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  1. The answer is easy, ODL is practically non existent. A little over 10 million XRP is being used via ODL today. 10 million out of 100 Billion. That's 0.01% of XRP supply. Nothing. Supply is too much, ODL isn't going to put a pressure on supply or price any time soon.
  2. There was a good korean site that had all that information, but I lost the link
  3. After they buy them R3 management go on to start a "new" R4 company and competing product with all the free monies from XRP and the buyout.
  4. and then you have the founders dumping their bags left and right "de-risking", but hey all looks great guys.
  5. They took the car for a test drive and decided they didn't like it and bought the other brand
  6. 2018 was going to be great too, we all know what happened next...
  7. I posted this information on the GateHub thread as it happened, the original stolen DB used in the GateHub hack was shared online for free in a popular hacking forum for everyone to have a go at it.
  8. We are discusing https://coinmarketcap.com/ not other sites, sort by volume and XRP is 7th today.
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