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  1. A friend of a friend made this and I thought it was good enough to post here and hopefully entertain some of you for a few minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX1t4dq8f3g
  2. As CEO of Bitcoin I can say that buying Ripple Labs would be a bad move Lennyxrp. Very poor governance structure of your Ripple Labs and we all know that Brad Garlinghouse eats very expensive lunches that he expenses. This is not FUD. I've just built a new healthy canteen at Bitcoin. Invest here and it's a much better option.
  3. Although it may seem like he's wasting our time it's the opposite. We're collectively keeping him tied up here, and saving his FUD from less informed boards. Cheerio mate.
  4. @MaxWeber - Careful, from there it's just a short step to killing your grandmother (right?)...
  5. Guy doesn't believe in xrp but spends hours on xrp forum trashing it? Yeah, buddy, thanks for the altruism.
  6. Gonna **** off a lot of people here, but in the Netherlands it's 1.2% on profits AFTER e30,000.
  7. Question for the more tech savvy among us: I joined one of the Discord channels that David Schwartz posted about last night. In one of the chats a guy posted a link to a Google Doc of upcoming ICOs. I clicked on it and after when I went to log in to one of my exchanges I got a safety warning from my computer (Mac) which hasn't happened before. I think the warning was about that the site might not be private (I can't remember exactly). Obviously I did not proceed to be log-on. I also realise this might just be a coincidence. Anyone have any knowledge about how secure Google Docs are? I a
  8. Pretty sure it refers to its price from 24 hours before.
  9. Guys, this is my own tale. More good than bad. Saw one guy on here who thought he had temporarily gotten out and back in of the market before the rally, only to find he had left his funds in Tether or Dollars... Anyway, as for me, got into Ripple in August. I kept on buying more and more until I got to the absolute max of what I was comfortable losing. But turns out I wasn't that comfortable losing it, and after waiting for xrp to go up but nothing doing I reduced my stake by 75% about three weeks ago. Obviously effing delighted but also effing kicking myself. But as my friend who has made
  10. Alright guys, My crypto journey has been largely in XRP, but decided today to venture into some of the more exotic coins to see if I can get any them big swings (yes, wish me luck!). So, I bought four coins on Binance, and after checking coinmarketcap and then checking my balance, the Binance balance was always lower than if I calculated via the coin price on coinmarketcap. I looked around, and Binance seems to have sell prices far lower than many other exchanges. I'm aware of the concept of arbitrage, but the differences were about 10% - which seemed too large. Then I found one, Kucoi
  11. Just splunked some money down on QSP, BCPT, POE and ZRX. Happy to provide an occasional update for any of you interested (or maybe you all have lives!).
  12. So, had fallen out of love with crypto because of my stagnant zerps (I know, I know - hodl. But still). Went to a crypto meetup a couple of nights ago and got the following tips for some relatively obscure coins, and considering putting modest amounts on some or all of them. Wondering if people here have any thoughts on the following: BCPT (Block Mason Credit Protocol) Poe (Po.et) QSP (Quantstamp) Ven (VeChain) Ox (Zrx) Of all of these, I was turned off Ven by a Medium article of theirs that seemed a bit hype-y and light on concrete things. Anyone wanna chime in?
  13. Appreciate the respoinse, cheers!
  14. Hi All, I have a modest (for me) amount of zerps. I've done some research on wallets, including getting a very detailed response on here a while back from a more technically proficient hodler than me. It was about having an old computer, wiping, and using Linux to re-install this or that and basically use it as cold storage. To be honest I couldn't follow it. That guy was also dismissive of the Toast wallet. I got a new iPhone recently and still have my old one. I'm wondering if using my old iPhone with toast is a good idea? It seems much more secure than using Toast on my actual phone
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