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  1. seems jed sales spiked again last week (15M) https://jed.tequ.dev/ Looking at the technical setup (as bcb says), jed sales ending (narrative) and court case (narrative) I believe we could indeed be heading to something completely crazy Edit: Though, looking at the jed narrative -> this might take another 2 - 3 months
  2. like... but bitcoin is decentralized right.. who cares about china /s edit: actually, the kind of news and the way it seems phrased. Isn't this just a miner trying to push another miner out of the market?
  3. Yet big players seem to use these kinda shorts to force a market direction.. e.g. The GME story
  4. False breakout yesterday? IMO we still look quite good on the 4h chart, seems we have some strong resistance at 1.70, i'd expect a true breakout before May is over.. Happy to see we have enough support to remain in our trusted triangle
  5. Yes and no. I believe we're in an ABC fib wave. currently in the retracement part of the A wave. after a following up, a big dip will probably follow (wave B ) -> but I expect a wave C upwards again towards the end of the year. Hopefully we'll not see <0,5 levels anymore though. So in the long run just holding will still be fine.
  6. you missed the eth flash crash from $300 -> $50 in 10 seconds somewhere in 2017?
  7. My personal rule is I don't buy during price movements. You could, but IMO that means you'll have to watch it and set a close price target to get out again
  8. current pace is insane. Might just rocket back to .70 purely on FOMO. Feels dangerous, wondering what our level wil be after this run
  9. Wasn't @Baka talking about a bounce on $.30? Might turn out to be right
  10. Yeah, to me the fact that not everyone convinced actually makes me more bullish. Means more FOMO is in our future and @AlejoMoreno I agree with your sentiment that this market is mainly cycle based (and this cycle is based on human emotion). This may change when some crypto (prob not bitcoin, more likely ETH / XRP) goes into (sort of early majority) mainstream use. Which currently I doubt will happen this cycle.
  11. Seems like sentiment isn't 100% bullish yet in the case of xrp. Are we still at our disbelieve stage? Interesting times ahead nonetheless.
  12. Maybe MGI was also speculating on the price going up and not willing to use odl during the downtrend. (if we double in usage today/tomorrow this could be the case?)
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