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  1. https://ambcrypto.com/ripple-sec-rule-out-prospect-of-a-settlement-at-this-time/ "Contrary to the hopes of many, Ripple Labs and the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission have ruled out the “prospect of a settlement at this time,” according to a joint letter filed by the parties before a United States District Judge. ...As of now, it is still unclear what the implications for Ripple and XRP will be going forward...."
  2. I really hope this is true! Any good guesses what Spark token price will be: @ Distribution? In longer term?
  3. Any rational guesses on the potential price for the Spark token?
  4. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Simply Awesome GateHub has indicated that an FAQ is coming out in the next week to spell out the action steps for those with XRPL accounts.
  5. GateHub may not be the most popular exchange nor have the most responsive customer service track record ...but working to improve, they're legitimately still here with a sound interface and exchange service for their customers. I've personally been able to hold and manage my XRPL account with them with no significant complaints
  6. Thank you Flintstone! I emailed Gatehub about the possibility of Gatehub exchange considering distributing the Flare Spark tokens ...and just received this prompt reply: "Thank you for your interest. We are following announcements about the project and are preparing our official response. Please follow our social media to get the latest updates about our stance regarding Flare network and Spark tokens. Kind regards, Anna GateHub customer service | GateHub Ltd. | gatehub.net" Looks hopeful
  7. Please help... I have XRPs in my XRP ledger account on Gatehub. (I don't use a Nano Ledger device). Can anybody help me with a step-by-step instruction how to claim the Spark tokens? Thanks so much XRP community!
  8. It is so good to hear from you again on the forum. The claims, whether perceived or true, that the hacks were an "inside job", as you can imagine, greatly scare potential traders away from using Gatehub. Could you help reassure the community here as to what steps has/will be taken to ensure that Gatehub is not turning a blind eye to this possibility of an inside hack?? Much appreciated and much success. Thank you.
  9. Read the full article here: https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/ripple-avoids-securities-motion-dismiss-063051113.html?RelatedContentIds=
  10. Agreed Failed business plan at best Scam at worst
  11. There is an almost complete lack of meaningful progress updates from this project Is Allvor dead in the water??
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