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  1. Most of us: -- But I do like how he answered the Visa/Amex questions I would guess they're probably in really early stages, and I do think the Amex email photo we saw last week is real.
  2. I'm glad he tackled a lot of blunt XRP questions openly and honestly e.g. Coinbase, Alipay, Ripple vs XRP... They made it a point to emphasize that they will make announcements when all partners are ready & comfortable. HOWEVER, why the hell did he say there would be significant announcements during SWELL then?
  3. lol I looked at most of the questions on twitter... most of them are something along the lines of: - Where's the cat? - Escrow? - Will banks use XRP? - Partnership with alipay/amex/airbnb etc.? - When moon? It'll be interesting to see what he answers...
  4. https://ripple.com/insights/brad-answers-questions-swell/ Live stream link is up. Wonder if he addresses this whole announcement thing at all or not.
  5. Hmm... is this gonna be the announcement we were expecting from him... or is this actually just to appease live stream viewers? cant wait for tomorrow
  6. All drama aside, I think it’s pretty awesome that an XRPchat member asked an XRP question at a SWELL panel. Represent!
  7. Any thoughts on what this could mean for Ripple? (I don't) Given that he is speaking/closing SWELL tomorrow... hopefully it's all interconnected
  8. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/31203/sibos-2017-blockchain---reality-or-utopia lol
  9. I'm surprised/confused that he took the time to take several shots at Bitcoin price (pic of mining farm + tulips) rather than discuss blockchain tech itself
  10. As a reference point, when Miguel said there were payment developments to come in Q3 - it ended up being the news around Cuallix using XRP (although announced slightly late). I'm sure Ripple knows to deliver on any public claims of an announcement, and IMO Brad's answer here is a pretty clear indication that something will be announced during SWELL that's my hope anyway...
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