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  1. Actually both predictions are just as ridiculous and delusional, but CSC is 100% pure shit coin.
  2. Exactly you missed your chance, XRP already mooned, those who bought at $0.00X are the ones who made money. Nothing keeps going up XX,XXX% again and again, get real. You came late to the party, XRP has been around since 2013.
  3. and 2018 there was no way we would go under 1$ and we would never see those "low" prices again , look at us now
  4. Back to the Zerpening cave, don't let the door hit you on the way out
  5. Which was a better performance rate than those that did receive the PM's
  6. Time to put that truck driving pension in old chap
  7. Looks at these amazing prices, time to put you money where your mouth is/was, time to cash in that pension and go all in on XRP @Julian_Williams DO IT BIG BOY
  8. I guess I should of added a /s to the above post just incase someone was unsure on which side of the fence I was on and didn't get the irony.
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