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  1. Being XRP only 3% of his portfolio.
  2. Well he logged in to Xrpchat 3 days ago, I doubt he would still be on this forum if not
  3. LetHerRip

    Chinese IT Ministry Cryptocurrency Ratings Released

    Stellar 4th 😂😂😂
  4. since 2013 😁
  5. Just like I have been hearing for the last 10 years that they would be coming for Google to compete with their search engine 😒
  6. LetHerRip

    xRapid out of beta date >?

    3... 2... 1... They will be letting this cat out the bag... SOON™! As soon as Brads flight arrives with the money he booked it on.
  7. Add another one to the count, @LetHerRip also came from a crazy family! All in on XRP as well.
  8. LetHerRip

    Sick to my stomach

    Welcome back Don't feel too bad, at least your not this guy:
  9. LetHerRip

    Sick to my stomach

    This portfolio at its peak in December was actually worth over $900 000.
  10. They are extending this to 14th of February so they can declare their love for Ripple on valentines day.