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  1. LOL made more money in crypto than your going to see in your lifetime Thanks for the congrats though. Here is to 5 more, lets see if Ripple is still around in 5 years.
  2. Yes sir, many "experts" here are schooling me, I'm doing it wrong. Please follow Ripple investing guidemap to become mega rich sir
  3. You question was already answered in my original post, if you too dumb to understand it that's your problem. The SEC's job is not labeling one by one all crypto security's and scam's, too many of them and a new one comes online every minute, instead they have told us which ones are not security's, XRP is not part of that green light list.
  4. 99% of all crypto are scams and a new crypto scam comes online every minute. It's not the SEC's job to identify ALL the scams or securities, MOST of them are, instead they have taken the approach of telling us which are not scams/securities and have been given the green light. They have given the green light to BTC years ago a crypto asset that they don't know who is behind it or who created it. They have given the green light to ETH years ago despite coming to the market much later than XRP, ETH in 2015 and XRP in 2012. So they know exactly who created and operates XRP, they ha
  5. Ahhh the regulations excuse LOL. As @Archbob pointed out to you remittance companies like WU/MG, etc, can use it now without any problems. MG was using it fine until Ripple stopped paying them to do so. Then they came up with a nice story to justify the -80/90% volume loss of all ODL transactions that MG was responsible for. Also if Euro Exim Bank can use ODL as per Brad's public disclosure, why cant other banks use it genius? One more, crypto assets like BTC and ETH have been give regulatory clarity YEARS ago by the SEC, just because your crypto asset of choice wasn't, doesn't
  6. Here is your answer, a nice Blockstars Podcast. Check out the reply's though, the people are getting restless!
  7. Lambo dealer on stand by, just say when.
  8. I deliberately didn't reply to your response because unlike some other members, you are a member I actually respect so you replied and I left it at that. However since you asked me though, ill give you my opinion. Regarding this reply I think you gave me a politician like wiffle waffle 800 word reply beating around the bush, but didn't say much of anything relevant to the question. A simple and clear answer should be sufficient for a simple and clear question. With regard to your previous reply that preceded my question and then your above answer. I think we all here
  9. @Dogowner5 I changed the title to the exact phrase used in the press release "available to" please don't cry anymore, stage one of the rollout has commenced as you read per the press release. I hope you will be able to sleep better at night now though. Now answer my questions or are you the hypocrite?
  10. Those are the terms and wording from the press release, I didn't write it I simply posted it here. They didn't say when the rollout would be complete unlike Brad that gave a specific date that you would see results, 2018 and then didn't deliver, but you have no problem with Brad only these guys. Funny. Take it up with RTGS Global and ask them for more specific details. Why did you skip over these questions? These interest this community much more. Banned for what posting relevant information regarding cross board payments that could directly impact peoples holdings. People shoul
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