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  1. Realistically, $2 - $5 by end of 2019 $15 - $50 by end of 2020
  2. Have been noting that the price quoting between www.livecoinwatch.com and www.coinmarketcap.com are different, sometimes by quite a bit Anyone know which source is more accurate and why the difference?
  3. Am I alone? I have no clue what this thread is about Nonsense
  4. Did you post this to the wrong thread??
  5. And the rationale for this view is....
  6. Yes I read from somewhere reputable as well that Shakeout #239874 is without question definitely The Final One. Very exciting
  7. Could we be seeing one final leg downwards here before the greatly anticipated bull run of a lifetime!??
  8. Amazon resurfacing. Once again. Only a matter of time? https://www.coinspeaker.com/amazon-partners-with-worldpay-is-e-commerce-behemoth-getting-closer-to-ripple/
  9. My guess... $2 to $5 by end of 2019 $10 to $50 in 5 to 6 years time
  10. Will Allvor succeed? There's now already a WooCommerce plugin for XRP? Won't Allvor as an option become redundant? https://dailyhodl.com/2019/03/16/xrp-integrated-with-e-commerce-platform-powering-3-3-million-online-stores-the-ripple-effect/
  11. Dang I can't find my space suit. Think my wife chucked it out with the trash yesterday!
  12. Give Gatehub a try. Even though customer service was poor in the past, I've been impressed of late. They've streamlined and noticeably improved their new account verification process. And I like the fact that their Ripple Wallet transacts on the Ripple Ledger.
  13. https://ethereumworldnews.com/spend-ripple-xrp-in-more-than-40-million-locations-across-180-countries/
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