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  1. Most of us: -- But I do like how he answered the Visa/Amex questions I would guess they're probably in really early stages, and I do think the Amex email photo we saw last week is real.
  2. I'm glad he tackled a lot of blunt XRP questions openly and honestly e.g. Coinbase, Alipay, Ripple vs XRP... They made it a point to emphasize that they will make announcements when all partners are ready & comfortable. HOWEVER, why the hell did he say there would be significant announcements during SWELL then?
  3. lol I looked at most of the questions on twitter... most of them are something along the lines of: - Where's the cat? - Escrow? - Will banks use XRP? - Partnership with alipay/amex/airbnb etc.? - When moon? It'll be interesting to see what he answers...
  4. https://ripple.com/insights/brad-answers-questions-swell/ Live stream link is up. Wonder if he addresses this whole announcement thing at all or not.
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