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  1. It is so good to hear from you again on the forum. The claims, whether perceived or true, that the hacks were an "inside job", as you can imagine, greatly scare potential traders away from using Gatehub. Could you help reassure the community here as to what steps has/will be taken to ensure that Gatehub is not turning a blind eye to this possibility of an inside hack?? Much appreciated and much success. Thank you.
  2. Read the full article here: https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/ripple-avoids-securities-motion-dismiss-063051113.html?RelatedContentIds=
  3. Agreed Failed business plan at best Scam at worst
  4. There is an almost complete lack of meaningful progress updates from this project Is Allvor dead in the water??
  5. Realistically, $2 - $5 by end of 2019 $15 - $50 by end of 2020
  6. Have been noting that the price quoting between www.livecoinwatch.com and www.coinmarketcap.com are different, sometimes by quite a bit Anyone know which source is more accurate and why the difference?
  7. Am I alone? I have no clue what this thread is about Nonsense
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