to your Ripple Name
  18. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Long Term XRP investing

    Wow, this is indeed becoming very philosophical for yet another rainy saturday here in Holland. Maybe of topic too, but for me my goal isn't to become the p*s*y-magnet, it's too late and the mirror is contradicting this every day.. It's more about what I can do with a lot of money to fulfil some dreams of my parents, my sister, friends and kids. O, and my wife ofcourse. Expensive cars and houses don't mean anything without friends and family to take a ride in that car and throw parties in my mansion. But since I'm not poor already I think the added value of a couple of thousand € more will be less for myself, but a world of difference for others.
  19. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Who is Pumping XRP right now?

    I already did 2 weeks ago with the thought XML being more or less coupled to XRP and when it rises I would sell XML instead of XRP . No idea what this pump is about, but in doubt wether to sell my stack XML now and buy more XRP.
  20. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Long Term XRP investing

    A British survey showed a photo of a man with a Bentley of €75.000 and a photo of a man with a Ford Fiesta to a couple of hundred women between 21 and 40 years old. Guess which one they preferred.... note: the man with the Fiesta was an excellent , French speaking, cook as well as a very muscled music celebrity
  21. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Writing on the Wall

    Or......of peace
  22. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Long Term XRP investing

    You sure are! But my eyes are still fine, without lasering or glasses ( I can still see the difference between my wife and the dog). So 1 million would be enough for me, I'll quit my job and off we go to tropic islands... Back on topic; will I be strong enough to hodl when ( not if..) XRP skyrockets and profits reach 5 figure amounts.. Christmas time is expensive..
  23. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Long Term XRP investing

    Lol, so I don't really need XRP to rise, cause I already have all those things except 1 kid missing ( but 2 teenage boys is enough) and the dog is a Alaskan Malamute and not a Husky.
  24. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Long Term XRP investing

    Well, they certainly can't accuse us from being pessimistic. Talking millions here while liquidating my XRP stack at the current price will hardly get me a 10 year old Toyota Yaris plus a premium bone for the dog.
  25. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Long Term XRP investing

    The friend I was talking about is dealing with this very problem now, he made huge profits with ETH , and his moneypile is still at Kraken ( Fidor AG), coming to him with a max of $ 20k per transfer. Maybe Tier 4 offers a solution, I'll ask him if he tried to get it and what the requirements are. Hell, I'll drive to Germany myself with two hired Italian bodygards to get the money in person, stashed in a Samsonite suitcase chained to my wrist.