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  1. Tron has served me well? does it have another card up its sleeve??
  2. Since weiss wants to put out this garbage report that looks as if grades were drawn out of a hat and paired with coins. Lets use our power of networking and give them a bad report. Email them directly over and over again, questioning their methods or ridiculing their decisions. Spread the word on twitter, reddit, facebook, etc..about how worthless these reports are. If we make a big enough wave, we can discredit them, make them re think their ratings, or hopefully pull the report.
  3. This is ridiculous. Sensasionlists clinging to anything that will increase their ratings. Sadly this is what is considered news now on almost all media outlets.
  4. After reading that I got baited into another article titled "4 Coins Warren Buffet Would Buy". They just happen to be the only 4 im vested in XRP,ETH,TRX,XLM
  5. Wether you believe in the bible or not, this kinda thing was written about in Revalation thousands of years ago.
  6. I remember when it was less than 100k.... Are people still having trouble getting on the exchanges?
  7. Hey man, you better hit us with a thanks reaction or somthin!!
  8. I use toast, i like it. As far as a little kid setting it up, in cryptos, the simpler, the better. I know college educated people who think using toast is very complicated. As far as safety. As long as you keep track of your own passphrase and back up, and it isnt stolen. I dont see how you could ever have any issues
  9. Oh another one of these ey? Getting kinda old..... Obviously a troll spreading fud, or an idiot. Who can explain anything related to cryptos in one sentence? " bet you cant" ? Very childish, which is exactly what you are, a child. Wether your 45 ir even 55, you have the brain of a child. Siging up for xrpchat to vent your ignorance. Seriously go back read your posts, before you decided to just bounce because people in here revealed your stupidity. You dont believe in the tech, but you invested 6k $.......baaaahahahaha...child
  10. I like your doge But yes, I believe it's fine to just eject
  11. There was no hard thinking, and you are ill informed...
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