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  1. Genuine question: is this a counting bot?? Are you there? Tiny? Hello?
  2. And : Aftermath ” my darlings, could one of you fetch my sunglasses I left on the boat after our mini trip to the Bahama’s?”
  3. Well, if you call 160 pages of discussion quickly 😆 Thread is tittled “ charting the course of XRP” , so that manages expectations of the content pretty accurate. If one can’t stand extrapolations based on past performances then better not visit this thread and whine about it.
  4. Oh my god! You have 589 rep points!!! It’s a sign, my hopium is rising to the max now.
  5. Yeah, still feeling the same way about Blubber. Glad he’s gone.
  6. He’s a fan of anime considering the Dragon Ball tab, so yes, could be!
  7. I’m guilty of trolling the trolls in a not always civil or adult way, but sometimes I feel it’s the only way to shut them up, lowering myself to their childish way. It works though, last year many trolls have given up thanks to my “ high quality jokes” and “ intelligent” mockerie. Nevertheless I apologize., But sometimes it’s stronger than myself, triggered by yet another needless negative or dumb statement about XRP or worse, a personal attack on a fellow, serious member by one of the self proclaimed “ contrarians” with their “ balanced and realistic” views. That, plus it’s fun to do. Lol.
  8. I know. 🤪 but still. You’re funny. Now where’s the money pic you promised us? C’mon, big man, don’t let it be only big words...
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