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  1. Hmmm, this thread derailed somewhat, merely about semantics if you ask me. Yeah, feedback is a wonderfull thing. I love to give it, but hate to get it though. Lol. The normal solution with ( tiny) quarrels like this would be to drink a cup of coffee together ( and maybe end up with 20 beers and some whiskey). Sadly that’s not possible in this case, but a few nice PM’s could do the trick. Still wondering why nobody ever asked me to give proof of my identity?! Happy to post a pic of a bodypart or two ( No!! That’s not what I was thinking about!! You’re nasty!). Anyway: humor is what get’s me going in life. It’s already difficult enough as it is.
  2. That’s it! Enough! I’m in it for the tech from now on.
  3. A polar bear in Antarctica? Must be on holiday! It’s a bi-polar bear.
  4. Must be the Polar bear @ecent
  5. I guess 100% comes from Europe! Wait: that’s just one vote, and it’s me.
  6. Finally someone with common sense talking here! Yes, I want protection and I want it now!
  7. So Sister Sledge got it wrong for more than 40 years: Ofcourse it had to be: “ Loost in music” Glad the misunderstanding is solved. Back to the misunderstandings about cryptosts.
  8. So when exactly do we call it a bear market? Low prices but very high interest from investors? Lack of interest, but for other reasons than DA’s not having utility/value? Semantics , Semantics. And BS.
  9. Put her on the ignore list, a great feature of XRPchat, or simply PM the mods here to ban her by reporting her as fudster. That should do the trick.
  10. Lol, wasn’t joking, had to Google them both. Since all the Brexit talk, I unfollowed all British Royalty.
  11. Quote: Nоw insiders оf thе crypto scene put fоrward thе bold thesis thаt аn XRP cоuld ѕоon bе worth $500-1000. Thаt wоuld bе аn increase іn thе vаluе оf 169,931 percent! “Bold thesis” is a bit strong imo, insiders know that 169,932 percent rises are business as usual in crypto. The question is: will XRP reach $ 1000 when it rises 333333 percent?? Yes, I believe it will.
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