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  1. Please send a link to this chart thanks
  2. We'll never see prices this low again
  3. Predicting $589 Bitcoin!!!
  4. Unfortunately, Zerps can't be used or spent in the afterlife
  5. Many believe that taking over the 1st place in market cap will garner new investment attention and reallocation of wealth in the market towards XRP This would potentially bolster and add rocket engine fuel to the upcoming bull run. And yes as you say, more $$$ will be made as a result!
  6. Yeah it appears the dropping rate of BTC is fairly swift ....dropped about 7B market cap over the weekend And if XRP continues to steadily creep upwards, you may be right on Bring on The Flippening
  7. It may not be imminent ...but I feel confident it's definitely possible in time
  8. How confident are you about the prospect of The Flippening happening??
  9. https://ethereumworldnews.com/bch-hash-wars-ripples-david-schwartz-had-warned-the-crypto-community-about-miners/ "...Flaws of Proof-of-Work in the Networks of Bitcoin, BCH and Ethereum In the informative post by David Schwartz, he explained that four mining groups controlled 58% of the Bitcoin network and three miners account for 57% of Ethereum’s daily capacity. He went on to add that: 80 percent of the mining on the Bitcoin blockchain is centralized in China, despite the country’s ban on digital assets. This puts it at greater risk of being manipulated by a single, sovereign government. Some experts even suggest that in a worst case scenario, miners of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains could use this to their advantage — conspiring to rewrite history on the blockchain through a 51 percent attack that results in verified transactions being unvalidated and allows for fraud to occur. ...Pre-Mined Coins and Consensus Protocols Look Very Attractive Right Now Proof-of-Work networks such as those of Bitcoin, BCH and Ethereum, thrive by incentivizing miners to validate transactions. In the case of the XRP ledger, its consensus protocol does not have such incentives and requires that 80% of the validators be online for 2 weeks to support a change on the network. The Stellar network also operates using a Consensus Protocol. The Tron Network uses Delegated Proof-of-Stake which uses a reputation system and real-time/continuous voting to achieve consensus. In the brief explanation of the networks behind XRP, XLM and TRX, we get a rough idea at how consensus protocols offer far better network stability than the Proof-of-Work protocols of BTC, BCH and ETH. As a result, the three coins of XRP, XLM and TRX might become the fan favorites of many traders and investors after the current hash war is over."
  10. XRP back in 2nd spot A horse race for now ...until the XRP rocket leaves the horse behind in the dust in the coming days
  11. For sure. And the XRP upswing appears to be gaining some momentum now as well! ...2nd place also on https://www.livecoinwatch.com
  12. XRP is now again sitting in 2nd place on CMC! Could $$$ that is bleeding out of other cryptos ...now being redirected into XRP??!
  13. vrippled

    Red Day

    XRP has once again dethroned ETH Zerps in 2nd place now on CMC!
  14. vrippled

    Charts - How To's

    Here you go... https://www.tradingview.com/chart/?symbol=xrpusd