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  1. Whats new? Ripple have been publishing these type of articles for years! Past examples where Amazon, AirBNB and Uber, its never lead to or materialized into anything though...
  2. XRP pretty much dead, any tiny movement is when its being dragged along by BTC.
  3. At least they added a date, 2025, which for for SBI means "soon".
  4. I never though we would see Coinbase before SBI!
  5. This article says it does have a wallet https://www.coindesk.com/samsung-galaxy-s10-includes-private-crypto-key-storage
  6. Old news, this article is from 2016! https://www.ccn.com/12-r3-member-banks-trial-cross-border-payments-ripples-xrp-blockchain/
  7. Mass adoption is just 2 to 3 years away
  8. TIPs has nothing to do with Ripple you bunch of crazy loonies! Get your facts straight.
  9. The source site is a know fake news/BS rumor site, this stuff is made up for the clicks and views.
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