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  1. since 2013 😁
  2. Just like I have been hearing for the last 10 years that they would be coming for Google to compete with their search engine 😒
  3. LetHerRip

    xRapid out of beta date >?

    3... 2... 1... They will be letting this cat out the bag... SOON™! As soon as Brads flight arrives with the money he booked it on.
  4. Add another one to the count, @LetHerRip also came from a crazy family! All in on XRP as well.
  5. LetHerRip

    Sick to my stomach

    Welcome back Don't feel too bad, at least your not this guy:
  6. LetHerRip

    Sick to my stomach

    This portfolio at its peak in December was actually worth over $900 000.
  7. They are extending this to 14th of February so they can declare their love for Ripple on valentines day.
  8. Its true for now. The Portuguese government would tax your dreams if they could so don't expect it to last. For now no tax on crypto in Portugal if your an investor, if your trading it counts as business and is taxed.
  9. Bitstamp in 2013
  10. LetHerRip

    Tired of the HODL sentiment...

    If your tired of HODLing its time for SODL
  11. LetHerRip

    Ripple and MoneyGram (MERGED THREAD)

    10$ by Monday
  12. LetHerRip

    Millionaires Club

    VERY NICE! Congrats
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    Moon Lambo