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  1. Well in his own words, he needed to "de-risk" and he knows better than anyone how risky and uncertain an asset XRP is, so he got rid of it at around $0.35 which was a great move since its already halved in value and continues to drop.
  2. Your doing it wrong XRP = The crypto currency that the crypto community hates the most. XRP = The Bankster coin that no banker wants to use.
  3. In terms of the tech, Ripple wasn't selling a dream or something they didn't deliver on, the product exists, it works, its real. So with regards to that matter its different. Now in terms of fraudulent and misleading statements, our boy Brad definitely playing out the same guide book! Ripple is already under investigation and numerous cases in court against them regarding this subject so we will get a official answer to these questions.
  4. Here is the image you where trying to show Look at that volume nowadays.
  5. The point is that "ODL" is irrelevant. Before ODL it was xRapid, before xRapid it didn't have a snazzy name. The truth is Ripple, XRP and XRP ledger all exist since 2012 and since then they have been unsuccessfully trying to find and start a use case for the technology. They pivot, they change names, but the tech has been around for nearly 8 years now with not much to show for it. Most people haven't been around since those days (I have) and want to make it look like this all started in 2017 when the speculation bubble started because that's when most you new guys came. Its not true. Its been nearly 8 years not 18 months, BIG difference.
  6. Ripple, XRP and XRP ledger exist since 2012, making it nearly 8 years old, don't try to sugar coat it.
  7. I was actually on the phone with your mother, she told me to tell you she is going to kick you out of the basement if you keep loosing money on those magic internet tokens and if you keep refusing to bath at least once a week!
  8. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/moneygram-expands-cross-border-p2p-service-with-visa-direct-300968677.html Moneygram is using them for cross border p2p payments.
  9. I'll raise you guys with nomination of sCamIam, the OG bg123 riddle decoder!
  10. That's just what it is, an other conspiracy theory to try and hide or mask the plain facts in front of everyone's eyes. The charts and facts don't lie.
  11. It was not organic, it was incentivized. Ripple took away the reward and we are back to the drawing board where no one wants to use it. Previous ODL volume didn't stop their cross boarder remittances they just carried on as before ODL, and as everyone else in the space, without the need for Ripple or XRP. Its business as usual. ODL didn't prove to be the game changer every makes it out to be.
  12. We can always readjust for reality... say $0.006 to $0.032
  13. Now here is a Ripple that delivers some real gainz, look at that protein percentage! Perfect to feed the muscles of strong XRP bag holders.
  14. I heard he is a LINK Marine now.
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