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  1. Yeah. I lost a bunch as well doing the same thing. The important thing is your back in the game. And have lost no money. Sure, you lost xrps which equal money but you are still up. Always focus on that.
  2. I believe Joel was being sarcastic on the exact date and time but do think that he was serious about the players joining Ripple. I will continue Hodling and will continue to buy even on the rise. What is a couple of cents when we Hodlers believe that it will surpass the dollar mark? Exciting times!
  3. The market was already pricing in the escrow. The price would have plunged had Ripple not completed it in 2017. This pump will probably slowly recede. We need more XRP usage in order for price to moon. It will happen, but will take time. Lets (I include myself) not get caught up with FOMO of other currencies that do not have a clear use case. This is all just my opinion, obviously. HODL!
  4. IMO, we will not see an abrupt change to price until XRP is used by most of Ripple Net Clients. With good news constantly flowing however, we will continue to experience a slight and constant rise. We might not see the gains other coins get but we also have far less risk as our coin actually has "TODAY" benefits.
  5. Im happy to be betting on a coin that is actually making progress to be something more than just "store" of value. Keep it going Ripple! Ohhh and @Elitefoo, Im all ears! I traded a couple times and made a few XRP, then, last time I lost all those and some. No more trading for me!
  6. Rakbanklive, Stanchart, AxisBank added to RippleNet! Yes, XRP will not be used yet, but the more people are on the network the bigger the possibility of them seeing the advantages XRP has to offer!
  7. I am an XRP Hodler but have seen Dash increase dramatically in value the past few days. My platform does not even offer it but still, my curiosity peaked. Any news on Dash or is it simply speculation?
  8. More so than ever people are committing money to the crypto market long term. I strongly believe (IMO) that if Bitcoin drops only some will leave, most will find alternatives. After this occurs, real world usage and scalabitlity will be the most important factors.
  9. Well Crypto Market Cap is now at 209 Billion..
  10. Im all in on ripple. Wont be buying more but definitely will not sell. I am happy with my position. I might have bought other alts if my platform offered them but thankfully they dont.
  11. This has happened to us HODLERS a couple of times. Xrapid will work for XRP and Ripple is seriuosly committing to that framework. There will come a time when it will rise and not come back down and we will be ready.
  12. I sold 60% of my stake to protect my breaking even in case of another dump. Ill definitely buy it back, just dont know when.
  13. I agree, I was about to tweet why Thomas did not refute or even mock Vitaliks comment regarding scalability.Then, right as I was going to send the tweet, he defended XRP scalability :D.
  14. Behavior looks normal on my platform. On a side note, I really do hope for some good news tomorrow, although I am a hodler, it would be nice to maintain a profit for a while.
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