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  1. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Response from SEC

    There are possibilities to give a response without quoting the OP, like I do now. Just saying.
  2. Ripple-Stiltskin

    XRP Free Fall

    Don’t know who posted this some months ago, but seems fairly accurate in hindsight. It also suggests it ain’t over yet. But yes, predictions....what are they worth?
  3. Maybe there’s more money to be made by wish-wash trading it down? Besides that: a wave of new investors has to be built up, it takes time and good news to hype upon. They can push prices only so high with the existing invested capital, but without inflow of new money a ROI like in 2017 is not gonna happen. New retail investors, institutional capital and most of all : Asia! Without the Far East no bullruns imo. XRP went up 35000% from jan 2017 till jan 2018. Eoy € 10 would mean it multiplies 1600 times in 2 years. Not impossible, but not very probable at this stage. Real world usage ( of whatever DA, but preferably XRP ofcourse) of blockchain and DA’s, institutional money and/or some irrational hype is needed.
  4. You already had me after this.
  5. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Zerpening Lurker

    Password: # xrpthestandard
  6. Ripple-Stiltskin

    Zerpening Lurker

    Welcome to the Pleasure Dome.
  7. Ripple-Stiltskin

    XRP: The Digital Asset With a Solid Foundation

    Ok, but please count me out if there comes a club for “ seasoned investors” , lol. FYI: anyone can start a private club, so feel free.
  8. Ripple-Stiltskin

    XRP: The Digital Asset With a Solid Foundation

    Old timers???? I thought he/she meant the Zerpening. A Club full of light hearted people, joking and messing around with gifs and rocket pics, even if XRP is tanking. And sometimes some TA, just to have a good laugh in hindsight.
  9. Ripple-Stiltskin

    The News We've All Been Waiting For.

    She showed us the bottom many times though, not based on TA or anything...
  10. Again..At what point do you accept reality? who’s asking? Do I know you? Are you stalking me?
  11. Ripple-Stiltskin

    FUD is ending

    Somewhere between Denial and Depression. If only we knew....that would mean we could time the market and predict the next phase. We would be rich within no time. But we can’t. Market is unpredictable and random ( my mantra, I know).
  12. Ripple-Stiltskin

    FUD is ending

    Lol, this thread....