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  1. I wonder which Ripple employee was posting under the Hodor account?
  2. I guess 2 securities are better than one, amrite frens? Especially when you got them on discount 2 for the price of one.
  3. If you send me 500 Ill send you back 1000.
  4. I'll get paid as soon as I win my lawsuit against Ripple and its criminal CEO's, Your's truly, Jay Clayton Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission #xrpthesecurity
  5. Not much of that left either. He is already looking for new things that motivate him.
  6. He already de-risked and sold most of his bags, the community got left holding them.
  7. I feel you, I mean why would you choose to ride the 3 legged covid infected donkey in a race against pure bread champions. That's what It looks like right now.
  8. This is what happens, at one point we where the 2 most valuable crypto, now 5, soon overtaken by DOT and Cardano and out of the top 10. If Ripple dies we will be fighting with Bitconnect for our place on the charts.
  9. I have always seen Ripple = Theranos 2.0 and Brad = Elizabeth Holmes
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