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  1. I’ve seen a recent internal study of my employer ( top 3 banks of the Netherlands) which indicates so (no real higher interest for crypto) , but don’t know if the researched population is representative for the whole Dutch population, let alone any international validation.
  2. @Hodor thanks again for the great work and spreading the word. ( an inverse relation can also be a direct one, but that’s grammar ). Will there be a positive or a negative correlation for crypto in an economic downturn? ( or will it be zero?). Sadly enough correlations can only be determined in hindsight, when there’s enough history. History which crypto lacks ( 10 yrs isn’t quite enough). Maybe it ( the economic downturn as well as a possible correlation) varies per country, except when talking about a worldwide apocalyptic crisis ( The Reset, hello MaxEntropy), but I’m not hoping for the latter, even a negative correlation with XRP won’t be enough to fix the massive damage. The negative intrest rates ( we already have them for retail and corporates in the Netherlands) don’t trigger investors to turn to crypto (yet!), and to be honest, I can’t blame them. The track record is relatively short and not very predictable ( understatement of the year). But who knows?
  3. It was tongue in cheek: alternative scams, so besides XRP. Ah, never mind, joke is lost anyway.
  4. Seems so, contrarians don’t like to be contradicted.
  5. Surprised that at least this time you recognized something with substance.
  6. something something .....echochamber.....banks won’t use XRP.....my bank did a POC but it wasn’t profitable.....something something balanced view.....how could this forum go on without me......Don Quichote was fighting windmills.....oops, medics are at my door, someone called 911....kumbaya...kumbaya...
  7. So FUD is called the raw truth now eh? Well, that’s a change from “ the voice of reason”, “ a contrarian view” or “ a more realistic perpective” ( all subjectif nonsense terms which don’t indicate any credibility at all). Anyway: You will be missed😇
  8. Trying to give this a positive spin I’d say the old wallet was becoming too small and didn’t have adequate plumming and shower facilities, so a brand new wallet makes sense.
  9. And you think doing the 100% opposite gives you more credibility. Who’s in a bubble now?
  10. That’s how your noble employer WestPac does it apparently: gives 8 billion profits over 2018! Not bad. But according to a spokesman: “ The stories and examples of poor behaviour affecting customers that have come to light are confronting and have understandably impacted the public’s trust in the industry.” Freaky! What have you done? Lol. https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/banking/westpac-profit-flat-as-compensation-bites/news-story/b1eea5284a56432e1873664f58e37b4d
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