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  1. I'm interested to hear the update Gooch. I too got rippled into worthless snapswap IOUs. I thought that BTC2Ripple was supposed to honor IOUs of non-US residents, has anyone gotten back to you? I'm looking further into the issue and am wondering who you have been contacting at btc2Ripple. There has to be a way to make them honor their IOUs, though the cost is likely prohibitive.
  2. I think you' could be right - and after months of discussing the issue w support from many places, I am satisfied by this answer, so thank you. This makes sense. Followup Question since I guess I didn't fully understand the implications of rippling - I thought rippling would replace my wallet w whatever it took out, you're saying it doesnt discriminate between the kind of Bitcoin IOUs, so long as I have trust to both? It makes sense I suppose when I first setup the wallet i didn't foresee that Rippling could saddle me with the IOU's of an essentially defaulted counterparty, so it was definitely a set-it and forget it thing. Thanks again broheim.
  3. Back in August I made a trade through Gatehub's platform. The trade was an "offer create" in which I exchanged Bitstamp $ for Bitstamp Bitcoin. The Trade settled, my account balance was updated. This can all be seen and verified by checking the txn hash, found here: DED6E4CCE7310429CB2132302924152EFBEF12EF0F2736E315B5960B3A6694A2. At the end of the transaction, my wallet contained .795 Bitstamp Bitcoin. However, the next day I logged in to Gatehub and my funds had vanished. Not only were the bitcoins I bought missing, but so was the Bitstamp USD i used to pay for it! This happened way back in August and I've been playing EXTREMELY SLOW tag with Bitstamp and Gatehub. Bitstamp blames Gatehub, saying that the transactions were not formatted correctly. They refuse to acknowledge responsibility for their own IOUs. Even though the transaction was completely between my own addresses at Bitstamp, apparently it's not Bitstamp's fault. Gatehub's finger pointing is even worse - they directed me to Ripple itself, saying "The Ripple Protocol is Ripple's Problem, call them". Well i have, it has been a month, and Ripple has failed to get back to me. So, I ask everyone, What do I do? Can you guys believe that everyone is behaving so unprofessionally? I could have stumbled upon a legitimate bug in the Ripple Protocol for God's sake, and nobody seems to care. There is literally 0 infrastructure for an individual user of Ripple like me to find recourse. My only real option is to try to sue Gatehub in Small Claims court, but that requires a trip to London. Or perhaps somebody here can help me navigate the path forward. Has anyone had problems like this? What do you do when 3 parties are blaming each other for losing your crypto? Does anyone know what happened to my funds? I had to install Rippled to check all this data I have, but maybe my config was busted. Can someone else take a look at some of the transactions w this wallet and tell me what they think?
  4. Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm experiencing some technical difficulties w my wallet and would like someone to recommend a good Ripple Explorer. You see, I want to check on the status of some transactions on the RIpple ledger to see if the problem is w my wallet or with the exchange it is hosted on. Can anyone help out?
  5. I have raised the following issue with Gatehub's support but the matter has not yet been resolved to my satisfaction for at least 8 days. The last communication I had with Gatehub was 5 days ago, since then I have been waiting for a reply. The Issue: I decided to move some money off of the Ripple network, so used the "Trade" feature and traded Bitstamp $ for Bitstamp Bitcoin. I was trying to get best execution, so I bought a bunch of odd-lots, some of which didn't fill completely. After the transactions occurred, I then went to send my bitstamp BTC out of the Ripple network, but to my surprise, all the Bitstamp Bitcoin is missing as well as the bitstamp $ I spent on them. Furthermore, I have no "open orders" listed on my account. The funny thing is that all the transactions I made show up in the txn history. So essentially, Gatehub's system realizes that I made all these trades, but has somehow nonetheless lost the proceeds... I raised this issue with support and sent all my txn hashes. The Support manager's first email was 1 line "did you authorize this txn". Great start. Not only is that completely irrelevant to my issue (missing funds) but it's also obviously lawyer talk. So from the get-go, Support was playing defense instead of actually reading my email and trying to understand my problem. Ifeelgoodaboutthis.jpg Nevertheless, I continued the correspondence, what choice did I have? Yes I authorized the txn, I said as much in my first email... Support then informed me that some of my txn hashes weren't completely filled. Though he did not say so explicitly, I presumed that Support said this because perhaps open orders "lock up" collateral in one's wallet. I had to presume though, because the email I received contained only 1 proposition (he merely stated that some of the txns went unfilled), and didn't seem to think it worthwhile to explain to me why this one, choice proposition was relevant to my issue.... . He simply stated that I had unfilled orders and left me to fill in the rest......Great! that really makes me feel better about the thousands of dollars that are missing from my Wallet. So I tell myself to calm down, I tell myself "Maybe things at Gatehub are hectic right now and Support doesn't understand my issue." So I kindly reply, explaining to Support that I dont have any open orders, and that't why I dont think that is the issue, and I include all the txn's that were made, in all the proper amounts and prices, and show that either Bitstamp $ or Bitstamp BTC is missing from my wallet, and that login history and txn history proves I have not been hacked....but since then it has been 5 days, no response. I'm not sure what to do since Support literally left me hanging. Without a telephone number to call at, my only options are to wait, ***** on XRP talk, or seek legal recourse. Obviously I have opted for option 2. What do you guys think, has anyone had a similar issue? I am thinking that my funds are being held by unfilled transactions, but that a bug in Gatehub is not allowing me to see or cancel them. Then again, that could be completely daffy. Thanks
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