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  1. Julian being Julian, he doesn't deal well with facts, he makes stuff up as he goes every time he posts. He doesn't even know how to read simple numbers. It seems he doesn't know the difference between 7 million or 7 billion in daily volume. I would love to see him back up the 600% growth he is talking about also.
  2. Good news my Prince, you can now move money to Nigeria with XRP and cashout via Binance
  3. Hey @Julian_Williams this is for you old boy, since you love the Zerpening so much take the advice of you Zerpening friends and grow a pair.
  4. Your welcome old man, you fancy a photo of mine for your bed stand? You seem obsessed with my persona.
  5. Sir, please supply me with an other one, effects of previous dose is fading and we didn't make it to the .50 promised land yet. My body is ready, hit with that strong shit! Lets get it!
  6. Not gona lie, this some good shit your dealing bro
  7. at 50c ill take 2 doses of your strongest house supply and ill ride this one of with you guys
  8. Nice rust bucket their Grandpa, just as I imaged. Broke ass, old, falling apart, filthy piece of shit of a car. But its no surprise you cant afford anything better taking into account how much money you've lost on your XRP "investment".
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