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  1. TIPs has nothing to do with Ripple you bunch of crazy loonies! Get your facts straight.
  2. The source site is a know fake news/BS rumor site, this stuff is made up for the clicks and views.
  3. LetHerRip

    Why BagholdersUnited censored?

    Pls, bring back our Sir, thanks frends.
  4. Well you have to trust they will not loose your XRP/get hacked/go bankrupt.
  5. Exactly, this is not a credible news site, fake news!
  6. LetHerRip

    XRP meme competition?

    That pastor just found a way to avoid paying for gardening services, he just invented the human lawnmower.
  7. Just watched the whole video, he didn't say "Ripple has the greatest potential" or anything of the sorts. His whole conversation was about general blockchain info and talking about his book. Fake news!
  8. "1000$ XRP I tell you" "Chris, Arthur, Jed and Brad Trillionaires I tell you"
  9. Because not every XRPchat member is part of the $589 cult Thanks for the post @vsyc. BTW its 31st March 2019, not October as you put in the title.
  10. Ripple holds to much XRP to be used by banks
  11. LetHerRip

    FUD or FED?

    $589 is defiantly FED
  12. LetHerRip

    INFOGRAPHIC: Ripple vs XRP

    Great job on this infographic @Stedas, nicely done.