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  1. There are many ways that lead to the Banhammer.
  2. Well, now it’s up to the clubmod who banned you in the first place, and that wasn’t me, as I was way too busy gathering the newest gifs for the next 2c rise, lol.
  3. My vote is in favour: anyone apologizing in public, whilst handing out beer, deserves a chance imo.
  4. By the way: for those interested in an invitation to the Zerpening Brotherhood:
  5. Fixed it for you( bold parts), typos are so annoying.
  6. A club is an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal. A service club, for example, exists for voluntary or charitable activities. There are clubs devoted to hobbies and sports, social activities clubs, political and religious clubs, and there’s the Zerpening Club; a special brotherhood devoted to a digital asset named XRP, where gifs of rockets are the standard and even the slightest opposition against XRP evokes a permanent ban. This severe ruling keeps the Club clean of FUD and other polluting activities. By consequence members can be assured of a relaxed atmosphere without the need of watching their backs constantly. * wikipedia*
  7. At the cinema I really like people seated next to me explaining out loud what’s happening in the movie I’m watching at that very moment.
  8. I agree with the worst case scenario, but disagree on the best case. The latter would be 95% of the time nothing, to burst several 100% in a matter of weeks, like the historical pattern shows. In the middle there’s the slow growth with many corrections scenario. Anyway : “ believing” isn’t a very scientific way to calculate probabilities, that goes for both of us. Nice to read is: https://hackernoon.com/marketcycle-4e5407d0c68 All we have is the past, which we can extrapolate into the future and if not applicable then we just have to throw the dice.
  9. Like a boiler ( lol) crypto gently warms up 95% of the time, to give boiling ( lol) warm water the other 5%, with runs of 200% to even 1200 %. ( that is: until now, no garantee for the future though). We’ve had 3 fabulous runs in 2017 and 2 decent ones ( 250%) in 2018. ( july and sept). So it comes down to timing and choice of asset, but even in 2018 there was plenty money to be made. So no: it doesn’t grow organically: it stays boringly put 95% of the time, no use complaining, its like Disney World: a 2 minute roller coaster ride after hours of waiting in line. So yes: from $ 0.30 to $ 1.46 in 2 weeks is more than possible, it happened before and even faster : from $ 0.25 to $ 3 in less than 3 weeks.
  10. Well, partnerships......don’t know, a bank or any other firm has hundreds of partnerships, why shout it out of the rooftops or on twitter about it? No big deal in most cases. Don’t think partnerships will fuel a bullrun for XRP, except maybe a big big unexpected unbelievable partner ( world domination!). So while partnerships may lay a bottom at our price finally ($ 1- $ 3) , I’m hoping for crypto to stay manipulated and irrational for a few more years to see prices like $ 5 ( 2 years?) and $ 20 ( 3 years?). Just my 2 zerps and ask me tomorrow and you’ll get a whole different answer maybe.
  11. Adding some fantasy ( shaken, not stirred) to this whole crypto thing, I can see XRP easily reaching $ 1 within the next week or so. Also; Troooooooooonnnnnnnn! Lol, I’m bored.
  12. Lol. Yes, but no acceleration there for me as I’m getting older.
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