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  1. Hello, I was looking at the ICO Blockcat CAT. I am wondering. it seems it can get some interest. Any inside on them?
  2. Thanks, In my view this is directed to payment Providers. for a Company Liquidity could be used via current accounts of each entity but it seems the solution is not totally fit to corporations. Cash pooling are also expensive. Negative interest rate could also be avoided by Holding XRP but Not sure how you value XRP in accounting yet. However, for a Company one Advantage of Banks is that you can fix Exchange rates by hedging. today you cannot do that with XRP and being exposed. Another thought: I think that woudl be the application. Does somebody know if xVia handle also any kind of crypto coins or is it just XRP and traditional currencies?
  3. Hello, In advance i appologize if it is not the right section. I am reading a lot about ripple here and i am wondering how can ripple ledger and XRP could benefit to my Company. I work in the finance dept of an international company and we do a lot of international payments and receive a lot of international payments BTB mostly and BTC and i was wondering if a Business, not a bank, can implement ripple tech to its scale and benefits of fast payment, good reconcilation, Overall it would need to reduce admin costs. For international companies, intercompany ( same Group) Transactions are a high admin non value creating and woudl be great to understand how ripple could help there. i see potential in Banks but how this could apply to a Company. Thanks
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