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  1. Plus Jed's 5 Billion, so not much is really out there on the market.
  2. XRP will do nothing in India, India has banned the holding and usage all digital currencies and assets.
  3. LOL OLD NEWS. https://www.ripple.com/ripple_press/new-ripple-settlement-and-fx-solutions-lower-the-total-cost-of-settlement-for-banks-and-their-customers/ 5 min read • Monica Long Oct 06, 2015
  4. I have been in/following crypto from the start of BTC, I believe that we are starting a new bull market for BTC like we have seen in the past many times. This tide will lift all boats XRP included. I intended to get fully out of XRP on this next run. So I'm betting XRP will increase once we are in a full blown crypto bull market, only because of speculation and market manipulation, NOT because of Ripple or any real world use. Ripple has been a disappointment from that point of view, constantly over promising and under delivering. I intend to get fully out of XRP this next run regardless of what Ripple says or promises for the future.
  5. Because he got BILLIONs for free, nada, ziltch, 0. Its worth $0.3X EACH today, could be worth a whole lot less tomorrow... could go to zero if Ripple fails. $0.3 x Billions is many many millions of dollars that he wants to put in his pocket!, infact even $0.003 x Billions is still millions! That is value they have today, tomorrow it might not be there if Ripple/XRP ledger fail their goals. You guys act as if price increase is guaranteed. The fact one of the founders (Chris) and the person who created the ledger (David) are selling like crazy even at these prices mean the opposite is more likely. Use your brain.
  6. Hey @miguel here is some reading material for the next report https://www.coindesk.com/xrp-was-worst-performing-top-10-crypto-in-h1-but-bnb-shone
  7. Thats because all the cool kids are on Instagram and Whatsapp now, and guess how owns them? Yes, Facebook!
  8. Yeah seems like your right . Mods please delete.
  9. More news just came out: Ripple’s Global Head of Banking: 14 new Banks and Financial Institutions have joined RippleNet https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurrencies/news/ripples-global-head-of-banking-14-new-banks-and-financial-institutions-have-joined-ripplenet-201906172350
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