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  1. Curious about your exit target for Link, if you have one..
  2. You have the feeling this is the end of the retrace of BTC?
  3. On a serious note: to get a feeling of markets direction I follow some traders on TV ( Botje11, AlanMasters etc) , some traders here ( Ed, Eric, Hubs etc), general sentiment in the Zerpening and how often my mother calls me in a week. That all combined results in a gut feeling of market moodswings.
  4. English Language Learners Definition of asylum : protection given by a government to someone who has left another country in order to escape being harmed. old-fashioned : a hospital where people who are mentally ill are cared for especially for long periods of time : a mental hospital. I had to Google it, but yeah, ofcourse we’ll take care of you in a special hospital, no problem.
  5. To be honest, I don’t know really. I’m not the most empatic guy ( my wife nods in agreement) but somehow I developped a radar for big sentiment turns... and, not unimportant, acting accordingly by buying or selling a good portion. But as I said: now I have to learn to take profit or buy back in at the right time, lol.
  6. I don’t have the patience, really no lie. I’m from “ the big moves” , in 2 yrs I multiple times sold my whole stack. But I know what you mean, I’ll try this time to trickle buy, there’s no way to predict the exact bottom.
  7. Well, talking about luck, I sold 60% last sunday morning, anticipating a drop. But as always I’ll miss the real opportunity to buy the dip, because I’ll wait way too long, thinking it will go even lower. I’m a good trader foreseeing up-or downswings ( almost right every big move last 2 years) but a lousy timer in buying back.
  8. That’s mutual. You’re to naive to see that he posted the “ I’ll stop posting” counting on his status to trigger reactions like yours. Now THAT’s condescending!
  9. So he doesn’t like one or two posts or engagements in here and he says “ I’ll stop posting”. That’s normal? Professional? Wow: if everyone quit doing what he’s doing after just the slightest “ opposition” then we’re lost.
  10. I’m still 300% profit after already taken 300% out earlier. Make the maths, lol. So that’s nonsense. Like the rest of your post.
  11. In my eyes it’s the other way around, kid. Weren’t you banned one time? For trolling?
  12. I’m hesitant to judge a whole company by the behaviour of just one employee...
  13. Professionalism. It’s very simple. I work for a national, well known bank in the Netherlands. A household name so to say. Everywhere I come people ( friends, family, neighbours, total strangers) ask me questions ( or worse: have a ton of criticism) about bank related matters, of which I often really have no clue about. So I do my best to explain what exactly my job is at the bank and why I can’t answer their questions.( can’t instead of won’t, there’s a difference!) Politely, because in their eyes at that moment I represent “ the bank”. I can’t just say: hey feckers, I’m here only for pleasure, it’s the birthday party of my youngest , fcol! ( although i’m thinking it!). Professionalism and an exemplary role. ( so sometimes I lie about my profession, saying I’m an independent consultant, lol) Attitude.
  14. Now that’s the professional attitude we’d like to see in here from a RL employee!
  15. I disagree. Although you’re not obligated to answer questions, true, you are registered as Ripple Employee here, hence the blue colored name, for everyone to see. Don’t underestimate the exemplary role you have, like it or not. Otherwise it suffice to make an anonymous account and chat away. Like Trump can’t say: “ hey, now I’m speaking as a private person, ignore that I’m Potus”
  16. Confirmation bias works both ways, as your posts perfectly show.
  17. Yeah, back from work and catching up last hours postings the turn in sentiment across the board and of some specific members amazes me too and I’m still puzzling what to make of all this. For once I’m out of quips and for this moment I have no real long term vision on crypto in general or XRP in particular. That doesn’t happen to me often, but I “ go with the flow” and wait till my brains have processed all the info of last days and comes up with a direction, opinion, strategy or whatever fills the emptiness. In the meantime I’m focussing on real life, as have been my main focus since april 2018 ( putting dreams of enormous wealth in the fridge). Anyway: I’ll miss you, I always have respect for strong and consistent believers, even if I don’t always agree. I hope you’ll be back soon, no, I count on it!
  18. Oh lol, we have another Nouriel Roubini here guys! He’s shouting this since BTC was at $ 60. Contrarian trading would have given you more than 20000% ROI at current price.
  19. Translate “ pick” ( pik) in Dutch and your post gets a whole extra dimension.
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