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  1. I believe there’s no evidence whatsoever, for either of the scenario’s, but yes, there has been some , what I see as, red flags last 6 months. I’m not religious either, but I have some hopium stuffed in a little box, which I open every week a few hours or so to take a peek at it. Not be become a millionnaire ( that’s so 2017, lol), but to make a good profit on my investment. And then I close the box and real life takes over.
  2. Ok 3 scenario’s: The good: they have big strategic plans which include XRP and will cost a sh*tload of money. An IPO raises that money and will fulfill their dream of #XRPthestandard The bad: they don’t care about XRP, as it is a lost cause or at best a very tiny niche. But their software company needs money to grow bigger and dominate the software market, hence the IPO The Ugly: they don’t care about XRP nor about their company, they just want to cash out and living la vida loca. And several scenario’s in between.
  3. There are various ways of performing an IPO, but in general it’s not always about founders cashing out. It could be raising money in order to realise big strategic plans ( take-overs, enormous special investments that kind of things). So let’s assume they have really big plans which require a lot of money. Depending on the sense and prospects of these plans, this would be a good thing. For Ripple. If those plans don’t include XRP in one way or another then our investment is doomed to stay at pennies. But if that’s the case then even without IPO the future wouldn’t be bright for XRP. So either XRP still plays an important role in Ripple’s strategy or it won’t. With or without IPO. All pro and cons together my conclusion is that an IPO isn’t bad news for XRP per se, it’s Ripple’s strategy and executional succes that matters. An IPO will maybe force them to be more transparant about these matters, until then we stay in the dark.
  4. “ dear faithfull XRP bagholders! We’re pleased to announce that the XRP to stock conversion ratio is set at 1:5 “
  5. Curious about the XRP to stock conversion ratio.
  6. Lol, I do. But ultimately every debt provides an income for someone else. At every scale. But yes, over-crediting is a bad thing, also at every scale.
  7. https://www.businessinsider.nl/how-the-fed-raises-interest-rates-2017-12?international=true&r=US https://www.investopedia.com/investing/how-interest-rates-affect-stock-market/
  8. On holiday I sometimes read 1 book a day ( I’m a fast reader) or even more. So in the past I had to stuff my suitcase with a least 10 books. Now I bring on my Ipad with 5000 e-books. I even read books on my Iphone. It’s a question of getting used to it.
  9. @Xill Listen carefully, as I’ll only say this once: Without debt we still would be in the stone age killing lions with our bare hands. Lending means you see an opportunity to invest and make more value with your idea in the near future. It fuels imagination and innovation. Without lenders and debts the economic growth would have been a fraction of what it has been last centuries. Note: you even don’t have to read real physical books made out of paper: there are plenty of e-books. Maybe worth a try?
  10. Ah no, that will take ages. Please invest more time in educating yourself..................“ Luke, I’m not your father” .
  11. Either way, I’m good: if they survive I keep my overpaid salary, if not I’ll be filthy rich of XRP.
  12. Just playing devils avocate ( I’m a banker 😇): - I already have 2 apps with full functionality ( instant payments, mortgages, insurance, self servicing almost every financial aspect) from 2 largest banks in the Netherlands. Better than existing crypto exchange apps ( eg Binance, Kraken, Coinbase). These traditional banks are in fact far ahead of some fluffy fintech startups. - wait untill AML and KYC regulations kick in for fintech startups. It will kill them, as it cost days of work just to onboard a new client and get the mandatory central bank reporting up to their standards. - physical fiat?? I have had none of that last 10 years. Can’t even give € 1 to a child at my door for the local football club. More than 90% of fiat and payments is digital, it has been for years now. Never underestimate the enemy, lol.
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