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  1. No clue, but Trump acknowledging crypto can never be bad. Means at the very least he considers the risk real
  2. Yes. The fund is denominated. (thus the users see the current value in XRP) However this doesnt mean they only hold xrp At least as far as I know.
  3. they transfer and pay everything in XRP. they dont _hold_ all in xrp
  4. Madonna though: https://cryptoslate.com/ripple-partners-with-madonna-for-malawi-childrens-fundraiser/
  5. When I was doing my internship at a major bank in the netherlands (2015) They we're already talking about how the dutch banks would be the first ones to implement instant payments, AHEAD of the rest of europe. If my memory serves me right.. they we're talking about a dutch payment system NEXT to TARGET2 (TIPS), as TIPS would take to long to implement & not fully cover the needs of the dutch banks. Though at this time I have heard no mentions of either blockchain, xrp or ripple. Take this with a grain of salt, as i've been out of the loop since.
  6. though the xrpl requires 100% validation before adding the transactions, AND you can set your own accepted validators. So the 51% attack doesnt apply for xrp
  7. In the end TIPS will just be one of the ledgers the ILP connects to. SWIFT(USD moslty) TIPS/target2 (euro) BTC(bitcoin) Alipay(asia) All connected together through the ILP. With XRP being the cheapest mode of transport through the ILP network. higher quality ledgers at any side actually help us quite a lot. As when settlement in the end ledger is slow, this would slow down the actual payment
  8. Ah cool. Didnt see this tweet before. Seems they will build it at some point
  9. We already have a docker container to run a validator. (the validator requires quite some cpu though) https://github.com/WietseWind/docker-rippled-validator Wouldnt it be cool to have a validator bouncing around on codius? Being hosted in a decentralized way?
  10. The hardware issue can actually be pretty real. Prob some poorly managed legacy server that died, where noone knows how the (COBOL) code on this server works. thus took some time to get it fixed.
  11. Add more xrp to your wallet. You need at least (reserver + 16 xrp)
  12. Emotions.... ? Never underestimate human stupidity. especially in large groups.
  13. You missunderstand. When you have your funds on bitstamp, bitstamp is in controll of your private key, and thus your funds. When you have your funds on toast (XRP Ledger) You control your private key, you control your funds and you can still use exchange functionality that is build into the XRP ledger.
  14. Not marketed as exchange mostly... Hopefully someone will make a exchange frontend based on codius
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