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  1. Been using Bitstamp only - for mostly withdrawals and buying. $15 fee for $50 doesn't sound right. Contact them via a ticket to get this resolved.
  2. The XRP logo and campaign of "XRP is not called ripples, is not = Ripple". Out of nowhere a "community manager" or whatever appeared here and on social network sites, she "created" a XRP symbol and it gets voted. Didn't hear from her for quite a while. Like it was just a puppet character for the whole purpose of an illusion "community decided" XRP symbol when it was in fact a Ripple employer. Kind of strange.
  3. This is very bad and I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. Theres not much you can do now, I advise you to keep an eye on that address. The moment the funds get transfered to an exhange, that's where you can try to hit up their support and try to proof them that these funds are in fact stolen. Best of luck to you..
  4. Oh vey.. Curious about the next XRP report. These numbers should somehow reflect in the report if they were indeed institutions buying these huge loads of XRP.
  5. Guy is retweeting stuff from other more known Rothschilds. So I guess he's from the known dynasty instead of just someone sharing the same name.
  6. Banks or financial institutes will never use XRP. Trash scam bankers coin.
  7. Moneygram offers more than just one payment option. Online via credit cards, personally in a MoneyGram supported location, via bank account and last but not least via mobile. Ripple is not yet (or ever) aiming credit card services. I don't see this as a "no more ripple" thing but rather as advancing and updating their systems to be on par with technology. Visa direct here, xCurrent or maybe xRapid there. All around a ready for the future approach with many systems working parallel and in harmony.
  8. By finding the right atom in his brain. I remember the same, it was somewhere last year and it was an obvious troll/joke.
  9. Ups... Just tried to summon someone with technical knowledge tbh. Thanks for the info..
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